Velvet Ice Cream

July 19, 2013
My sister came down for a very short visit from Michigan, so my dad decided that my mom and I should join the two of them for a fun, family outing.  He suggested going canoeing or going to Put-in-Bay Island, but since it had rained for 17 days straight, there was way too much flooding to go canoeing and we didn't really want to go to Put-in-Bay while it was storming.  Instead, we took a trip to Utica, Ohio to visit the Velvet Ice Cream factory.  There is a viewing area into the factory, and we could see the workers assembling the cartons of ice cream and also the ice cream moving along the belts so that it could eventually get placed into a freezer.  A guide told us a little bit about the factory and answered questions.  After she talked, we got to sample one of Velvet's newest flavors, honey caramel.  It was pretty good, but there are other flavors that are more to my taste.

We had lunch in their diner, and of course had some ice cream.  I decided on a one scoop Buckeye Classic sundae.  In case you're not from Ohio, anything Buckeye is a chocolate peanut butter combination of some sort.

 Velvet ice cream is available at local grocery stores in Ohio, but they also ship to 25 other states.  It is a bit more expensive than some other brands because Velvet ice cream claims that it is 100% natural.  Some other flavors that I remembered them having were cookies 'n cream, birthday cake, peach cobbler, moose tracks, cinnamon, and strawberry cheesecake.  They also sell ice cream sandwiches, push up pops, and drumsticks.  I have also bought Velvet's pumpkin pie ice cream, which is a seasonal item.  It was the perfect fall ice cream, and there were pieces of graham cracker crust mixed into the ice cream!  If I still live in Ohio in the fall, I'll be on the lookout for it again.

What makes this attraction a bit special is that the ice cream parlor is inside an old mill from 1817.  It even has a waterwheel. 

It was nice to just spend a relaxing afternoon with some of my family members.  For more information on Velvet Ice Cream, click here.

What summertime activities have you been enjoying?
4 comments on "Velvet Ice Cream"
  1. What an exciting place it must be , by the way , I love ice-cream ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Ice cream is perfect for the summer!

  2. Amazing place to get ice-cream! I'd forget to eat but explore the whole place.

    1. There were some trails, but my family wasn't interested. It was really, unbearably humid, so I don't blame them too much.