Done with my Master's! (and a few random thoughts thrown in)

April 24, 2013
Last night I wrote my final eight page paper and submitted it via e-mail, so now I am 100% totally and completely done with my Master's degree!  It is such a satisfying feeling.  I had two glasses of sweet red wine to celebrate, and then was extremely lazy and watched four episodes of The Vampire Diaries because I could!!  I didn't leave the house once and wore my pajama bottoms all day.  Yes, having a day like that was much much so that I even decided to mention it on here.  I also finished reading the book Safe Haven that I received in my February Pop Sugar Must Have Box, and just had an overall relaxing, calm, peaceful day that wasn't predetermined for me.  My sister called and mentioned that I sounded way different, and that there was no longer a "rushed" tone to my voice like there usually is.  She noticed that about me before I even told her that I was officially finished, which must have said something about my prior stress levels.  My cohort will be going out for Mexican food tomorrow to celebrate with our professors, and then that chapter of my life will be closed. 

The other good news is that I got two substitute teaching jobs lined up for May at a small, rural school district.  Now I can at least earn back the money I spent on paying for my sub license, and along with a little extra for my trip.  I'm really excited because one day I'll be subbing for a kindergarten class, which is my grade of choice (though I also love 1st grade).

On another random note, I also found out that they are releasing a follow up to the movies Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, which are two of my favorites.  The next movie in the sequence is titled Before Midnight, and I had no idea that they were even making this movie, so finding this information out came as a very pleasant surprise!  I hope it is as well made as the first two are.

One last subject change before I turn in for the night...
I am VERY curious about Drew Barrymore's new makeup line called Flower.  I really want to try out some of those products, and the good news is that they are available at Wal-mart and are affordable.  Have any of y'all tried stuff from her line?  Thoughts??  I will probably be checking out this out soon!
4 comments on "Done with my Master's! (and a few random thoughts thrown in)"
  1. Congratulations! :)

  2. Aw, thank you! It's a great feeling.

  3. I know what a relief it is to finish school, get your degree and your Masters. I have a degree in psychology and I spent a lot of time in school. I also did a lot of other qualifying courses and licensing. I was always on edge when I was in school as well. It is very stressful and I was planning a huge wedding while in my last year of school. It actually took me a while to relax after I finished. I always woke up thinking I had something due or some test I had to be at lol.

    It is great to take a day and just sit around. I usually take a day of the week and do some spa treatments to relax. Congratulations on finishing!

    1. Yes, for some reason my undergraduate degree really seemed like a breeze, but the Master's degree was just a lot more work. We had a lot of papers, projects, and presentations, but I think that what really made it stressful was all of the field hours we had to do on top of the coursework and working a part time job. We really did have to put in almost 1,000 hours actually in the field, plus there was all the time we spent planning lessons! I know in the end I gained a valuable experience, but I just wasn't ever getting a break. Even working a 40 hour work week will seem like a vacation now. :)