Cape Town Diaries: Meeting Niki Daly & Sunset at Sea Point

September 23, 2013
Our study group was invited to go out to Kleinmond to visit a South African author and illustrator, Niki Daly and his wife Jude who is also an illustrator.  This was really exciting for myself and for the others because Niki Daly is huge in South African children's literature.  One of his most famous books, Not So Fast Songolo, was published in 1985 and he has been writing and illustrating books for children ever since.  He has won a whole slew of awards for his work, and if you're looking for a few South African picture books to read to your children or students, I would suggest taking a look some of his high quality books.  The professor that took us on this trip had been my professor over the course of three years, and I had four classes with her.  In every single class, she read us something by Niki Daly including stories like Pretty Salma, some stories from the Jamela series and Fly, Eagle, Fly! which is illustrated Niki Daly.

When we first arrived at Kleinmond, we introduced ourselves to the Daly's, had some tea and snacks, and watched a short presentation that Niki gave to us about some of his work.  We then went on a walk along the beach in Kleinmond, which is a breathtaking place.  Afterwards, we were invited to check out Niki's studio and had lunch.  We also had the opportunity to get our books signed.  Overall, it was a fantastic visit and our group was surprised at how down to earth and accommodating the Daly's were.

On our way back from Kleinmond, we saw some baboons!

Once we got back to Cape Town, we headed out to Sea Point to watch the sunset.

It was the perfect ending to another fun day!  If you could meet a living children's author, who would you like to meet?

2 comments on "Cape Town Diaries: Meeting Niki Daly & Sunset at Sea Point"
  1. Simply gorgeous place! Wow! I'd love to meet Mo Willems, or Cynthia Ryliant (I think she's still alive...)

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. I like Mo Willems's work...and so do the kids I read the Don't Let the Pigeon books to!