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March 28, 2013
I always feel like there is SO much that I want to read, yet there is so little time to do so!  I love just "quitting life" and curling up to relax with a good book.

At the beginning of the year, I made some reading goals, which you can find here: Reading Goals for 2013.  I completed one of the books on the list, Say You're One of Them, but have yet to read the other books.  I can't help it...I have reading AD/HD and got distracted with some other good books.  :)  I will  be starting some of the ones on my list now that this semester is winding down.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some of what I have been reading/am reading now/will read very soon.

For the South African Children's Literature class I'm enrolled in, we had to pick an author that we wanted to learn more about, and I chose Dianne Case since I really enjoyed reading 92 Queens Road for our course.  Part of our assignment was to read as many books by our authors as possible, so my professor lent me her (signed) copy of Katy of Sky Road by Dianne Case and Yvonne Hart.  The story is about a coloured South African adolescent girl named Katy, and it takes place in a contemporary setting.  Katy is enthralled with hip hop music and the culture associated with it, even though she feels like she has to hide this from her very strict father.  The clash between who Katy wants to be and who Katy feels forced to be is ever present in the book.  This is a story of self-discovery, even though Katy's path often resulted in her making some mistakes.  Tik, or crystal meth, also plays a big role in the story since both Katy's friends and Katy become affected directly or indirectly by this drug, which has become a serious problem in South Africa.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  Even though it is a fictional novel, it still really informs the reader about real issues going on in South Africa.  I also am on a big adolescent literature kick...Before some of my literature courses, I thought it would be weird for an adult to read books meant for children or adolescents, but I discovered some of my favorite books through these classes. (Have you ever read The Tale of Desperaux? It's so well-written!)  And, as an adult reader, they are quick, fun, easy reads which is always a plus. 

Also, just wanted to include a little note about the word "coloured."  Coloured is how that group in South Africa self-identifies, so I just wanted to clarify that since it has other connotations in the United States.

I received my copy of Marie Claire in the mail last week, but haven't had time to read it yet.  Marie Claire is probably my favorite fashion/beauty magazine, even though it sometimes makes me feel bad and a little envious about how I cannot afford all of those designer clothes.  Sometimes it's nice to not read a book because I can enjoy visuals in here.  I also feel like I don't always have to give reading magazines my full, undivided attention.


 My Cape Town guidebook just arrived in the mail.  Since I'll be leaving for South Africa in the middle of May, I thought I better read up on where I am going and find some good suggestions about what to do in our free time when we are there.  I found out that our accommodation will be right on the V&A Waterfront!  So, that will be great that we will be so close to such a happening area that is also one of the safest.  Some of what is on our itinerary includes going to visit Stellenbosch Winelands and Kirstenbosch Gardens as well as visiting Table Mountain and Robben Island.  Since it is a study tour, I'll also hopefully get to visit a school, public library, and publisher.  I started leafing through the book and it's making me even more excited to go!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Now is the Time for Running are two books that are on my must read ASAP list.  I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower move, so I'm hoping that the book will be even better.  My friend who is in the South African Children's literature course with me did his author study on Michael Williams, and he told me that this book was the his favorite by this author.  He also lent me a copy of the book, which, by the way, was called "a must read" by Matthew Quick, the author of Silver Linings Playbook.

What I'm currently reading is Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, which I received in my Pop Sugar Must Have February Box.
This book wouldn't have been one that I would have picked out for myself, but since I have a copy of it, I figured, "Why not?"  At first I kind of liked it, but now it is boring me a little.  It might be because I already saw the movie, so I feel like I already know what is going to happen.  I'm going to stick through til the end, though.  I think my main issue is that I don't like predictable books, where you know that two characters are going to fall in love and end up together, and most of Nicholas Sparks' books seem like they are like that.  

Here is the aforementioned Say You're One of Them that I just finished reading.  I found this book at Half-Priced books a few years ago, and just never got around to reading it which is why I added it to my reading list for 2013.  I read the book description awhile back, but did not re-read it before picking up the book and getting started, so after I finished the first section, I started the second part and got a little confused because I thought it was supposed to be one, continuous story.  I kept reading the second part, waiting for it to connect to the first part when I discovered that this is a collection of short stories.  Oops.  The stories in this book pretty powerful in the sense that they deal with some very heavy topics such as clashes in religion, poverty, and corruption .  This is definitely a book that still haunts me after reading it, but I like books that make you think.  This book gave me a lot of perspective and made me appreciate what I have a lot more.

Have you read or are you interested in reading any of the books that I've talked about? 
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  1. Oh no! More books for my reading list!
    Haha, I'm going to have to check some of these out. Too many books to read, too little time.