Travel Songs

January 3, 2014
I've compiled a list of five travel-related songs that I love listening to.  Of course, there may be other interpretations of these songs because everyone has their own, unique set of experiences that have shaped their outlook on life.  When I'm antsy and restless and longing to travel these songs express what I am feeling!

1) "You Are a Tourist" by Death Cab for Cutie
To me this song is about not settling in life, and it encourages people to make positive changes that will better themselves.  
Favorite lyrics: "When there's a burning in your heart/And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born/Then it's time to go/And define your destination with so many different places to call home."

2) "Hopeless Wanderer" by Mumford & Sons
I think this song is about letting go of negative past experiences and appreciating the moments that you're currently in.
Favorite lyrics: "Don't hold a glass over the flame/Don't let your heart grow cold/I will call you by name/I will share your road/But hold me fast, hold me fast/Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer."

3) "Far Away Places" by Johnny Cash
This is the first song Johnny Cash performed in front of a public audience.  There are other great traveling songs by Johnny Cash as well, but I had to go with this one because it just gives me that wistful feeling.
Favorite lyrics: "Those far away places with strange sounding names/Far away over the sea/ Those far away places with the strange sounding names are calling, calling me."

4) "Have Love, Will Travel" by The Black Keys
This is actually a cover song, and the original version is by The Sonics.  There aren't a lot of lyrics in the song, but what can I say?  I'm a romantic and like the idea of a guy willing to follow a girl around the world for love.
Favorite lyrics: "I might take a boat, I might take a plane/I might hitchhike or jump a railroad train/Your kind of love drive a man insane/So look for me walk in just any old way/Have love, will travel." 

5) "Take Me Anywhere" by Tegan and Sara
I like this song because it reminds me that sometimes we limit ourselves into thinking we can't do things and that it just takes motiviation from the right person to see other possibilities.
Favorite lyrics: "Short on all the things I don't want/I'm full of life and longing/Take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere."

What are some songs that you feel like you relate to?
2 comments on "Travel Songs"
  1. Love the playlist! Mumford & Sons is one of my favorite bands and Hopeless Wanderer is a fantastic song!!!!

    1. Mine too! I have listened to that song over and over probably thousands of times and am not sick of it.