Tips for Tangled Hair & Denman Paddle Brush

October 8, 2013
Ever since I got a keratin treatment in my hair, it has become excessively knotted.  In the past, just using a conditioner would be enough to get a brush through my hair, but this has changed.  Brushing my hair hurt so terribly and ripped out so many strands of hair that I just quit brushing my hair altogether...for about 2 and a half months!  Not brushing my hair is okay if I want the wavy look, but sometimes I just want sleeker looking hair.  I started implementing the tips below and finally was able to get a brush through my hair. For the record, I have long, thick, wavy hair.

1)  Leave your hair down when shampooing, meaning don't pile hair on top of your head when shampooing/conditioning.  This is a tangle creator.

2) Use a conditioner and use it properly!  I had been rinsing out the conditioner before the full 3-5 minutes recommended on the type I use, but now I always wait the entire 5 minutes.  

3) Consider conditioning your hair twice.  My sister suggested this to me and it has made a difference!

4) Use a hair mask such as Malin + Goetz Intensive Hair Mask once a week.  It works as a deep conditioner so that tangles will be easier to brush out.

5) Spray some leave-in conditioner/detangler all over your hair, but use extra on the knotted areas.  I have been using Beauty Protector's Leave in Conditioner that I received in my May Birchbox.

6) Find the right brush for your hair type.  I recently ordered a Denman Large Paddle Brush because it is supposed to work well for long hair and be great for detangling.  The ball-ended pins are spread further apart, which helped get the knots out without tearing out too much of my hair.  

This brush is highly reviewed online, though as with anything it does have some negative reviews.  I was hesitant to buy this brush thinking it didn't look like anything special, but I'm SO GLAD I bought it because enabled me to brush out my tangled locks for the first time in months.  Victory!  I have not yet tried to use this brush with my hair dryer.  The majority of those who did write a negative review stated that the heat from their blow dryer caused the plastic pins to melt, so now that I've found a brush that actually works for me I'm not going to take any chances with it!

7) Finally, be sure to start brushing your hair from the bottom and then work your way up to the top.  This is something that until recently I did not do!  

I'm so happy that I can finally brush out all of my hair again and have been enjoying my tangle-free locks!

Have any other tips for detangling hair?  I would love to hear them, so feel free to share them in the comments section. :)
5 comments on "Tips for Tangled Hair & Denman Paddle Brush"
  1. When my hair is naturally curly I cannot use a brush at all, it makes curls poofy and frizzy by separating them. I use a wide tooth comb that is designed for curly hair and de-tangle in the shower with lots of conditioner. When my hair is straight I use my fingers to de-tangle mostly or a soft boar bristle brush. My hair is super long (tail bone length when straight) so sometimes it is a nightmare to de-tangle lol. I have always brushed my hair from the bottom :) great tips, good luck with the tangles!

    1. I never thought about detangling it directly in the shower! Thanks for your input!

  2. So agreed with #1 - it makes a huge difference. Lately I've been using a spray of rosewater and glycerin to detangle hair while I'm combing it and that helps, though I'd imagine purpose-made detangler probably works even better.

    1. Ooh, that rosewater spray sounds nice! I never heard of that for detangling. I'll have to check it out. :)

  3. it would be great for someone with mid-length hair with thick hair - or anyone with hair longer than shoulder length, really.paddle brush