Pay It Forward 2013 #2

April 10, 2013
As I wrote about in my 1st Pay It Forward post, I'm paying it forward to 5 ladies this year.  My friend Dre just received her gift from me in the mail, and I wanted to share it with you guys!  I got her the Brokedown Scarf that I had been admiring in the Pop Sugar Must Have September box (and have heard rave reviews about!).  I tricked her into thinking that I couldn't decide if I should to ask my boyfriend to get it for me for my birthday or not, and asked her advice.  Once she recommended that I ask my boyfriend for it, I immediately went and bought it for her!  She said she loves it so much she is considering buying the tie dyed scarf from Brokedown, as well!

Dre enjoying her new scarf
 I have the rest of the year to complete what I signed up for!  Three more ladies to go! 
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