Limerance Body Oil, Face Cream, & Lip Balm

August 24, 2013
Limerance, an independent company that specializes in skin care products, sent me three products to review: body oil, face cream, and a lip balm.

Here is what I received:

Here are a couple of shots closer up:

What I like about this company is that the products are made after an order is placed, so they haven't been sitting around forever when you receive them.  My products really seemed fresh and another plus is that Limerance stays away from synthetic ingredients, opting for natural oils instead.

Limerance Facial Cream: "What makes it so great? It is the only cream that embraces your skin with over 79 minerals, Vitamin C, MSM, Astaxanthin, and exquisite oils.  When you use it, you know."

The facial cream is unscented, and the formula works hard to repair damaged skin and to treat wrinkles.  At first I used the cream in the day before I applied my makeup, but I found that I really prefer to use it as a nightly treatment instead so that the product has time to work its magic and be absorbed into my skin rather than mixed up with my makeup during the daytime.  I did notice a nourishing effect after using the product regularly, probably because the cream provided needed moisture to my skin overnight.  I don't typically use creams at night, and always sleep with the fan on, so sometimes I wake up and parts of my face are dry...Maybe it's time I change my beauty routine.  This product will probably be even more beneficial to me in the winter when my skin gets even drier!

Here is what the cream looks like:

I did have to mix it up a bit when I received it because some water had collected on top, but, according to the Limerance website, this is not unusual. 

Limerance Lip Balm: "A wet kiss of Sweet Almond Oil for your lips." 

This lip balm is totally natural, made with sweet almond, honey flavor, peppermint, tea tree, and black cherry oils.  The formula wasn't sticky at all and left my lips nice and soft, and I like the smell of almond oil so of course I liked the smell of the lip balm.

Limerance Body Oil: "Wow! Words defy the experience.....pure citrus essential oils, penetrating MSM and Pressed Peach Kernel Oil."

I used this right out of the shower, and like that it is in a convenient spray bottle.  At first I thought this product was going to be greasy, but it is surprisingly light.  The smell is also light and not overpowering.  The sulfur minerals found in the oil are supposed to be very good for your skin.

Some other good things to know about Limerance is that they have a money back guarantee and only American suppliers are used.

Are there any indie brands of skin products that you love?

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  1. I haven't found anything that I really LOVE yet, I am still on the hunt. Right now I use natural oils at night and a moisturizer with a sunscreen during the day made by Aveeno.