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Headed to Cape Town tomorrow!!

May 16, 2013
Hi guys!

I've been super busy working my tail off subbing and at my regular job to save up for my trip to South Africa.  I had mentioned that I would be going a few times in previous posts, and now the time has finally arrived.  Tomorrow, I'll be spending most of the day in airports and then flying overseas to Johannesburg.  From Jo'burg, we will catch a connecting flight to Cape Town, where I'll be for the next 2 weeks.  I'm a bit anxious, but oh-so-super excited!  I haven't really gotten to travel in a long time, and this is the stuff I live for!!

Here is a copy of our itinerary.  Keep in mind that this is a study tour, so I don't have very much freedom, but most of sites we will be visiting are ones that I would want to see on my own, anyway.

It looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Please excuse my lack of posts while I am on this trip.  I was going to try to pre-write some posts, but I was so busy that I just wasn't able to.  Also, my professor does not want us to take our laptops unless we have old ones that we don't care about losing and mine is pretty new.  Since I will only have 30 minutes of free internet a day, it is not likely that I will be posting on here while I am away.  I will take lots of pictures and upload them once I return, though.  You can count on that! :)

What is your next travel destination?

Travel Tuesday #3: Kangaroo Island, Australia

May 14, 2013
Helene in Between 
In 2008, I met up with my Korean friend who moved to Adelaide, Australia because she found a good job as a nurse.  I stayed with her in Adelaide for a bit, and we did a day trip to Kangaroo Island. It was SO COOL, and I got to see so many different kinds of animals!  We even saw koalas in the wild.  
Hope you enjoy the pictures from our trip!


Below is an albino kangaroo!

 Koalas in the wild!

Happies & Crappies 2

May 11, 2013
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I'm linking with The Vintage Modern Wife to participate in the Happies/Crappies link up.
1. I've been subbing this week, which really helps my South Africa fund.
2. I made some plans to see The Great Gatsby with my friend Autumn on Tuesday.  I wasn't sure I was going to have time to watch it before I go overseas.  The movie looks visually stunning--I hope it doesn't disappoint.
3. My departure date for Cape Town is quickly approaching!!  We'll be leaving this Friday!
4. My May Birchbox arrived in the mail today = Wahoo!
5. I get to sub kindergarten on Monday, which will hopefully be great.  Kindergarten and first are my desired grade levels, but this past week I covered for teachers out in 4th and 5th grade classrooms.
6.  I filled out my application for my teaching license, which I'll be sending out today. :)
7. Some time opened up for me, and I was able to meet one of my good friends at San Su Korean BBQ for a delicious meal, and she treated me as a belated birthday gift which was super sweet of her.

8. I met up with my good friend Everett to watch a movie with him, and we had some laughs which is a guarantee every time I hang out with him!
9. My mom found my box of Christmas ornaments in her basement.  I'd been looking for them forever because they are special to me.  My grandma gave me a different one every year until I was in college. 
1. NOT looking forward to Wednesday because I have to sub and then work from 3:30-12:45 am.  That's a 17 hour work day, and that doesn't even include the driving time, which is over an hour total back and forth to the school, to work, and back home.  Why do I do this to myself?? 
2. I always get a little anxious before big, international trips wondering if I forgot anything.  Also, even though I've been a lot of places, I really hate flying because I'm afraid of heights.  Every time there is a little bump or drop in air pressure, my stomach flips like I'm on a roller coaster, and I can never sleep on planes.  My flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg is more than 15 hours!  Plus, I'll have to fly from Columbus-Atlanta and, upon arrival, from Johannesburg to Cape Town.  I'm looking forward to being there but wish that I could just skip all of the traveling itself.
3. My best friend is moving to Savannah on Monday.  I'm happy for him, but I'm so upset about it because I just don't know when I'll be able to see him again.  I may or may not move to Savannah.  It all depends where I get a job, so everything is uncertain.  If I don't move to Savannah, then I'll rarely be able to see him again.  Sigh.  I just feel like I've had a lot of really close friends and when we go our separate ways it's just not the same, they don't stay in touch, and we basically lose our friendship!  I really don't want that to happen in this case.

Hard Candy Polish in Pixie Pink

In my drug store haul, I wrote that I had bought Hard Candy Polish in Pixie Pink.  Here is what it looks like on:

I painted my nails with 2 coats in the pictures but wouldn't be opposed to a third coat.  Also, I did not put a top coat on my nails, and on the 2nd day of wearing this nail polish, my nails were severely chipped.  Lesson learned!  Next time I will be applying a top coat so that my mani lasts longer.

I just love the way this polish looks and would probably go out and buy more shades in this collection if I didn't have to take my nail polish off every time I have to work (which is often!).

Do you own any Hard Candy shades with glitter in them?

