Wrapping Up at The Ohio State University

May 2, 2013
My final grades are due today for my last semester as a full time student!  I checked today, and saw this:

One of my profs still needs to post a "Satisfactory" grade for my Master's Exam, but other than that I should be all set.  My goal was to get a 4.0 in my 2 year program, and I found out today by checking my grades that I did achieve that!  It was a lot of hard work, and I'm proud of my accomplishment because there were some days that I was so swamped with work that I wanted to give up!  

At our dinner last week, we were presented with a home made card and a $10 gift certificate towards our meal.  I thought it was a nice gesture from OSU.

There is a typo in the quote, but still, it was a pleasant surprise to receive this.

On our last day of our reflective seminar, our instructor provided each of us with a mini book that looked like this:

We left our booklet at our seat, and then had to circle the room stopping at everyone else's spot so that we could write them a message in their books.  I felt like I was signing someone's yearbook, but I ended up with a nice little keepsake from my program.  I think this was a very positive activity that provided a lot of encouragement, and would like to model something similar one day with my future students. :) 

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