Cleveland Blogger Meet Up

December 9, 2013
I was scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed, and happened to have seen a post by Jessica @ Anchored in Cleveland announcing a blogger meet up in Cleveland on Saturday that she was organizing with Rachael @ Pretty in Pink.  I got super excited about the possibility of going and immediately messaged my friend Courtney @ Permeating Purpose to see if she would like to join me for the meet up.  She informed me that she was already going, so I drove to Cleveland and met up with a bunch of other Ohio bloggers in Ohio City.  We got to know each other, talked about what other bloggers we follow and what swaps we like to participate in, and chatted about sponsorships and giveaways.  It was great to meet other ladies who speak in blog...haha.  This was the first time I ever did anything like this, I am thankful that Jessica and Rachael set this up!

Bloggers that Came to the Meet Up:

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE
Rachael @ Pretty in Pink
Ashliegh @ The Darling Prepster
Courtney @ Permeating Purpose
Kate @ Call Me Trouble
Mike @ Icing on the Lake
Margaret @ Life After Athens

I hope you'll check out these other great bloggers from won't be sorry! :)

L to R: Kate, Mike, Jessica, Rachael, Ashliegh, me, Courtney, and Meredith

We had coffee, lunch, and made a trip to the West Side Market, which I have never been to!  Courtney knew her way around in there and showed me a place that sold different flavored cannoli.  Cannoli are one of my favorite desserts and I had never tried them in peanut butter or pistachio before.  I'd like to head back the next time I visit Cleveland.

Talking about blogging with other bloggers made me reflect a lot about my own blog and think about what steps I need to take to improve my blog in its current state.

*My About Me Section- I have to re-write it soon because I took the easy way out and just answered some questions about myself, survey-style.  It doesn't really do a good job at describing who I am, and judging from my page views, this tab actually gets a lot of traffic.

*Google Analytics- Speaking of traffic, I tried to set up Google Analytics once, but it didn't work.  I just never went back and tried to fix it, but now I feel like this would give me a better idea about who is reading my blog, where they are "coming" from, and I'd know which views were legitimate as opposed to which ones are from Spam sites.  I don't really have any idea how many "real" views my blog is getting!

*New Blog design- Eventually I need to take the plunge and do this.  I notice now that some of the colors used in my current design are pale and hard to read...especially words that I hyperlink within a post.  I also want to change my tabs at the top of my blog.  Plus, I just want a change!

*Instagram-  I think not having one is really a bigger deal than I thought it was.  I downloaded it onto my phone, but deleted it because it made my phone lag.  Rachael really encouraged me to create an account, and I didn't participate in the recent Cara Box exchange since the new requirement is that you must have an Instagram.

*Twitter Conversations- I don't really jump in and have a whole lot of conversations with other bloggers that I don't "know."  Not going to lie, when I heard about Twitter, I thought it was the stupidest form of social media, ever!  I only created one because I thought it might be beneficial for my blog, and that was very reluctantly.  Now that I have used Twitter for a few months, I have to say that I surprised myself because I like it much more than I thought I would because it helps me stumble upon other blogs to read.  I know that if I'm finding blogs to read through Twitter that others might be finding my blog that way as well.

*Publishing Posts- I rarely ever schedule a post to be published unless it is for a link up like Weekly Wishes or something.  I know that publishing my posts at certain times affects how many views my post gets, so I might want to start scheduling more posts rather than just publish posts as I write them.

*Replying to comments via e-mail- This is bad of me, but so far I have not been sending e-mails to bloggers when they comment on my blog.  I have only replied on my actual post, so I know that some bloggers are not even seeing what I write since they might not stop back and read the same post twice.

Have you ever met up with other bloggers in real life?  What is something that you would like to change about your blog?
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Jenn @ What You Make It said...

So fun! I wish I lived in an area with more bloggers, so we could meet up. And eat peanut butter cannoli - genius : ) These are great ideas. I have such a hard time with Twitter! I just don't spend a lot of time on there. And I don't really get the concept of having conversations on there. Still have a lot to learn, I guess : )

Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

I'm sooo glad I got to meet you... we WILL be meeting up again! Instagram is so much fun, and I can't wait to follow you ;) You're a hilarious person #spiritbuffalo and I"m so happy to call you my newest blogging friend! xoxo

Erica D said...