Sweet smelling lotions and body washes

May 8, 2013
Look at what my friend got me for my birthday!  She did good with this and must have known that I would really enjoy using this nice Italian soda trio set from Philosophy.  She said that she had to get it from a special website because Philosophy quit making their soda body washes.  I love how they can also double as shampoos.

I got a $10 Victoria's Secret coupon in the mail and decided to try out this lotion.  I love the smell of lemon in the spring and summer, and I hadn't seen the Sparkling Citrus lotions in the store before so I wanted to try them out.  After the $10 off, I only had to pay the extra $2 to get this bottle.

I made a stop at TJ Maxx to see if they had any discounted Hempz or Philosophy products, and while there was very little to choose from, I still walked away with two delicious smelling items!  I already used up my first Hempz Lotion in Mint Chocolate Cocoa, so I decided to purchase another kind.  I think I might save this one to use around the holidays. God knows I have enough lotion in my stash to last me until then.

And last but not least, I picked up some Sweet Creamy Frosting Philosophy lotion.  It really does smell like you can ice a cake with it!

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so all of these scents smell divine to me!  Are there any that you would like to try?

Maurices Haul

After my student teaching, one of the teachers I knew from the school I'd been working with got me a $50.00 gift certificate to Maurices.  Since there are no Maurices by me, I browsed Maurices.com and was surprised to find that they had some really cute outfits and accessories at affordable prices.  I've been shopping there ever since.  There is almost always some kind of promo code that can be found, too.  For these purchases, I used a 20% off coupon code.

What I decided on:

Floral Side Aviator Glasses  $12.00
Perforated Studded Jean Belt $15.00
Double Buckle Crochet Stretch Belt $18.00
Lace Front Long Sleeve Thermal Tee $32.00

For all of these items, I got 20% off except on the Lace Front Long Sleeve Thermal tee.  It was already marked down and then it was on sale, too, so I ended up getting $8.99 off the original price.

Perforated Studded Jean Belt-I needed a new belt so badly.  The black one I've been wearing a lot came free with a shirt I bought at Kohl's and it was extremely low quality since it was sort of a freebie with the shirt.  I picked this one because it's black, so it can go with anything and because there are holes all over the belt as part of the design which double as holes for the belt buckle, so it's extremely adjustable.  

Lace Front Long Sleeve Thermal Tee- I went for this item because it was marked down and because when I go to South Africa it's going to be late fall, so a thermal, long sleeve tee will be just what I need there.       It's a bit too big, but I did that on purpose because I recently gained some weight and am tired of all of my tops looking too tight!  Hopefully the weight comes off soon, but meanwhile, I'll be wearing some baggier items.

Floral Side Aviator Glasses- The sunglasses I had been wearing were $2.00 ones I found at Vanity, but they broke.  (That's okay, they lasted me a couple of years which is great for a measley $2.00!)  I have another pair that I bought at Le Chateau in Canada, but they are so tight that wearing them for too long gives me a headache.  I've never had that problem with sunglasses before, so I decided to invest in a new pair which would ideally be more comfortable.  I couldn't pass up these floral aviator ones!  This is probably the item that I'm the most excited about.  

 Double Buckle Crochet Stretch Belt- Since I already bought a black belt, I decided to go with a white one.  I really like the overall look of this one and hope to get a lot of use out of it.

 I also got a pair of jeans, but they're just jeans so I'm not going to post a picture of them because they're not really that special.  Maurices does carry jeans in short, regular, long, and extra long, and I bought a pair because they had the longer lengths available.

What do you think about Maurices?  Do you shop there?

Travel Tuesday #2: St. John's, Newfoundland and Surrounding Area

May 7, 2013
 Last week I linked up with Helene from Helene In Between and shared some pictures of a road trip my friend Leann and I went on in Newfoundland.  I was in Newfoundland for 2 weeks, and most of my time was spent in St. John's and the surrounding area.  As promised, I'll be sharing those pictures with you in this post. :)

St.John's, Newfoundland

Leann took me to a restaurant that served traditional food from Newfoundland, including the toutons pictured.  They are a sort of pancake made from fried dough that can be topped with any sort of sweet topping such as maple syrup, honey, or molasses.

 More sights around St. Johns

Row housing--One of the most famous sites in the city

Enjoying some margaritas in downtown St. John's

One day we took a little hike up Signal Hill.

We also visited Bay of the Bulls to do some whale watching.  We saw some puffins, too!

Here are some more pictures at Petty Harbor and Cape Spear.

This was just a spectacular trip for me!  The natural beauty of it is really astounding.  I really loved seeing everything and hanging out with Leann and would go back in a heartbeat!  This is probably the most underrated place I've ever been to--many people just don't realize what it has to offer.