Confessional Friday

June 21, 2013
I'm linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday--I thought it looked fun.  This week's topic is to share quirky things about yourself.  Here goes nothin!

I Confess...

* That I used to wish to be 6'0" tall...until I got to be about 5'9".  At that point I wished to remain 5'9", but low and behold I grew to be exactly 6'0".  It goes back to that old adage--we need to be careful what we wish for!

* I love orange juice, but can't stand eating oranges.  It's not the taste, it's the texture that turns me off.  Every time I try to eat one, I just start gagging and can't do it!  I really wish I could eat an orange like a normal person, but I guess everyone has their food preferences.

* You know how after a television show is over, it will say, "Brought to you by..."?  For soooo many years as a child, and even up through high school, I thought that they were saying, "Brontued by..."  Yes, I really believed that there was a verb "brontued."  Honestly, when I listen to people saying it today, it STILL sounds like "brontued."  Haha.

*  In 5th grade I became a little obsessed with Denmark.  I looked up all of these facts on Denmark, and even wrote to Bill Clinton asking him if he could give me control over 1-800 Denmark so that I could enlighten whomever called with knowledge about the country.  Needless to say, I got no reply!

*  Growing up, my dad used to make these really thick hamburgers that were all pink on the inside.  I really couldn't stomach eating them, but we were never allowed to leave the dinner table until we cleared our plates, so the only way I was able to do so would be to try to cover the hamburger taste with peanut butter, one of my favorite foods!  You don't even want to know how many peanut butter covered hamburgers I had to eat growing up!

* I LOVED having pen pals as a kid.  In 4th grade, we got Japanese pen pals, and I had a pen pal from California, France, and Martinique.  When I went to France, I got to meet my pen pal firsthand, which was pretty cool.  We're currently Facebook friends. :)  This is probably a dorky thing to admit, but I still kind of want a pen pal, but the "old fashioned" kind where you exchange snail mail letters.  

4 comments on "Confessional Friday"
  1. I loved reading this. You know whats weird I don't mind eating oranges but I hate orange juice, so much so that even when I was sick as a child my parents couldn't even force me to drink it, I detest it so much I gagged the few times I tried to drink it! great post :)

    1. Haha, we had opposite problems! Was it the pulp that grossed you out?

  2. We are like soul sistas, I LOVED having pen pals, too. I subscribed to American Girl magazine and had about 10 pen pals through the mag at the high point...I'm still facebook friends with some of them, too! ;)

    1. At one point, I called this Russian travel agency and asked them if they could set me up with a pen pal. They actually did it, but she only wrote me about 4 times. I liked "meeting" people from different places and getting mail. Too bad I didn't subscribe to American Girl magazine or I could have had more people to write!