Bondi Polish: A Second Look

October 12, 2013
Over the summer I wrote a review for Bondi's Botanical Beauty, which you can read here.  To sum it up, I was delighted with the fast shipping, user friendly website, and was impressed that the profit from the polish goes to charitable causes.  What I did not like was the formula because my polish chipped after not even one full day on more than one nail.  After writing the review, the CEO of Bondi contacted me and explained that I should be using Bondi's I'm Vers, a top and base coat with the polish in order to extend the manicure.  I usually don't bother with top and base coats because I'm too impatient to wait for my nails to dry three times, but since he sent me out a bottle of I'm Vers, I decided to try out my Bondi polish in Botanical Beauty again.  I did use I'm Vers as both a top and base coat. 

Bondi's I'm Vers: A top and base coat

Here are my nails right after polishing them with the Botanical Beauty polish and with the I'm Vers top and base coat.

Results:  I was extremely happy with the I'm Vers polish because it made a huge difference regarding the amount of time the polish lasted.  Without using I'm Vers, the Bondi polish chipped almost immediately.  Even after doing small touch ups, chips would pop up left and right.  This time around, the I'm Vers polish really protected my manicure!  Below is a picture of how my nails looked after wearing the Botanical Beauty polish for 7.5 days.

There isn't really that much chipping besides at the very tips!  I don't think my nails have ever looked this good before after 7.5 days.  Even on the last day I wore this polish, the waitress at a restaurant my grandparents took me to still complimented my nails.  The chipping is very minimal and the bigger issue is the regrowth of my natural nails near the cuticles. 

I don't think I would have given Bondi another shot if the CEO hadn't contacted me, so I'm glad he did.  I would give I'm Vers 5 out of 5 stars and Botanical Beauty 4.5/5 stars when used with the I'm Vers top and base coat.  I plan on using I'm Vers with other brands of polish as well since using it with my Botanical Beauty polish made such a night and day difference.

Now I want to sign up for a month of Bondi's subscription box which includes three full sized nail polishes for $19.99! 
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Areeba said...

Oh I love this pink shade!

Jasmine said...

I always use a base & top coat - It makes a huge difference! I think my favorite top coat right now is the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

Yomi C said...

That look like a great product for peoples that want their nail polish to last a little longer!

Lisa said...

Me too! I like it even better now that it lasts longer. :)

Lisa said...

I wish I had more patience. Maybe I should buy one of those dryers they have in nail salons, haha.

Lisa said...

It worked wonders! I was really surprised.

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