Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting More Pageviews for Your Blog

When I started my blog, I was a full-time student working a part-time job. Then, last year I worked two part-time jobs which was pretty chaotic. I usually worked at least 6 days a week between my two jobs, and sometimes would work all seven days. I put time into my blog, but what time I did have was pretty limited.  As many of you already know, I am between jobs right now, so I have been able to focus more on my blog this summer.  I have been getting more pageviews this summer than I ever got before, and below I'll list what has worked for me in the past and also what I think caused my number of pageviews to rise.

* Post consistently.  This is key for growing your blog.  By consistently, three times a week or more is ideal.  This is easier said than done, but if you don't already schedule your posts, it might be a good idea to pre-write a few if you know you have a busy week coming up.  

* Consider timing when posting.  When I first started blogging, I would post something at 7 pm and wonder why I got just a few pageviews.  This may differ for everyone, but I find that I get the bulk of my comments in the morning, so now I make sure my posts are up then.  Also, I think many bloggers would agree with me when I say that blog traffic is higher on Monday-Thursday versus Friday-Sunday, so I rarely post on a Saturday or Sunday.

* Have a Pin-It button for your blog.  I'm talking about a button that hovers over every photograph used in your posts.  My pretty, feathery Pin-It button pictured below came with my blog design, but I'm sure this can be purchased a la carte or you can always do it yourself.  When I come across a post I like or a recipe I might want to re-create, I pin it for future reference if there is a Pin-It button on the picture already.  Without the button, I might not bother.

* Sponsor other blogs.  I know that when I find a blogger I like, I'll see who they have on their sidebar and visit their blogs.  Besides getting views from regular old ad space, I like to purchase packages that include social media shout outs, a spotlight, and other extras like the option to participate in a giveaway or to guest post.  When I sponsor other blogs, I find that I get the most views from Twitter shout outs, so even though I might not get too many clicks on my actual ad, sponsoring other blogs still brings new readers my way. Check out Another Clean Slate, Jade and Oak, The Rachael WayBecoming Adorrable, and The Samantha Life if you're looking for good blogs to sponsor!  I have sponsored all of them and can say that these ladies are dedicated and on the ball!

*Exchange buttons with other bloggers.  This is free and can get you some views. 

* Try to create a pinnable image for your post so that your readers can easily add your post to their Pinterest board. Before this summer, I never really used Pinterest as a tool to drive traffic to my blog, and whoa was that a mistake!  If a reader likes your post but there is no picture, they're not going to want to pin a page full of text to their Pinterest board, so you'd lose out on those views.  A good pinnable image will have the a the title of your post on it, but it also is probably a good idea to include your blog's name on it so that Pinterest users can find their way back to your blog in case a link gets broken.  

* Comment back.  If a new reader stops by and comments on my blog, I try to visit their blog in return and leave them a comment.  I find it a little discouraging if I go to a blog and leave multiple comments and never get a response or a comment back.  I admit that I sometimes stop visiting those blogs. 

* Reply to your reader's comments on your blog via e-mail or use Disqus so that readers automatically receive your response.  Those who comment on your blog will probably feel appreciated if you take the time to respond.

* Host a link up.  Rachael and I have hosted our Weekly Wrap Up link up for over six months, and it did bring traffic to my blog since other bloggers were cool enough to use our button in their own posts.  

* Participate in a link up.  My favorite link ups are Humpday Confessions with Kathy and Friday Favorites with Amanda.  People have flat out told me that they discovered my blog from these link ups and it helped me gain a few followers! 

* Make your blog visually appealing and be sure that it is easy to navigate.  If I can't navigate my way around a blog or if there are crazy fonts that I can't decipher or if there is music blasting out at me, I probably won't be back.  

* Interlink.  If you can incorporate a link to a previous post in a new post, it will help your older post gain some exposure.

* Join a blogging group.  I'm in two blogging groups right now: Southern Girl Blog Community and Blog Life Chose Me.  Every weekday, I can link my post up to one of their threads and ask for comments, pins, or tweets.  Of course, I have to return the favor to other bloggers, but I don't mind.  I have discovered some great new bloggers this way and I know that my blog has grown a little from my participation in these two groups!

* Join a group Pinterest board.  Paulina was nice enough to create one for Blog Life Chose Me that I am a part of.  Now when I pin something to that board not only can all of my Pinterest followers see it, but so will every other member's followers.  

* Host or join in on a group giveaway.  Not only will you gain some followers from the giveaway, but I always add the Rafflecopter code at the bottom of a post so that those visiting my blog for the first time can see what my blog is all about and hopefully decide to stick around a little bit.  

* Add a popular posts section to your sidebar.  I almost always click on other bloggers' popular posts, so I recently added this feature to my blog and think that it gotten my most popular posts even more views.

* Interact with other bloggers.  Via e-mail, on Twitter or Facebook, etc.  If a blogger is nice to me or helps me out, I usually go check out their blog!

What other tips do you have for getting more pageviews?  Do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to share in the comments below?

P.S.  Want to make a new blog friend and get a journal?  Participate in our journal swap by filling out this form.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

Final Weekly Wrap Up: Jen's & Friends and Kitchen's on the Square

It feels a little weird writing this post now because a) I feel like tomorrow is still the weekend since it's a holiday and b) It's the last time co-hosting this link up!  Anyway, on Friday my friend and I drove downtown because we wanted to try out a place called Jen's & Friends. We liked the martinis we had at Lulu's Chocolate bar last week so much that my friend suggested we go to Jen's & Friends because they have hundreds of different kinds of martinis that can be ordered! We were looking for a place to sit down and relax, but unfortunately when we stopped by it was packed.  That can happen pretty easily there since the bar is tiny and the seating is very limited. Since we didn't want to stand and drink a martini/feel like a sardine, we decided to just go back to Lulu's and have one there since we liked the atmosphere, drinks, and desserts so much last week. There were still plenty of seats available when we got there (though there weren't any by the time we left), so it worked out perfectly for us.  I got a dreamsicle martini and my friend and I split a piece of Banana Nutella cake.  

