July Glossybox 2013 Review: Le Grand Bleu USA

August 3, 2013
I finally received my Glossybox in the mail on July 31st.  The theme this month was Le Grand Bleu, which is basically another beach box.  I don't really understand how certain items like the Bvlgari Shampoo and Shower Gel are related to the color blue or to a beach theme, but onto the contents of the July box!

I received:

Brazilian Blowout's Acai Deep Conditioning Masque (1 oz.)- I love trying out hair masques, and if this is going to smooth out frizz like it promises, I'm all for it.  Thankfully, it is safe for dyed hair and I think it will work nicely on my hair because I just got a keratin treatment.  

Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the Blanc Shampoo & Shower Gel (1 oz)-  I will use this shampoo and shower gel, but I'll be honest and say that I'm not thrilled with receiving a Bvlgari product for a THIRD time in a Glossybox.  Yes, the products were all different, but they are all the same scent.  (I feel really bad for those who didn't like the smell of it the first time!)  Enough with the Bvlgari already!

Dr. Brant BB Matte With Signature Shinerase (.25 oz)- When I really love a product, I just buy it over and over again.  That's how I feel about L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Fair.  I got a little attached to that product and am on my 3rd tube of it.  I have been wanting to try out other BB Creams, but was worried it would be a waste of money and that I wouldn't like it as much as Old Faithful (aka the L'Oreal BB Cream).  This will be a nice opportunity to try out a new product that I wouldn't have otherwise bought. Glossybox got it right this time and gave me the BB Cream in Light to Medium, which is the kind I need since I'm so fair.  I'm excited to see the matte effect as well because I have combination skin.  This product would be appropriate to use on a day that I know I'm going to be outside, because it does have SPF 30.

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm Tube (.42 oz)- My favorite thing about this product isn't even the product itself.  It's the cute floral packaging!  This is a full sized product, and I'm liking the texture, scent, and color of the lip balm, but I would probably not go out of my way to buy it again because it doesn't stand out to me (besides the packaging!!).

Nails Inc Baker Street Nail Polish (.13 oz)- The color is striking and just beautiful, and I'm looking forward to using it.  At only 4 mL, this polish is extremely small in size, even for a mini polish.  Just for comparison, the mini Color Club polishes are 7 mL.  I have never tried anything by Nails Inc, which is a brand from the UK, so we'll see!  

Nicka K New York ABSOLUTE! Makeup Cleansing Tissues (10 towels)- Of course these are going to be useful to me because those who don't wear makeup probably shouldn't be subscribed to Glossybox, but this product just doesn't wow me.  There's nothing really new and exciting about makeup cleansing tissues.  Oh well, at least I know they won't be collecting dust or anything!

I'm really glad I used up my Glossydots on this box and that this box was free because I would have been even less pleased if I had spent $21 on it this month.  I feel like this box was not one of the better boxes and that the sample sizes were very small this month.  To illustrate to you what I mean, see the pic below for some perspective.  The only missing item from the photo is the Nicka K cleansing tissues.

This will be my last month of Glossybox for awhile.  Here are the reasons why:

1) There is always drama with Glossybox, at least in my experience.  Some examples of this drama would be products getting pulled (Bondi polish), lies about when the box gets shipped, missing products, and misinformed customer service representatives who contradict each other.
2)  I want to save money, and this beauty subscription box is one of the most expensive.
3) I'd rather participate in the Cara Box Exchange to change it up a bit, AND you get to know and interact with other bloggers.
4)  My makeup bag is stuffed full at the moment, and while I love subscription boxes, I feel like I am accumulating too much.  I don't want it all to expire and go to waste before I have a chance to use it.
5) My Glossybox subscription is already canceled because that is what I was instructed to do so that I would not be charged since I was applying my Glossydots.  Since it is already canceled, it is easy for me just to leave it that way.

It was fun while it lasted, and I did get introduced to some really great brands through Glossybox.  I will probably sign up again later on down the road if I see some spoilers that I just can't pass up, but for now, I think I just need a break.

Which subscription boxes have you canceled, and why did you cancel them?
6 comments on "July Glossybox 2013 Review: Le Grand Bleu USA"
  1. Whew, I heard that this box is so famous. So bad that your experience wasn't good. Haha the line about Carabox is right!

    1. Well, I would say that I loved a lot of my Glossyboxes, but that the customer service just isn't good. I just need to cut back somewhere and it's not worth it to me to keep paying for makeup when I have so much now.

  2. I do Ipsy but it's pretty much ALL makeup so it's not for everyone. That Nails Inc Polish in Baker St. is like THE polish of the season so I would love that!

    1. Yes, I have been loving Ipsy because it is half the price of Glossybox, and sometimes the value of the two boxes is comparable! I do love the color of the polish, but it is so dinky, lol.

  3. I cancelled both Glossy Box and Beauty Box 5. I found a new one called Lip Factory that is simply amazing! I am going to do a post about it next week!


    1. I've heard of it, but haven't read any reviews, so I'd like to check yours out when you get it done.