Weekly Wrap Up #4

February 24, 2014
I don't know about you guys, but I had a jam-packed week mostly because of working two jobs.  I got to sub my favorite class twice, which was fine by me!  I love it when I know all the kids' names instead of having to say, "Yes, sweetie."  "The girl in the red...what's your name again?"  For one of the lessons I had to talk about American symbols and showed the students how to make this fun eagle craft.  I think they look pretty adorable.

During the week, I met up with a friend and the two of us went out to eat at a local pizza and ice cream joint.  Then we decided to catch a movie at the theater we work at.  We opted to see Labor Day since we were going to lose it in a couple of days.  Truthfully, I thought it would have been a lot better...it was really slow!  I also managed to get a trip to Menchie's in.  I LOVE their frozen yogurt and also the toppings, as you can tell.  :)  My favorite kind is the cake batter, though red velvet is a close second.

Even though the weather got really nasty on Tuesday night and almost every school nearby was canceled on Wednesday, the temperature got up to the 40's later in the week. I was finally was able to make some out of town plans, which I had been unable to do for awhile because of the poor driving conditions.  On Friday, I drove to Columbus and babysat for two of the kids I used to teach.  They just seem so grown up now and I'm glad that I'm able to go and visit them every so often.  I drove back to Columbus today to meet one of my close friends for brunch.  We chose to go to Pistacia Vera in German Village because I was craving macarons and no bakeries carry them around where I live.  It was wonderful to catch up with my friend, but I wish I could have stayed in Columbus longer!  I had to go back after our brunch so that I could make it to work on time.  I did end up leaving with a whole pack of macarons in assorted flavors.  They are pricey at $1.50 a macaron, but they are worth it to me because it's not like I buy them that often and they are hard to make.  By the way, I know I just made it sound like the macarons were cheap, but I got a dozen and those cost $18, so the cost adds up fast, but they are just scrumptious!!  The set I got contained an assortment of the following flavors: pistachio, vanilla bean, lemon, matcha yuzu, straberry lillet, passion fruit, blackberry violet, coconut creme, mocha hazelnut, chocolate chambord, cashew brown butter, and caramel pecan.

This week I ended up taking the plunge and got my hair cut.  I love the way long hair looks, but there was something seriously messed up with my hair after I got my keratin treatment over the summer.  I have been getting HUGE knots in my hair...I'm talking like ones bigger than the size of my fist!  I couldn't deal with brushing them out every day and decided to just be done with it and go shorter.  I'm liking the change more than I thought I would!  My drying time is like 1/8 the time of what it used to be.

What did you do last week or over the weekend?  I'd love to know!  Link up with Rachael and I below if you feel inclined to share. :)

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Melanie Montgomery said...

They just built a Menchies right by my house, I've been wanting to stop in and try it! I will for sure now that I see they have red velvet. I'm a sucker for anything red velvet.

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

They usually have red velvet whenever I go, but they do rotate their flavors and change them up a bit. Red Velvet always seems to make its way back, but I would call your Menchie's before you go to make sure they have that kind if that's what you really want to try the most.

Jessica @ Anchored in CLE said...

Love the haircut! And now I really want macarons lol

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Thanks! Gosh, probably over 6 inches got cut off! Where are macarons sold in Cleveland? Know of any good bakeries that sell them?

Neatly- Packaged said...

OMG I looooove your haircut! I think you look super cute :) I have been dying to cut my hair for ages but the ol'ball and chain won't let me do it until after the wedding. What a stick in the mud :p hahaha Thank you for sharing!


The Rachael Way said...

You hair... AMAZING. It looks great!
I can't wait to blate with you soon because i MISS you!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Haha...yeah, I would be scared to make a drastic change right before a big day like that!! When are you getting married!?

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Thanks! It will be way easier to style now that it is shorter and I'm excited for your return to Ohio even though I can't blame you if you aren't, lol!

Erica Jacquline said...

Those cookies look great! I love looking at them but I dont eat them because they are just too pretty!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

I know...they are actually beautiful, but that doesn't stop me. :)

Autumn Christie-Ousley said...

Oooooo love the haircut! Super cute!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Thanks girl!! I'm really happy with it and you know how picky I am over my hair!

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