March Birchbox 2013

March 13, 2013

In March's Birchbox, I got:

Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics- This is a lip or rose tint that was originally made for a burlesque dancer who wanted rosier nipples.  Haha...Paired with last month's Nipple Balm for lips, this is the 2nd product I've gotten in a row that was meant for nipples but is used on the lips.  I might get a little creeped out if I get a third nipple product next month, but I like the idea of a cheek/lip stain.  I thought it was going to be more balm-like, but it is in liquid form.  It looks like it has the same consistency as water.  The sample size is small at .08 oz, but the product description card mentioned that you only need a few drops for each application.  Apparently a little goes a long way.

Eco-Beauty Oil-Free Face Cleanser by LA FRESH- I only got one of these wipes, so if I didn't get an extra I would have felt a little gypped.  I have used Neutrogena facial wipes before and they were very handy when traveling on long plane or train rides.  I know I only got one, so it had to be individually wrapped, but even in full size pack, they are all individually wrapped.  After I opened the pack from Neutrogena and used some wipes, the ones that were left got dried out, so there is a need for each wet wipe to be in its own packaging.

Serge Normant's Meta Revive Dry Shampoo- I have never owned or tried a dry shampoo before, so I'm a little excited about this.  I wash my hair every day, but I shouldn't.  I actually have dry hair, but I just feel grossed out or paranoid that my hair will be greasy around the scalp by the end of the 2nd day.  Now that I have this dry shampoo to try out, I might skip a day every so often.  Again, this is very handy for traveling!  This item brings the most value to the box.  It is a decent size at 2 oz., and it will probably last me a long time since it's not like I'm going to use it every other day or anything.

Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream- It smells like blueberries, and I love blueberries!  The product looks rich and decadent.  I don't typically use shaving cream since a body gel will also work, so this will be a nice treat!

Emery Board from Madewell for Birchbox- The flower design is really pretty and appropriate for the spring season coming up here soon.  The only time I will ever use this is when applying Nail Rock/Sally Hansen Salon Effects polish strips.  Otherwise, I try to avoid all types of nail files...I can't stand the sound and the feeling isn't pleasant either (we all have our quirks!).

As with all other months so far, I am satisfied with my Birchbox!  :)  The value of the items in this box is far greater than the value of last month's box and of course it's worth more than the $10 I paid for it!

Here's the break down:

Benetint- $5.80
Emery board- $5.00
Shaving cream- $2.93
Face wipe- $0.33
Dry shampoo- $11.10

Total: $25.16, wow!

What product appeals to you the most in this Birchbox?
4 comments on "March Birchbox 2013"
  1. Let me know how the dry shampoo works I've heard great things about them but have never tried one before!

  2. I'm using benetint very often. I like the color and I don't mind that it was originally created for nipples :D

  3. Ugh, I want your box! The only good thing I got was BB Cream!

  4. We don't have Birchbox in my country but we have LivBox. YOu can check it out on my blog if you like! :) Last month we got Essie nail polish and many other things. :) xx

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