Cape Town Diaries: Stellenbosch and Africa Day Concert

July 24, 2013
My professor's husband taught at Stellenbosch University when the two of them lived in South Africa, so naturally a visit to Stellenbosch was in order.  Stellenbosch is considered "Afrikaaner Country," and it is a famous wine region in South Africa.

Our first stop was to Vergenoegd Winery, which was on the way to Stellenbosch.  This historic wine farm has been run by the same family for six generations!  We had a few wine samples on site; mostly dry, red wines, as this is what this particular winery is known for.  The estate itself is a classic example of old, Dutch architecture.

Our second stop was to the Ken Forrester Winery.  Ken Forrester does export wine to the United States, and the Chenin Blanc is probably the most famous type from this winery.  The winery itself is very old, but the Forrester family first started producing wine here in 1994.

We had a short, driving tour of Stellenbosch and drove right through the university.

We were given some free time away from the group to wander off and have some lunch.  We chose to stop at a place called Dipped Confections, which was a cafe that also had outdoor seating.  It was the cutest little place and the food was excellent!  My roasted vegetable and brie sandwich was extremely tasty, and all four of us that ate there really enjoyed our food.

The last winery we visited was Beyerskloof.  They make a lot of pinotage, which was initially created and first produced in South Africa.  Pinotage is a red wine, that when done right is supposed to be rich and even a little spicy.

At night, we had booked tickets to the Africa Day concert.  I don't think any of us were really looking forward to going that much because sitting there for 3 hours on a Saturday night seemed like something I wasn't really into.  When the show started, though, the time just flew by.  The performers were so, incredibly talented and it most definitely exceeded my expectations.  We got to see groups like the South African Youth Choir, the Khayelitsha Mambazo, Indigenous Ensemble, the Youth Orchestra, and Trenton & Free Radical. 

This concert was outstanding and a real treat for us!
2 comments on "Cape Town Diaries: Stellenbosch and Africa Day Concert"
  1. This looks like an AMAZING trip! South Africa is on my short list of places to visit!

    1. It really was amazing! And this is just one day out of my three week trip! :) You should definitely go if you get the chance.