Happies & Crappies 2

May 11, 2013
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I'm linking with The Vintage Modern Wife to participate in the Happies/Crappies link up.
1. I've been subbing this week, which really helps my South Africa fund.
2. I made some plans to see The Great Gatsby with my friend Autumn on Tuesday.  I wasn't sure I was going to have time to watch it before I go overseas.  The movie looks visually stunning--I hope it doesn't disappoint.
3. My departure date for Cape Town is quickly approaching!!  We'll be leaving this Friday!
4. My May Birchbox arrived in the mail today = Wahoo!
5. I get to sub kindergarten on Monday, which will hopefully be great.  Kindergarten and first are my desired grade levels, but this past week I covered for teachers out in 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
6.  I filled out my application for my teaching license, which I'll be sending out today. :)
7. Some time opened up for me, and I was able to meet one of my good friends at San Su Korean BBQ for a delicious meal, and she treated me as a belated birthday gift which was super sweet of her.

8. I met up with my good friend Everett to watch a movie with him, and we had some laughs which is a guarantee every time I hang out with him!
9. My mom found my box of Christmas ornaments in her basement.  I'd been looking for them forever because they are special to me.  My grandma gave me a different one every year until I was in college. 
1. NOT looking forward to Wednesday because I have to sub and then work from 3:30-12:45 am.  That's a 17 hour work day, and that doesn't even include the driving time, which is over an hour total back and forth to the school, to work, and back home.  Why do I do this to myself?? 
2. I always get a little anxious before big, international trips wondering if I forgot anything.  Also, even though I've been a lot of places, I really hate flying because I'm afraid of heights.  Every time there is a little bump or drop in air pressure, my stomach flips like I'm on a roller coaster, and I can never sleep on planes.  My flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg is more than 15 hours!  Plus, I'll have to fly from Columbus-Atlanta and, upon arrival, from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  I'm looking forward to being there but wish that I could just skip all of the traveling itself.
3. My best friend is moving to Savannah on Monday.  I'm happy for him, but I'm so upset about it because I just don't know when I'll be able to see him again.  I may or may not move to Savannah.  It all depends where I get a job, so everything is uncertain.  If I don't move to Savannah, then I'll rarely be able to see him again.  Sigh.  I just feel like I've had a lot of really close friends and when we go our separate ways it's just not the same, they don't stay in touch, and we basically lose our friendship!  I really don't want that to happen in this case.
6 comments on "Happies & Crappies 2"
  1. This post is such a great idea to let your readers know a little more about you. I want to see the Great Gatsby as well I have read it a few times. Not a huge fan of the novel but I do think Leo is a good actor.

    1. The trailer for it makes it look amazing, so I hope it meets my expectations!

  2. This is a great post for venting out frustrations and for keeping journal like memories, xoxo.

    1. I really like this link up! It's only my 2nd time joining, but it puts stuff in perspective for me.

  3. just subscribed! Gudluck with your application and safe flight! I hate flying too because of the long hours sitting and crappy food! Maybe Starbucks or Ben&Jerrys need to start looking into the airline food business hehehehe =)

    Thanks for following btw!

    1. Thanks! Ben & Jerry's served in flight? Yes, please!