Candy Haul- B.A. Sweetie Candy Store

May 1, 2013
A lot of my friends have been making trips to Cleveland and while they were there, they hit up the B.A. Sweetie candy store.  We made a stop yesterday, and holy smokes... I can see what all the hype was about!  I felt like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Every candy I've ever heard of was in that store; it was crazy!  According to their little brochure, it is the largest candy store in the whole U.S.A.  The store is just a warehouse, so it isn't super nice on the inside, but the selection is incredible!

Check them out here at the B.A. Sweetie official site:

When I was looking for candy, I stayed away from the kinds I can pick up at any supermarket or drug store.    I found a lot of my old childhood favorites there like Fun Dip, Pop Rocks, and Bubble Tape gum, so I bought some of those since I hadn't seen them around in awhile.  I also chose to buy harder to find candies that are not available anywhere near wear I live like Zotz, Strawberry Charleston Chews, and Strawberry Watermelon Kazoozles.  Since I love trying new things, I bought candies I had never tried before like Razzles, Grapeheads, and Bottle Caps.  Of course, I made a stop at the international candy section and picked up a mint Aero bar.

Check out my haul here:

The most expensive things were the Aero bar because of shipping, and the Jelly Belly's because way more came out into my bag than I predicted.  In case you're curious, my Jelly Belly's are in the buttered popcorn flavor which is pretty much a flavor that most people either love or hate!

I don't think I've ever had this much candy in my house since I was a kid going Trick-or-Treating.  I expect this haul to last me a long time, and am limiting myself with this!

What is your favorite candy?  Are there any that you would be interested in trying?
5 comments on "Candy Haul- B.A. Sweetie Candy Store"
  1. Im so jealous, I haven't heard of any of them ! American gets all the best candy I swear :( x

    1. A lot of these are not that common here, but I was glad to be able to grab some old favorites that I hadn't seen around in awhile and to try out new kinds, too.

  2. This takes me back. A lot of those candies are ones that I loved when I was a kid. The bottle caps, the fizzies, the pop rocks! I haven't had those for ages! I love the sour patch kids and my sister was addicted to the fun dip lol.

    1. I never tried Fizzies or Bottle Caps!! I heard Bottle Caps are tasty, so I'm excited. :)