Afterwards, we walked around, people watched, took some pictures, and of course peered in restaurants and stores we would like to try out next time.  One store that looked interesting to me was called Kitchens on the Square.  It was full of all sorts of cute kitchen accessories.  I looked them up online since the store was closed when we walked on by, and they had a few things I thought were neat like these handy taco plates.  I mean, is this not genius??  It prevents some the toppings from spilling out like they would if you just plopped them on a plate.

Via Kitchen's on the Square
Another cool item I saw were these lemon and lime fruit covers for when you want to save the other half of the fruit.  Actually, I thought that all of their gadgets for under $10 were pretty nifty! (I swear this is not a sponsored post, haha.)  

Via Kitchen's on the Square
Then we walked by the Olde Pink House because we were told that it is one of the nicest restaurants in Savannah and Everett told me that it's where all the celebrities like Sandra Bullock go.  I'd like to go there sometime, but obviously not until I start getting some paychecks!!

Here are some more pictures from our little excursion...

On Saturday, Everett, Jared, and I decided to eat at Mellow Mushroom since Jared had never been to one before.  We got a veggie pizza and one called the Maui Wowie which had pesto instead of tomato sauce, pineapple, ham, chicken, and mozzarella cheese.  Jared and I liked the Maui Wowie, but all three of us think the veggie pizza at Vinnie Van Go-Go's is far more delicious. 

We walked down to River Street and went into some shops and also to the River Street Market Place.  I really could go crazy buying all the regional specialties there!  Then, we decided to go back to Jen's and Friends to see if it was crowded or not.  It was full, but not as bad as it was on Friday night.  The martini menu was pretty impressive...They had martinis flavors that I never would have thought of in a million years.  I ended up getting a Rice Krispie Treat martini.  There was actually marshmallow all over the rim of my cup along with actual Rice Krispies.  They actually put a real Rice Krispie treat in the drink, too!  Other flavors that I'd like to try one day are: Birthday Cake (it comes with a piece of cake attached to the glass!), Oreo, Toasted Coconut, Bourbon Pecan Pie, and Georgia Peach.  There is even one called chocolate covered bacon.  I would recommend Jen's & Friends if you're looking for a good drink to take with you.  You can just order it in a to-go cup and drink it around town.  I wouldn't advise going there if you want to sit at a table and rest your feet after a long day. 

Yesterday I didn't do too much besides binge watch Dexter on Netflix and then I went for a walk with Everett in the small town that we live in outside of Savannah.  Some of the shops left items that they were selling out on display even though they were closed.  I couldn't believe it!! There were a couple of wreaths out with the price tags on them and I was so surprised that they were just out in the open for anyone to take, but Everett said, "This is about as small-town America as you can get and they do that here!"  I find that really nice, actually.  I FINALLY started getting a little excited about fall on Sunday night because the shop windows were decorated for fall and the temperature was a bit lower than it usually is!

Link up your weekend recap posts below.  As I mentioned before this will be the last week Rachael and I will be hosting our link up.  Thanks so much to everyone who ever participated! 

Ameliorer la Vie

Friday, August 29, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!!  I'll just go ahead and dive right into my five points.

1) Rachael and I talked and decided that this Monday would be the last week for our Weekly Wrap Up link up.  With her being in China, it's harder for her to access the internet, plus there's the whole time difference thing.  We wanted to thank everyone who linked up with us!  I know I found some great blogs through the link up such Becca's blog and Lora's.  Hopefully you can join us on Monday for our very last link up!

Ameliorer la Vie

Speaking of link ups, I'm excited about this new one called Create Your Own Adventure which is hosted by Steph @ Life According to Steph and two other gals.  Each month has a different theme, and the very first one is all about fitness goals.  I don't know about you, but I always have so much trouble in this area.  If I'm being held accountable, I definitely do better because it would be so embarrassing to link up next month saying, "Well, I exercised once and had cookies every day."  When I participated in a spending freeze with Steph, I was able to save so much that month.  (And...just noticed that I typed "shave" instead of "save."  Good thing I caught that!!) Click here and scroll down to #9 for more details about this link up!

2) I heard on the radio that there is a casting call for Magic Mike 2, which is set to be filmed in Savannah.  If I don't start working soon, maybe I can try out to be one of those women screaming in the crowd??  Hahaha.

3) Everyone is talking about fall, and I'm not feeling it at all.  Don't get me wrong, if I was living in Ohio, I'd be all about it.  After all, it's still my favorite season.  It's just that it has been 90 degrees here most days, so nothing about that temperature feels like fall to me.  I'm not even craving a pumpkin spice latte. Everett says the leaves usually start changing here in November, so in a month or two I'm sure I'll be more in the fall spirit, but for now I'm still enjoying summer weather and might even go swimming this week. :)

4) This is just a reminder that Nancy and I are hosting a journal swap and sign ups are still open.  I know that I've met some awesome bloggers through swaps.  So why not make a new friend and get a journal, too?  Click here to sign up!

5) I finally had a job interview this week.  Seriously, I do feel better about that...I was starting to feel sorry for myself and get all mopey about not getting call backs, and frankly, those feelings are just gross.  I hope all goes well! I honestly cannot wait to start working again.

Anyone have any exciting weekend plans?