Asheville Haul

August 10, 2013
Recently I went on a trip to Asheville, North Carolina.  If you want to read about my trip, click here.
I am always interested in hauls of all kinds and of course love traveling, so I thought I would post what I bought on my trip to Asheville!

My sis and I went to the Asheville mall, and it had an Ulta.  It was my very first time inside an Ulta!  I have been in Sephora many times, but never an Ulta.  I think we spent an hour in there, and I really had to hold myself back from buying things like the Naked 2 palette that I've been wanting for so long!

Instead, I picked up some:

A mini bottle of Ulta's Beauty Smoothie Buttercream Cupcake 3-in-1 Shower gel, Shampoo, and Bubble Bath
A mini bottle of Ulta's Beauty Smoothie Dragonfruit Frappe  3-in-1 Shower gel, Shampoo, and Bubble Bath
EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

The mini bottles of Ulta shower gel were on sale for $1.00 off if you bought two or more, and my sister has the large bottle of the Buttercream Cupcake one and told me how delicious it smelled.  You know that me and my love of dessert smells could not resist picking one of these up!  I want to use it now, but I'm going to wait until I have an overnight trip somewhere since the size is perfect for traveling.

I have heard a lot about EOS lip balms.  My co-worker takes her EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint around with her everywhere she goes at work, and said she loves it.  There were only a couple of kinds at Ulta, so I went with Strawberry Sorbet.  (The same friend that loved the Sweet Mint also told me that the Passion fruit one was "disgusting," and those were the two that were in stock.)  I just love the packaging of the lip balm and like that it's organic.  In case you happen to lick your lips, it tastes better than most other lip balms, too.  It keeps my lips soft and moisturized, but I wish they had some tinted ones for sale because I almost always wear color on my lips in public.

Overall, I like what I bought at Ulta, but I probably look ahead of time for deals the next time I shop there and only buy those.  I paid $3.49 for the EOS lip balm, which retails at $2.99 at most places.  Also, for the Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer, I paid $20.00, but on Amazon Prime, I found one for $15.49.  A private seller is also selling a new tube for $4.96 plus $4.99 shipping, so I wish I would have looked into this a little more.  Oh well, it was my vacation and I had no idea that there would even be an Ulta, so of course I didn't compare prices beforehand.

I'm really excited for my Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer because my cream shadows really get ugly creases in them after a few hours of wear!  I intend to mostly use the primer with cream shadows, but might use it with shades I want to look more dramatic since it is supposed to enhance the shades of eye shadow you already have.

My next purchase was this bottle of wine from the winery on the Biltmore Estate.  My sister and I sampled some wines, and both loved this sweet white Chenin Blanc the best.  I figured I would pick up a bottle because it is a limited reserve wine.

On our way to meet our group for the Asheville Food Tour, there were some stalls set up with vendors selling their products.  I stopped at one that sold shampoo bars.  I love Lush's solid shampoos, and haven't really tried out any other kinds of solid shampoo, so when I saw that they had some for sale, I went ahead and bought one for $6.00.  The company that sells it is based in Asheville, and it is called Balm of Zarahemla.  They do have a website with the solid shampoos available to order.  The company also makes soap, body butter, lip balm, and bug repellent.  I am very much looking forward to trying out the solid shampoo, especially because it is all natural and does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.  This shampoo bar actually contains conditioner as well.  I love finding local items like this that I likely would not have ever found in Ohio.

My last purchase was a bottle of Summer Salsa lotion from a shop called The Laughing Mermaid, which also has an online shop.  The lotion smells very fruity, and it was 50% off.  The Laughing Mermaid is run by women and started out in South Beach, but now there is a shop in Asheville.  They sell a wide range of bath and body products from sugar scrub to massage oil to solid perfumes.

 When I travel I always like to buy some items that are locally made.  What do you like to buy when you visit a new place?
4 comments on "Asheville Haul"
  1. I like Ulta - its a Chicago based company so the stores are hit or miss out here because we have the OLD small ones, but there's lots of them so you can drive 20 miles to a newer one. I LOVE Shadow Insurance it works really well for me. I also like to buy fun local treats! Do a review of the shampoo bar for sure!

    1. Glad to hear that you love Shadow Insurance! I wore it with some cream eye shadow I had, but it immediately creased. I think it was because of the cream eye shadow being too old, though.

  2. We sure did have fun! I could go for a glass of that wine right about now!!! ;)

  3. I finished my bottle a few months ago. :( I guess that means we will have to go back and get more.