Glossybox January 2013 The Man Repeller Review

February 12, 2013
Even though this box was supposed arrive in January, I, along with many others did not receive the box until February.  I get that stuff happens, but let this just be an indication of the level of the company's customer service, which I heard is pretty much non-existent.  There are horror stories being posted on their Facebook page on a regular basis, and they are nearly impossible to get ahold of--this I know from experience!  With that being said, despite its late arrival, I LOVED the contents of this box.

Instead of the usual pink colored box, this month's was in silver since the blogger The Man Repeller curated it.

Not everyone will receive the same exact items--there are some different variations that got sent out.  One of the main reasons why I'm so happy with the box is because I got the Tarte Lipstick in Fierce which retails for $26 and that is more than the cost of the whole box.  Not everyone got this item, so I was lucky in the sense that I wanted this more than the other items they were giving out like the blush, for example.  I've already worn the lipstick once and gotten some compliments, and I couldn't believe how long it stayed on!  Usually my lipstick disappears after a few hours, but I worked for 7.5 hours and it was still pretty bright.  I actually had to wash it off my lips before I went to bed, and I've never had to do that before because lipsticks usually just wear off on their own.  I might ask for a Tarte lipstick in a different shade for my birthday. This was hands down my favorite item in the box.

As for the mascara, I do like the brand Estee Lauder, but I'm just not that big of a mascara person.  I will use this product, but mascara is not something I feel I have to wear every day.  At least it is basic so I know I will at least get some use out of it.

Concerning the Le Metier de Beaute daily solution, I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm excited to try it out even though I would never buy the full sized product since it costs $225.  On one hand, I like that I have the chance to sample this product since I could never justify buying on my own, but on the other hand, I don't like knowing that the first sample will be my last.

The Opi "Can't Let Go" liquid sand nail polish is also really nice.  I just wish I could wear nail polish to work!!  Oh well, at least I have my toe nails to paint for now.

Normally I would be underwhelmed by a perfume sample, but since the other contents of the box were so generous, I'm just going to consider the Narciso Rodriguez eau de toilette spray an "extra" and be happy with it.  I also appreciate that this sample sprays instead of just coming with a top that you have to pull on and off when applying.

I'm looking forward to trying the Sebastian Potion 9 because it says that the product is supposed to make your hair have a "silky touchable look."  I sometimes have frizz problems, especially when it's raining, so I'm hoping this will help with that.  The 50 mL of product will be enough for me to try it out several times.

The last item is Fresh's Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum and claims to control shine and make your pores smaller.  Who doesn't want that?

 I guess I'm so satisfied with this box because I will truly use every single item in it.  I wish The Man Repeller could just start her own beauty subscription service because this selection blew most of the past Glossyboxes out of the water.  This cute little note doesn't hurt, either!

What is your favorite item from the January box?
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