To Shark Dive...or Not to Shark Dive

April 16, 2013
That is the question!  Allrighty, I'm in a little dilemma because I'm not really sure what to do about shark diving.  I'll be going to South Africa next month and have the opportunity to cage dive with Great Whites, but I'm really terrified.  I know that being kind of afraid is probably normal, but I couldn't even sleep last night because I just envisioned sharks gnawing on my body parts.

I'm going to do a PRO's and CON's list...


*If all goes well, I'm sure in the end I would have been really glad I did it.
*Once in a lifetime experience (pretty much!)
*Feel like I need to do something crazy and adventurous because I haven't been able to do anything adventurous in years due to my heavy course load.
*Two of my friends will be in the cage with me, so it's not like I'm going in there completely alone.
* Can also view Great Whites from the boat
* The company I may go through--White Shark Projects, got high ratings on Trip Advisor.
* White Shark Projects is big on conservation, and they run a shop that helps local street children.


* Most of these come from the videos my friend keeps showing me of Shark Cage Diving gone wrong.  In one of them, the Great White breaks the cage completely and the diver has to swim out in the open water back up to the boat.  In another one, the shark gets it's head through the cage.  No one got injured but they easily could have.  I really don't know why my friend keeps showing me these videos, yet he is adamant that I go!
* To lure the sharks over, they chum the water, meaning they put bloody meat and fish in the water to get the sharks closer to the boat.  This is very controversial--some say that it causes sharks to associate humans with food and that it causes them to attack more surfers.  Others deny this saying that chumming is completely harmless.
* It's expensive compared to the options I could do instead (go to gardens, hike to get views of Cape Town, aquarium, etc.)  The student rate is almost $150.
* Three people died in 2007 when they were on a tour with White Shark Projects.  The boat flipped over because of a freak wave, and three people drowned.  Again, my crazy friend that insists I go with him told me this, but I don't know why if he is trying to convince me to go!  He said that it wasn't the company's fault at all, and that these things just happen.

So, there you have it... I'm still undecided.  I haven't paid anything yet, but I'll  need to decide soon.  Basically, I want to do it if my safety can be ensured, but there is no way that it can be.  In life though, is your safety really ever ensured? 

Leave your thoughts on this in the comments below!
5 comments on "To Shark Dive...or Not to Shark Dive"
  1. I would be wayyy to scared lol but it would be the experience of a lifetime and the ultimate thrill

  2. That sounds really scary, I would never in my life do it.


  3. If I keep having nightmares over it, I'm going to pass, but I'm going to keep researching it!