Beauty Box Five: September

September 15, 2013
At first glance, here are the contents of my Beauty Box Five:

The contents:

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Celebration Shimmer Powder
Body Drench Lip Drench
Fine Featherheads Fly Ties
Skiin Shop Skin Smoothing & Soothing Eye Cream
Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads w/Argan Oil

Bella Pierre Cosmetics Celebration Shimmer Powder- I thought this was another mineral eye shadow when I first looked at it, but according to the information card included in the box, it can be used "anywhere you  need a little sparkle."  I'm just going to use this shimmer powder as eye shadow.  I was really impressed with the swatch...It's just lovely!  This is a full sized product, that retails for $15.00, which is already a higher value than the $12 that was spent on the box.  Don't you just love it when that happens right off the bat with the first item you look at?

Body Drench Lip Drench- This is another colorless lip balm that I feel like I already have too many of.  I was okay with the first few that I received in subscription boxes, but I feel like some of them are going to expire before I use them.  The flavor I received is Coconut Lime, but when I opened it to smell it, it was almost unscented--the smell is very faint.  There is nothing wrong with this product, but I just don't have a use for it.  I only ever wear colorless lip balm when I'm at home.  Out in public, I always prefer some color.  I'll probably give this to my sister.

Fine Featherheads Fly Ties- I recently just bought some hair ties very similar to these, by Goody.  The ones I bought by Goody contain 5 hair ties, and this pack has 4.  I use hair ties very frequently when subbing and when at work, so I think they will be practical to me.  I do lose hair ties and bobby pins quite often, so it will be nice to have some back ups.  Plus, there is the obvious bonus that they don't look too bad on your wrist.  The 4 pack I got retails for $7.95 and can be purchased directly from FineFeatherHeads.Com.

Skiin Shop Skin Smoothing & Soothing Eye Cream- This eye cream is supposed to help with puffiness and to decrease the appearance of dark circles under the eye.  I haven't tried this cream before, and think this will help me out when I'm tired and don't get enough sleep because of course that's when I need the most help with getting rid of dark circles.  The tube looks a little dirty, but the blackish gray pieces are just from the shredded up black paper that was part of the packaging.

Every Beauty Makeup Remover Pads w/Argan Oil- All you need to do is add a little bit of water to these pads and they will work their magic to remove any makeup.  These pads are all natural and rinsing off your face after using a pad isn't necessary.  I'm happy that I got introduced to a completely new product through Beauty Box Five and can't wait to test these out.

Overall: I like all of the contents of the box and think that this box was worth the $12 for sure.  The only item that is a little blah for me is the lip balm, and that is just a personal preference.  I appreciate that the items are varied, too.  It's a nice mix of skincare, makeup, and I even got something practical to use for my hair.

What are your thoughts on these items?
4 comments on "Beauty Box Five: September "
  1. The make up remover pads seem to be interesting. Never heard of those before :)

    1. Yeah, me neither! I hope they work well because I have been using some great eyeliner that rarely smudges, even by the end of the day.

  2. I really want to try that makeup remover! I have the hardest time finding products that remove my eye makeup. I guess I put on to much mascara to make my blond lashes, dark. :)

    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

    1. I really like Almay's Eye Makeup Remover Pads the best so far for eye makeup!