Pop Sugar Must Have April 2013

April 10, 2013
My little sis got me this box for my birthday!  Thanks, Melissa!!

The contents:

Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Chocolate- Luckily, I love dark chocolate!  The quinoa mixed in gives it an extra crunch that makes the bar even better.  One bar retails for about $3.50, depending on where you buy it from.  If I saw one of these in a store, I would pick it up, but I won't go out of my way to order it online or anything.  I just don't really do that for food!

Kai Perfume Oil- Not my favorite scent because I don't like perfumes that are overly flowery.  This one is a mix of gardenia and other exotic flowers.  The bottle isn't very big at only 1/8 fl.oz., but it is very potent.  This is something that I wouldn't have picked out for myself, but that I will still use.

The Green Garmento Four-in-One Reusable Dry-Cleaning Bag- I have been trying to save money on dry cleaning by using Dryel instead, so this won't be of use to me at the moment.  I guess it might eventually be useful, and it will be better for the environment since it will replace the plastic bags used at the dry cleaners.  It can also be used as a laundry bag or a duffel.  The little card it comes with says that it can be used as a hamper, but you would need to go buy a hamper frame for it.  This is my least favorite item in the box.

Shashi New Nugget Bracelet- To me, this is the best item!  It's adjustable, cute, and can be layered with other bracelets or worn separately.  It's my style, and it reminded me of traveling...later I read in the description that the designer was inspired by her travels when creating this piece of jewelry.  I just think it's a casual, fun piece.

Tatcha Petal Fresh Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers- I'm also content with these beauty papers.  There are 40 sheets in the pack, and the pack is thin and light making this item very portable.  The sheets are supposed to absorb oil without ruining your make up.  I don't really get evening papers are different from any other papers, but I'll take them!

Overall: This is the first Pop Sugar box I've received where there were only 5 items.  While I like the items (well, maybe not the garment bag so much), I just thought that for $35 this month's box seemed a little sparse.  I know that the total retail value of the items adds up to more than $35, but in past months, there were always more items.  I wish they would have put in a book or something like that--that would have taken me from liking the box to LOVING it.  Some extras would have been nice, too. 

What do you think about this month's box?
6 comments on "Pop Sugar Must Have April 2013"
  1. Ive always wanted to try the pop sugar box, but they dont ship to Canada :( It doesn't look like it was worth the $35 though like you said.. I hope next month is much better! Our subscriptions in Canada are lacking as well so I ended up cancelling all of them.


  2. I have been wanting a popsugar box for awhile but I wasn't sure if I could do $35 a month for one. Some months are always better than others with these kinds of subscriptions, but at least you get to try new things (:

  3. Aww the bracelet really does look lovely hun! The chocolate sounds yummy and I love it that it's crunchy! :)) Great post!


  4. Ooh, looks like a great selection! The Kai fragrance oil sounds super interesting and that dark chocolate with quinoa sounds amazing! xo



  5. I liked the box, but another item would have been nice. :)

  6. Quinoa dark chocolate now that's different!