How Much is Your Perfume Collection Worth?

November 9, 2013
I've been seeing the tag "How Much is Your Face Worth?" around and hope to get around to doing a post on that in the near future, but seeing that post made me wonder how much my perfume collection is worth.  Today I'll be sharing my perfume collection and adding up the value to satisfy my curiosity.  :)

1) BBW's Twilight Woods: $34.50
2) Flower by Kenzo: $78
3) BBW's Japanese Cherry Blossom: $34.50
4) Davidoff Cool Water in Wave: $20.73
5) Fragonard Eau Fantasque $38.75  (I have a 125 mL bottle that they no longer sell, so I did the math to figure out the price.)
6) Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for Women:  $45.00  This was the first perfume I ever owned and it has been discontinued, but there are still a few places online where you can purchase it.  I stuck with the original retail value of the spray, even though now it sells for way more since it is harder to find.
7) Parfum Subtil Salvatore Ferragamo:  $43.00
8) Chanel Chance: $68.00
9) Lancome Miracle: $65.00
10) Britney Spears Fantasy: $35.00
11)  Incanto Salvatore Ferragamo: $77.00
12) Omnia Amethyste Bvlgari: $64.00
13) Forever & Ever Dior:  $79.99
14) Bvlgari Pour Femme: $95.00
15) Oscar de la Renta Perfume samples (from June Glossybox): I'm not really sure how to put a value on these samples, so I'm just not going to include them in the overall totals.
16) Aveda Pure fume: $14.99
17) Kai Perfume Oil:  $48.00
18) Pacifica Tahatian Gardenia Roll On: $12.00
19) The Body Shop's Vanilla Perfume Oil: $12.00 (Again, one of my first fragrances!  I've had this for so long because I bought one for myself and then got one as a gift shortly after.)
20) Noblege 5 Solid Perfume: $14.99

The grand total= $880.45!!!!!!! This is so crazy to me!!

Just so you know, a lot of these perfumes/eaux de toilettes were gifts from friends or from my former students in Korea, so I didn't actually spend that kind of cash on my collection.  Some of the perfume is also from beauty subscription boxes, so I didn't spend the full retail amount on those.  Also, when buying perfume, I always try to find some sort of deal.  For example, I did not pay the full $34.50 for the two from Bath and Body Works.  I picked up both of those when they were on clearance after the holidays.

Some of the scents are not really ones I would have picked for myself... I'm a big fruity/floral fan here and my favorite perfume in my whole collection has got to be Incanto by Ferragamo. 

Some scents that I have used up in the past that I WISH were in my collection are:

Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint- $60.00

Image from Bloomingdales

Victoria's Secret Heavenly Eau de Parfum $45

Image from Victoria's Secret

O de Lancome $59.00

Image via Nordstrom

Do you have a signature scent?

If you want, consider this post to be a tag.  If you participate, be sure to leave your link in my comments section so that I can check out your perfume collection!
12 comments on "How Much is Your Perfume Collection Worth?"
  1. I'm not surprised by the $ amount given the number of bottles you have, but still wow! This is why I don't own a lot of perfume. :)

    1. I'm not going to be adding to this collection any time soon...with the exception of maybe getting some Heavenly from Victoria's Secret. I won't *technically* be buying it, either because I'm going to cash in my points from my American Express card and get a $50 VS gift card with it.

  2. Oh my gosh I want to do this! I can't begin to describe how many different purfumes I have!

    1. Hahaha...I didn't include all my body sprays or my Dior and Lancôme mini sets. Let me know if you ever do it. :)

  3. LOVE your collection, girl! Haha, just the other day I was looking at the perfumes on Sephora's website and my Hubby said: "Ummmm, don't you have like....4 perfumes already?" "Well yes, but what if there are other fabulous scents, my mood can change you know." "You need more than one fragrance?" "For my fabulous ever changing mood, yes" "Ain't that the truth." -_- I think I walked right into that....LOL

    1. Haha...yeah, you set your self up for that, but I hope you get your extra perfume regardless. :)

  4. Oh my... so amazing... I hardly have any perfume... I only have like three and all of them was present.


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    1. A lot of my perfumes were also presents, but I think it's important for you to be able to pick out your own as well because it's so personal.

  5. So many perfumes, You've really a huge collection. I just have a tiny collection of maximum 5 perfumes XD

  6. You have a pretty intense collection! I only have a handful, most are below 40 bucks :S

    1. Yeah, it really adds up fast. I find myself using up my favorite ones and wanting to repurchase instead of using ones that I think are just good.