Quik Style Paddle Brush by Sam Goody

February 16, 2013
I was interested in this brush right when it first came out because it claimed to remove excess water "by 30 percent" so that your hair gets dryer faster.  Seeing as how my hair is extremely thick and considering that when I let my hair air dry it is still damp at night, I thought I would try out this brush because I needed all the help I could get!  In between the regular bristles are microfiber bristles which are intended to soak up the water as you brush your hair.

What I LikeAbout This Brush: Since the microfiber bristles go up pretty high, the actual bristles that de-tangle your hair when you brush are partly covered.  This made it way easier to brush through my wet hair.  It didn't hurt as much as in comparison to regular brushes, and when I did have some knots they were easier to get out with this brush.

What I Dislike About This Brush: Do I think using this brush "reduced water by 30% to dry faster" like the product claims it should have?  No, I don't.  I didn't really notice any difference in drying time, and when I think about that it makes sense.  It's not like I'm sitting there brushing my hair over and over.  As soon as a section gets de-tangled after one or two brushes, I move on.  Of course I'm not going to sit there brushing through my hair again and again after all the knots are out when I could be using a hair dryer. 

Am I Happy With this Brush? Even though there is no/very minimal drying time difference when using this brush, I am happy with it because of how easy it is to get through my hair.  I recommend it if you have thick hair or hair that gets a lot of tangles.  The bonus for me is that my other brush snapped in half, so it definitely was not a waste of money since I had to buy a new brush regardless.

Do you own this brush?  What do you think of it?
3 comments on "Quik Style Paddle Brush by Sam Goody"
  1. Too bad the drying part didn't work out. I would have totally bought it! I hate drying my hair. It takes so long!

  2. is it pink or silver

    1. It is silver/grayish. My camera broke, so I was stuck using a bad camera for awhile until I could get a replacement.