Pop Sugar Must Have February 2013

February 19, 2013
This box had a Valentine's Day theme.  The contents:

Brokedown Wrap-This is intended for use in place of a bathrobe.  I'm really annoyed with this item because I will never be able to use it.  It is SUPER SHORT, so it doesn't cover my parts!  I suspected it would not fit me when people who are only 5'2" were saying how they thought it was too short.  At 6'0" tall, it doesn't cover anything that it should!!  I guess I just think it's really stupid to put an item in the box that is supposed to be "one size fits all" when clearly one size doesn't fit all.  I know that others also had issues saying it wasn't big enough to go around them or that it was too big, and I think a lot of people will be unable to use this item.   I'm trying to think of who I could even give this robe to, but my family members are tall and most of my friends are, too!  I do have a couple of friends that it might fit, so hopefully they can at least get some joy out of using this robe.  (Just disappointed because this was my Christmas present from my sister!) Also, why does the picture of the wrap have a nice ribbon on it when no one (to my knowledge) received a wrap with a ribbon?  Not that big of a deal, but just an observation.

Hanky Panky Thong-Oh my, I feel weird reviewing underwear!  I haven't worn them yet (feel like that is already too much info), but they look like they are of decent quality.  This was another "one size fits all" item, which I'm sure Pop Sugar has gotten a lot of crap over because how are a size 2 and a size 22 both supposed to fit into this same pair of Hanky Pankys?  I don't think they can, so again, this is another case where one size fits all does not fit everyone.  I tried them on over my pants and they fit me, but my friend who ordered this box isn't so lucky.  She is giving me her pair, but I feel bad that she also can't have her own to enjoy!  I am happy with this item, but I could see why others might not be.

Mariebelle New York's Tresor Box- I guess there were 3 or 4 possible flavors you could receive and I got them in Cacao, which I was my top pick.  They were very tasty, and I liked how small the pieces were.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain-I like this item A LOT,  but I'm partial to lip gloss/lipstick/lip balm.  Even though others have said they don't consider this a new and exciting item because it's been out for awhile already, I didn't know of it.  The shade I got is called "romantic," and it goes well with my complexion.  I've already worn it two times and it did last a long time, though not as long as the Tarte Lipstick I just got in my Man Repeller box from Glossybox.  I would consider buying this item in other colors.

Safe Haven book and "The Journey" song download- I have heard all of Nicholas Sparks' books are "the same" or "very predictable."  I love reading, but wouldn't have chosen this book.  I'm still going to read it once more of my coursework is out of the way this semester.  I will give it a chance, and even though it wouldn't be my #1 pick of a book to get, I'm still glad I got one.  :)  As for the song download, I just use Spotify and listen to songs on my computer.  I guess I would download the song if I still used my I-Pod, but I just haven't been using it lately.  By lately I mean for the past 2 years!

Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleanser-Most of my jewelry is silver, not gold because I didn't even start liking gold until about 2 years ago!  Basically, I don't have a lot of jewelry to clean with this.  Not saying I don't have a lot of jewelry, but it says it's for "diamonds, gemstones, gold, and platinum jewelry."  Maybe I could give it to my mom?  It's just going to sit here if I keep it.

Conversation Hearts-This item doesn't add much value to the box, but it was okay as an extra.  I'm indifferent about this because they're so cheap.  I didn't get my box til after Valentine's Day, either.  It's not that big of a deal, but I feel that a Valentine's Day themed box should arrive on or before the actual holiday.

Coupon Code for free Zoya nail polish with any Hanky Panky purchase (min. $20 purchase)- This code does work on all Hanky Panky sale items and can be combined with the 15% off coupon. 

Coupon Code for 15% off of Hanky Panky Bare Collection- Not going to use this, but thought about it. 

Coupon Code for 30% off of any Brokedown purchase- Not going to use this!

Overall-  I liked this box better than January's box, but I am still bothered that I can't use the wrap, and that sucks because I really would have liked to have used it.  It's a bummer that the big-ticket item is worthless to me, but oh well... ya win some ya lose some.  Also, I don't really care about the conversation hearts or jewelry cleaner.  Those were just blah items to me.  Thank goodness I thought the rest of the items in the box were good.  I just hope that in the future they will just give us a coupon code to use so we can get an item that fits properly instead of having people stuck with items that just don't fit them. 

I don't know if I'm going to ask for the March and April boxes for my birthday or not.  I do like going on boards like Make Up Talk and seeing what everyone else has to say about the boxes/looking at spoilers, etc.  It makes the experience so much more fun & the anticipation really gets to you!  At this time, I would consider telling my family/friends to get me future boxes for as birthday gifts, but I am not willing to sign up for them myself because $35 is a lot of money to me right now.
4 comments on "Pop Sugar Must Have February 2013"
  1. I am upset I missed this box! I love everything in it... I just signed up for March!

  2. I wish companies would sell previous boxes on their websites! I hope March has some great goodies. :)

  3. Really hoping for a better March. Then again I keep saying that every month. Sigh. PS can have high highs and low lows.

  4. I'm pretty sure you just called me fat! ;). I love your blog! I also love sub boxes!