From Columbus to Cape Town

June 10, 2013

 My friends Scott and Allyson met at my parent's house, so that my dad could drive us down to Columbus International Airport.  Although our first flight was just a domestic one into Atlanta, my professor wanted us there super early.  Our flight didn't leave until 2:10 pm, but we were there before 10:00 am, so we just goofed around in the airport and played some Euchre.

Scott kept us searching for Izze, which he would not shut up about.  We looked in a countless number of stores, but had no luck in the Columbus Airport.  We finally found it in the Atlanta airport, so I decided to buy a bottle since I had just heard about how wonderful it was about 1,000 times (only slightly exaggerating here!).

Since our Atlanta to Cape Town flight was to be 15 hours and 25 minutes long, Allyson and I decided to invest in these lovely neck pillows.  I really liked my zebra pillow until someone called it my pimp pillow, and now that is all I can think about when I see it, haha.  

Our accommodation for our two week study tour was at the Protea Breakwater Lodge near the V&A Waterfront.  The rooms looked like this:

There were two rooms like this to a suite, and there was a shower and sink room and a toilet and sink room that we shared.  I roomed with Scott and Allyson.  Apparently the workers at Breakwater Lodge lied to my professor because she wanted to put four to a suite, but they told her there were only three beds which is simply not true.  When a group of four of us tried to extend our stay there, they were going to make us get two suites instead of just one, as well.  We ended up just staying somewhere else because it was too expensive to pay for one suite with four beds for just two people.  I thought that was a little shady, but I was very happy with the location of the hotel, which is right near the V&A Waterfront.  My professor specifically chose this location so that we could come and go as we pleased at night without having to get a taxi and whatnot.  The workers were also very friendly here with the exception of the maids, as two people had money in their rooms go missing.

A drawback to our room is that it was super humid.  I hung up some laundry that I did, and after 5 days almost everything was still wet, so I had to do them again and use the dryer.  Our rooms did not come with clocks or wash cloths, and just having those two extra things would have made a big difference.  I didn't bring my cell phone over, so it would have been nice to have a clock in our rooms.

Overall, I would give the hotel three out of five stars, but it suited our needs just fine for the trip.

The free breakfast available at the hotel was very substantial, and there was a huge variety of food to choose from:  eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bacon, beans, fish, bread, cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt, and muffins, just to name some of the items.  My personal favorite was the coffee machine, which made the most delightful cappuccinos.  The best part was that the staff didn't mind it at all if you wanted to pack a sandwich and eat it later for lunch.  They even provided the bags for this.  It was nice to be able to take away a sandwich and save money on not buying lunch later on.  Often, I would take a piece of fruit or a muffin as a snack which would tide me over until lunch.

For the first week, we ate outside every morning.

We had a nice view of the V&A Waterfront, and we were located right by the aquarium.  Unfortunately, it got a bit cold and rainy during our second week, so we had to eat breakfast inside, but we sure enjoyed having nice meals in perfect weather during our first week!

Don't you love our matching sunglasses?  Scott and I would always show up to class wearing similar outfits, so the fact that we had the same sunglasses just made us laugh.

Here is what the outside of our hotel, the Protea Breakwater Lodge looks like.  It used to be an old prison, but is now a hotel and graduate business school!

I hope that you enjoyed reading a little about my trip!  There will be more to come, I promise!
8 comments on "From Columbus to Cape Town"
  1. Wow how exciting to be in Cape Town! Thanks for following my blog, following you too! xx

  2. I love reading about people's trips, as you probably know I love to travel. very cute photos!

    1. I know what you mean--I am obsessed with traveling!

  3. Oh wow what a gorgeous looking hotel! I love the bathroom :) xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

    1. The location and buffet breakfast were two definite pluses, too!

  4. Oh my, there is just NO reason to be at the Columbus airport that early! Our tour company wanted us there three hours early for an 8:30 am flight. Um, no. We ended up going two hours early and then sat at Cup O Joe while the rest of our group went through security. Then we just breezed through and still had plenty of time before the flight.

    I've never been to South Africa, but one of our favorite parts of our recent Europe trip was the buffet breakfasts. The US just does not do this well. LOL

    1. I think my prof was getting a little anxious! It was a bit excessive, haha, but at least I had my friends there to entertain me.