Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review for January 2013

January 29, 2013
Because of my obsession with subscription boxes and lack of funds, I asked my relatives to order me a Pop Sugar Must Have Box for Christmas. This subscription service is pretty pricey at $35 a month, but always google for a coupon code before purchasing because my sister saved $5 by using the code: REFERFRIENDS.  The December boxes were sold out when my sister went to order, so she went ahead and just ordered me the January box. I looked up the contents of previous boxes, and really liked what I saw. You can see for yourself by clicking this link: http://musthave.popsugar.com/blog. What I liked about this subscription box is that it includes a range of different products--there is usually a food sample, something to wear (accessory or one month they gave a gift certificate to get a shirt), something exercise related, or there might beauty products and an "entertainment" type gift (book/movie passes, etc.)

I must say that based on all of the boxes I looked at, January's box looks the least appealing to me. Here's how it looked when I opened it.

The contents all laid out:

Okay, so the big ticket items in the box include the Merrithew Stability Ball and The Remix Timebomb watch.  Each of these items individually retails for more than the $30 that was spent on the box, although by looking at the watch I would never think that!  It looks very cheaply made, not to mention it is HUGE and bulky.  Plus, since it's blue, I think it would clash with a lot of my outfits. I haven't worn a watch in years, I have nice watches already, and I always use my cell phone to look at the time.  I guess the only time I would wear this is if I was in a place where I could not have my cell phone like on an overseas trip.  I guess wearing it in a movie might also be okay since I don't like taking my phone out during a movie to check the time since it can be a distraction to others.  I suppose I could try wearing it to class, but it is just not my style...I think many agree with me on this one--it's just not that cute of a watch!
As for the stability ball, I feel like those who would love it already own one and those who don't have one probably aren't that interested because they most likely would have bought it for themselves already.  It looks like a high quality product and everything, but I just don't really know how much use I'll be getting out of it.  Where I'm living right now, there's not a whole lot of space to use or store this time.  The plus is that it comes with an air pump, so you can inflate/deflate it as often as you wish, but that can get rather tedious.  Another plus is that they included a card with some different exercise suggestions on it, so at least I know where to start when I finally decide to use it!

The last non-food item was the Epicuren Discovery Lip Balm.  I am always using lip balms and glosses, so I will probably use this one, too.  I just wish it was tinted with some color, but this lip balm is more about preventing chapped lips.  It comes in a small pot, but I would really like it more if it was in a tube so that I wouldn't have to touch it before applying.  I find the balm always gets under my nails, plus there is the whole germ factor so I would be washing my hands both before and after applying it.

What I was the most excited to receive was the PopBar Hot Chocolate on a Stick!  I got two of them--one in milk chocolate, the other in dark chocolate.   I have been on a HUGE hot chocolate kick lately, but have been having it with water since I got some Keurig cups for Christmas.  I definitely think hot chocolate made with milk tastes, oh about 3894739874 times better than hot chocolate made with water, so yeah, I am pretty pumped about these.  (Probably not the best sign when the items you like the most are equivalent to two servings of hot chocolate though.)  The Jet Puffed Marshmallow Bits go along nicely with this, but they are not very luxurious or even that unique.  With that being said, they will get eaten, so it's not a total waste or anything. 
Here's a closer look at the food items:

As you can see, I also got three ThinkThin bars and a coupon for $1.50 off a future purchase of some of these bars.  I wasn't that thrilled with these and wished they would have limited it to just one food sample so that we could have gotten something different instead.

Overall, I still think that these boxes are a great value and I was very excited to receive my box.  The anticipation, looking for spoilers to see what was in the box, and discussing it with my friend who has also received a box made it a fun experience.  I am really going to try to get some use out of the stability ball and watch, but they would not have been my first choices as gifts.  Based only on what I got in this box this month, I would probably not subscribe to this service especially because $35 is not a small chunk of change.  However, like I said before, all of the boxes from previous months looked a lot better than this one.  Luckily, my other sister bought me the PopSugar Must Have Box for February, so I can give it another chance!
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  1. the watch looks so pretty though~ maybe a work out gym watch :] this is such a great box because of the value. great review!

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  2. I still haven't worn it yet. It does look sporty, so maybe if I wear it will motivate me to exercise more, haha!