7 Deadly Sins

October 25, 2013

Shane @ Whispering Sweet Nothings created this Halloween inspired link up.  I thought it would be fun to join in!  If you would like to participate, there is still time because she is leaving the linky open until a bit after Halloween.

seven great things in your life.

1.  I no longer am a student and have the degree I have been wanting for a long time.
2. My sisters!  When my sisters and I fought, my mom used to say, "Some day your sisters will grow up to be your best friends."  She was right.
3. There is plenty of work available for me.  I've been getting a lot of calls to substitute teach...the best part is I've lined them all up ahead of time instead of getting woken up early in the AM.
4. Having close friendships with several gals that have lasted longer than a decade. 
5.  My health.  Yes, I'm sure I could lead a more active lifestyle, but I don't have any major health problems, thank goodness.
6.  Amazing travel opportunities...I'm forever grateful for the ones I've had and can't wait to start planning future trips.  
7.  My free time and that I actually have some!

seven things you lack and covet.

1.  Money to repay my student loans
2. The ability to cook
3.  A start of a career
4. My old figure before I gained weight
5. A pet
6. A place I love living in
7. Frizz-free hair

seven things that make you angry.

1. People who drain you of your energy and positivity.
2. Closed minded people.
3. Bullies.
4. Littering.
5. Frenemies.
6. Injustice.
7.  How little education is valued by many members of society.

seven things that you neglect to do.

1. Return every phone call.
2. Exercise regularly.  I don't have a routine...Some weeks I will like 4 times and then the next week I'll only do it once.
3.  Cook healthy meals.
4. Stay within my budget for the month.
5. Not procrastinate. 
6. The dishes.
7.  Get my hair trimmed when you're "supposed" to, after every 2-3 months.

seven worldly material desires.

1. To have my own house!
2.  Plane tickets to my favorite travel destinations
3. An I-Pad
4. New furniture for the living room.
5. Tory Burch flats.
6.  A newly remodeled kitchen
7.  A shopping spree on Etsy!

seven guilty pleasures.

1. Beauty subscription boxes.
2. Celebrity gossip magazines.
3. Desserts.
4. Netflix.
5. Starbucks.
6. Pretty Little Liars.
7. Shopping online.

seven things you love about love.

1. The anticipation of that first kiss.
2. Fairy tale endings.
3. The feeling that someone "gets" you.
   4. Having a best friend & significant other all rolled into one.
5. The little thoughtful things like a note or a flower that make your day.
6. Endless possibilities.
7. Mutual attraction.
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  1. Isn't this such a great link-up? I've loved seeing everyone's answers!


    1. Yes! I liked it because I'm not going to be able to dress up for Halloween this year since I work, so I'm glad I could still do a Halloween related post.

  2. I want all the things under your greed category! And more! :)

    1. Haha.. I know, there were a few more things I wanted to add.

  3. Great answers! I did a similar post a while back but it was about makeup.

    1. Oh yeah, I think I remember reading that one!

  4. Found you through the blog hop and now following along. I love this post and what a fun linkup!


    1. Hi Rachel! I actually started following you awhile back. :)

  5. An Ipod would be fantastic wouldn't it?

    1. I actually have an I-Pod, but I want an I-Pad mini. It's just so much more portable than a laptop.

  6. following you via GFC, found you on the collective blog hop

    Natasha @Serenity You

    1. Thanks. I just checked out your blog and have followed you back.

  7. Replies
    1. Returning the favor! You have a cute blog.