Missha Sheet Masks

August 5, 2013

After trying out Missha's Snail Slime Mask that came in the February Glossybox, I was pleasantly surprised, even though I'm still a bit grossed out by snail slime being one of the ingredients.  Since then, I've tried out a couple more sheet masks, and I must say that I really love the idea of them in general.  With regular masks, I feel like I always have to sit up since they are pretty messy.  With sheet masks, I can lie down, put my head on my pillow and relax while watching my favorite shows without having to worry about whether or not part of the mask is going to make anything dirty. 

Wearing the mask itself is very relaxing to me.  I love the cool feeling, and my skin feels refreshed and hydrated afterwards.  Plus, it may or may not actually do this, but I like to think that the pressure from the cloth pushes the essence into your skin and pores more than a regular mask would.  My skin really does look and feel great afterwards.

Another plus about these masks are that since they are individually wrapped, they are lightweight and portable, making them very convenient to take with you. 

My pal Fraulein who blogs at Berries in the Snow has a love for Asian beauty products, and when I mentioned that I was looking for some sheet masks without the snail slime, she recommended that I try out Missha's Aloe Mask.  When shopping for the mask, I ended up finding a 10 pack of various Missha masks selling on Ebay for $18.99, which included shipping.  The store sent me a card with its information on it, but it is in Japanese.  Here is the link to the store, but again, it's in Japanese.

I'm terribly excited about these masks because each one is unique and is made with different ingredients.

Here is a list of the types I received:

*Nourishing and Moisturizing Olive
*Moisturizing and Glowing Honey
*Firming and Nourishing Caviar
*Brightening and Vitalizing Pearl
*Soothing Aloe
*Anti-Acne Tea Tree
*Anti-Aging Pomegranate
*Firming and Nourishing Raspberry
*Moisturizing and Brightening Green Tea
* Lemon, which just says "Control Sebum & Open Pores"

I love that I got an assortment of masks so that I can figure out the ones I like the best.  I'm looking forward to trying out the Aloe, Lemon, and Raspberry masks the most, but who knows?  I may be thrown for a loop and end up liking something completely different.  The caviar mask sounds the least appealing to me just because I am a little disgusted by caviar in general, but I suppose I bought it, so I may as well give it a whirl!

        Caviar                   Green Tea                 Olive                      Pomegranate               Honey

            Tea Tree                  Lemon                      Pearl                        Aloe                   Raspberry

 Which mask looks the best to you?
4 comments on "Missha Sheet Masks"
  1. really? snail slime? well I guess if it works...but snail slime? lol can't get over it either

    1. Yes, snail slime! At first I thought I read it wrong, but it really does contain that!

  2. You know with the 100's of beauty products of tried, I've never done a sheet mask. Probably because I'm a glycolic peel kinda gal! But the pearl sounds really interesting and you need to try everything once right? :)

    1. If you try a sheet mask, I'd love to know what you think of them!