It looks like you girls had a lot of fun, I would love to do a meet up one day in Toronto. It is great to set goals for your blog. I am a very organized person so I keep everything scheduled into my calendar on my Ipad and I have a notebook specifically for blogging where I jot down notes. I have also worked on my about me page and other pages and I always update them if need be. I schedule posts quite far in advance because I like to post on a regular basis and sometimes it takes a while to try out a product, edit etc. Usually as I try the product out over a few weeks I will make notes in my cell phone as I go along and jot things down so I can be precise. I also work on my posts in advance because I like to always have something ready to go in case I am too busy to post one week or I am on vacation. I do as much as I can on weekends or when I am less busy.

keltie@f*ck yeah, france! said...

sounds like such a fun time! You make some good points above. I stopped using twitter and instagram, mostly because I was feeling way too involved in social media in general. The scheduling posts thing is something that I do--Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am--its super handy, definitely give it a try

Lisa said...

It really was a blast! I was nervous about going to this meet up, but they were a great group of girls and very easy to talk to.

Lisa said...

I'd love to meet up again! I didn't realize that you and Ashliegh lived so close & thought you were Cleveland bloggers, too. I have asked at least 10 people if they have ever heard of the term "spirit animal" and they all said yes, but that they can't explain what it means and that I should just google it, haha.

Lisa said...

You should organize a meet up for Toronto bloggers!! And, wow, you sound super organized with your blogging. I'm not that organized in life, so it comes as no surprise that it doesn't come naturally to me on here, lol. I do have a blogging notebook available to jot down ideas as they come to me, though. Right now I have about 50 ideas for blog posts, but just need to find the time to write them all!

Lisa said...

Those are good times to post, and if you're scheduling posts, you can try to post a certain amount of times per week. I feel like mine are pretty sporadic.

LoveT. said...

Looks like so much Fun ,and the Walnut Bars look so yummy :)
follow new ,mind follow back?

big Hugs :)

jackie jade said...

so fun meeting up with other bloggers! and sounds like you got a lot of great advice too. I have google analytics set up but I really need to learn how to actually use it ahh. oh and sarah from venus trapped in mars did my blog design and she was awesome to work with!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Amy Powell said...

you got a lot of great tips there! and looks like you had a ton of fun :)

xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

Inez said...

Aww sounds like a lovely meet up, I need to attend one in England, one day, xoxo.

Ash B said...

Aww what a lovely experience to meet with fellow bloggers. I have yet to meet another blogger, and I think it would be really nice to attend a meetup one day. Those cannolis look so delicious! I haven't tried any yet, but I really want to. I think my blog is a constant work in progress, and I'm never really satisfied with it, lol. I'm always changing something. You could try to join a Twitter chat! The #bbloggers chat is filled with tons of beauty bloggers talking about whatever topic is up for the day. It's fun!

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE said...

Yay I'm so glad you were able to come & we were able to meet! Hopefully we can all get together again soon :) And I love all that you took away from it - all blogs are a work in progress constantly. That's what makes it so fun! :)

Lisa said...

Just about everything at that little stand looked delicious! I will have to go back and sample more items. I am following you back now...your blog makes me miss Europe!

Lisa said...

I just checked out her portfolio and I noticed she did another blogger's design that I really like! (Amanda from Rhyme & Ribbons.) The only thing is that there is a wait list right now, so I don't know how much longer it would be before she could work on mine. I saw that if you go through her once that there is a discount in the future, and I haven't seen a lot of other blog designers offer that so it might be worth the wait!

Lisa said...

It's true... I am always thinking of how to make my blog better (and never fall short on ideas)! It would be fun if we all did a group giveaway or a linkup or something!

Lisa said...

Thanks! Now that I have some ideas on how to improve my blog, I just have to work at implementing them!

Lisa said...

I got lucky because one of my former co-workers and I were interested in blogging and then we both started one, so we help each other out. Thanks for telling me about the Twitter chat!

Lisa said...

You totally should!! It really was worth it to go!

Ashliegh said...

It was so great to meet you, Lisa!! Rachael, Courtney, you and me need to start hanging out on a regular basis now that we know we all live close to each other!!!

Lisa said...

Yes, we really should!! Courtney will be back over break and I won't be subbing because schools will be out, so I'll have some extra time, too.

The Marcy Stop said...

Looks like an awesome time! Always great to meet others with similar passions!
The Marcy Stop
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