Wearing Size 11 Shoes

September 1, 2013
I've mentioned on here before that I'm six feet tall, and with that height comes the fact that my shoe size will also probably be larger than average, which it is.  I wear a size 11 shoe.  In high school it was the worst because online shopping back then just isn't like how it is now, so basically I had to try to find women's shoes in size 11 at the mall.  If you saw my town's "mall" (I use that term loosely,) you would laugh because there are hardly any stores in it at all!  Needless to say, there wasn't and there still really isn't a whole lot of selection.  It was rare for me to find a shoe in my size, but rarer still was a pair of shoes that weren't heinously ugly that were in my size.  Most shoe stores didn't carry any women's size 11's at all!  I did have to resort to buying a lot of men's sneakers, but I tried to stick to ones that looked more unisex like Adidas Originals.  Eventually, I got so sick of wearing men's shoes that I bought women's shoes a size too small (10's), and would scrunch my foot up and just be uncomfortable all day.  It was also a terrible thing to do and can lead to foot problems, but I didn't care--I just wanted some girly shoes, darn it!  

Thank goodness now more and more brands have started making shoes up to size 11.  Still, it is not always standard and when I go to buy shoes, I will always search by size first.  I've compiled a little list of some brands I like that carry some women's shoes in size 11.  

Haha, don't you love how I added a list of celebrities with big feet?  That was totally to make myself feel better.  :)  

Probably my favorite place to look for size 11 shoes would be DSW.  There are so many types of shoes there, and DSW marks size 11's with a bright sticker so that they are easy to spot!  I love that!!  It stinks when I find exactly what I was looking for only to discover that they aren't even made in my size, so the stickers are really helpful.

I feel really terrible for anyone who wears anything bigger than a size 11 because sometimes I still struggle to find what I want as it is.  It is way easier now to find a cute pair of shoes in my size, though. All of the styles in the collage below are currently available in size 11!


Keds navy blue sneaker / TOMS wedge heel shoes / J.Crew suede leather shoes / Havaianas flat pumps / Chinese Laundry pointed toe flat shoes / Ivanka Trump pumps / Tory Burch leather ballet flat / Jessica Simpson sparkle flat shoes / Puma mesh shoes, $140

I'm so glad that there are more options available for us folks who wear size 11!

Do you have any shopping woes? 
4 comments on "Wearing Size 11 Shoes"
  1. But being 6' tall is such a blessing, I'm only 5'8" and come from a family of vikings (the women are usually at least 5'10" and 6' is consider a short man). Im the short stubby one with child bearing hips, that's my crux, finding pants that fit my hips that aren't giant in the waist. I have a 14 inch difference between my waist and hip size.

    1. That's funny, you're the shortest out of your family & I'm the tallest one out of all of my sisters and female cousins! My mom is just average height at 5'6" (but I swear she shrunk a little), and my dad is the tall one at 6'3". That would be annoying trying to find pants that fit properly...It is just hard for me to find pants with the right inseam for my long legs!

  2. Girlfriend, you are my Amazonian sista! LOL I'm 6' as well with 11 size shoes! (Or 10W if I'm lucky lol) I agree, it seriously can suck finding fab shoes...I'll fall madly in love with some at the department stores and alas,....they only go up to 9 or 10...and the 10 is pretty much the SMALLEST 10 ever! Boo!

    1. Yay! I'm glad I "know" a fellow tall gal! I know, the lack of bigger shoe sizes at department stores stinks, doesn't it? Hopefully they start catching on and carrying more size 11's. It's funny, but I actually know a TON of people who wear size 11, and I have a friend who is a store manager at a shoe store who recently told me, "It's not as uncommon as you think. I have a lot of girls coming in now asking me about it and I always tell them about you." Good luck on your quest for cute shoes (mine has been a lifelong one.)