Never Say Never!

July 6, 2013
Obviously the whole bubble/bauble (I've heard both!) necklace trend is really in right now.  I have to say that initially I thought these necklaces looked terrible, cheap, and tacky.  Slowly but surely I started liking some of the ones I saw.  Then, the other day while I was at the mall I surprised myself and found one that I knew I had to have.  It was just calling my name, so I bought it and have worn it out a few times already.  It really jazzes up any basic t-shirt!

I get a kick out of the fact that I first thought these necklaces were ugly as sin, but this was certainly not the first time I changed my mind!

Other examples:

1) Facebook- I remember my younger sisters telling me that they had joined, and they tried to get me on there, but I told them I never would join.  I didn't like the idea that it displayed first and last names.  Also, I do believe my exact words were, "Why would I ever join Facebook when I have a MySpace?"  MySpace, ha! Eventually, I caved because while MySpace was bigger in the United States at the time, Canadians preferred Facebook, and the majority of the teachers I worked with were Canadian and had Facebook accounts.  One of these friends actually tricked me into joining Facebook by telling me to not worry about taking any pictures for St. Patrick's Day because she would take them all and send them to me.  Instead, she put them all up on Facebook and told me that I would have to join to get access to them!  I like Facebook in the sense that (practically) everyone has one, so it's easy to connect with people, but there are some real drawbacks like all of the ads and political posts. 

2)  Ugg Boots- I thought these things were heinously ugly...Just WHY?  Some of my friends started raving about them, so I tried some on just to see what the big deal was.  They were so comfortable!  I ended up buying some because I needed some boots, and they really were useful during a cold, snowy Ohio winter.  My feet were warm and toasty instead of cold and wet from sloshing threw the snow. 

3) Harry Potter books- In 2001, my friend and her boyfriend at the time kept going on about Harry Potter books.  I thought they were weird because my younger brother who was in 4th grade felt the same way about the Harry Potter books.  I kept wondering why they were reading "little kid" books and thought that they wouldn't appeal to me.  They kept telling me otherwise, and since I was overseas at the time and had limited access to English books, I decided to give it a try.  After reading the 2nd book, I was hooked!

4) Keurig Coffee Pots- When people told me that they bought these expensive coffee pots, I thought they were wasting their $.  Furthermore, I thought the K-Cups were ridiculously expensive compared to just regular ground coffee.  When I went to my grandma's house, she started bragging to me about how she had a Keurig and I saw that she had all of these neat flavors to choose from.  Once I tried the coffee, I started wanting a Keurig of my own because there really are such a wide range of flavors, and, I reasoned that it was cheaper than Starbucks.  I ended up getting given a Keurig, and I am still currently enjoying a flavored coffee multiple times a week.

While I did jump on the bandwagon for a few trends, there are some that I just never got into.  These would include:

Twitter- I made one for my blog, but I have never really used it and don't have a personal Twitter account.  I know "good" bloggers all have this set up, but I just have to take one step at a time, and this is one that I don't know if I want to embrace!

Silly Bandz/Any type of Embossed Wrist Band- I would like to say that I would never wear these, but that would be contradicting the title of my blog post. :)

Crocs- In Korea, it seemed like every apartment "came with" a pair of water shoes to wear in the bathroom since the bathroom floor IS the shower.  (The shower is typically not a separate entity.)  While I was in Seoul, my friend and I met up and I kept staring at her shoes wondering why she wore her water shoes out.  I even asked her that, and she got a little upset saying, "These are popular where I'm from and they're called Crocs.  They were pretty expensive."  Oops.  They are just not my style, but I don't dare try one on because that's what I said about Ugg boots and the comfort won me over.

Pandora Bracelet- My friend just told me that she spent $30 on a bead for her Pandora bracelet.  I like some of the beads, but I just don't like the price, so it's not for me!

What are some current/past trends that you've been opposed to?  What are some trends that you loved/still love?

6 comments on "Never Say Never!"
  1. Hey, Love that necklace, it looks cute with that top in the photo. I know what you mean, I think Uggs are Uggly lol and crocs ....oh gosh what were they thinking when they made those hideous things. I have a Keurig I did a review on it....LOVE it, I like having those yummy flavored coffees and it is just so easy to use. I never got into Face book. I tried a couple of weeks ago and it was a disaster. They have some stupid security set up and it doesn't work. I tried to get an account, had to enter a phone number, then they sent a text with a code that did not work! then I finally got it working and started to upload some of my blog posts & it logged me out. When I tried to log in it didn't work and asked for a phone number again! so I called the customer service line only to find out it was really hackers pretending to be was just a disaster.

    I have Twitter, I think Social media is a great way to get people to your blog so I work hard on building up my audience. Pinterest is the BEST in my opinion. Pinterest users are the ones who are serious about finding the info they need and it is working very well for me.

    1. That stinks about your "Facebook" experience. I know that I need to try to better develop social media for my blog, for sure!
      Also, the town I'm currently living in isn't very stylish, so the Ugg boots work well here in the winter, haha!! In a trendy city like Toronto, I'm not so sure I could get away with them.

  2. Brilliant post! When I was younger there was many things I said I wouldn't try including fashion and beauty related things. However as I got older I feel like I'm more open to trying new things. Facebook was one of the things I also stated I wouldn't try but I did and now I'm off it lol, xoxo.

    1. I know, sometimes I contemplate canceling my Facebook, but it really does help me stay in touch with people. I really loved Facebook at first!

  3. Hi Lisa! So glad you visited my blog! Stopping by to return the follow : )