32 Things That Make Me Happy

April 15, 2014
I saw Erin's link up floating around in Blogland last week, but I decided that I wanted to write it this week because this will be the last week that I'm 32 years old and for some reason that was the number chosen, so it seemed appropriate. :)  Without further ado, here is my list (in no particular order)...

1) Manicures that don't chip for a whole week
2) Memories of my grandparents
3) Just about anything floral

4) Getting and sending snail mail to my friends--I especially love postcards!
5) My birthday month
6) Sunny days
7) Home cooked meals with good company
8) Freebies
9) Shopping sprees
10) Unexpected compliments
12) Making payments on my student loans (I feel like I've accomplished something when the numbers go down!)
13) Pleasant surprises like a nice e-mail or encouraging message.
14) Vacation
15) My sisters

16) Having a Master's and knowing that no one can take that away from me.
17) Paydays!
18) Tom's shoes--They are so comfy!
19) Losing weight without trying
20) Finding something I thought that I had lost forever
21) Europe

22) Casual Parties
23) Driving a freshly cleaned car
24) Finding the perfect shade of lipstick
25) Paying it forward
26) Discovering new blogs to read
27) Mutual support and positivity in Blogland
28) Pastel polish in the spring
29) Puppies
30) Being independent
31) Accomplishing goals
32) Writing in pretty notebooks

Do any of these things make you happy?
18 comments on "32 Things That Make Me Happy"
  1. Toms are the most comfortable shoe. And I love the feeling of a clean car:)

    1. I've been wearing them all spring and probably will all summer, too.

  2. YES. You are wonderful and we need a date next week?

  3. Replies
    1. I just got a pair of Toms sandals for my birthday!! They're super comfy!

  4. Gotta love when nailpolish doesn't chip! I have terrible luck so started using the gel.

    1. I want to try a gel manicure so badly! I'm supposed to go with one of my friends, but we cannot find a time that our schedules match.

  5. Love these! The nail polish one is seriously the truth!!

    1. If my polish lasts for 4-5 days with no chips, I'm usually happy...a week without chipping is just amazing!

  6. Lots of wonderful things on this list! I'm especially feeling the "anything floral" thing now that we're in that weird spring-but-oh-wait-here's-some-random-sleet weather phase of the year. Less cold, more pretty flowers please!

    1. We had really crappy weather earlier in the week last week, but I think it's finally starting to warm up for good...I hope so anyway!

  7. Yes, lots of these things make me very happy, but my brain honed in on puppies. Puppies make me happy.

    1. How can you look at a puppy in be in a bad mood? I don't think it's possible...unless they chewed up your shoes or did something a little naughty. :)

  8. Love this list! I keep trying to convince my ball and chain to let me buy some TOMS :) I also second that the support and positive vibes in blogland makes me happy :) Thank you for sharing!


    1. Haha, he doesn't like Tom's? Tell him there are a lot of different styles out now!

  9. I am glad you made me try on a pair of Tom's at the store in New Bern! They were definitely way more comfortable than I thought they'd be! I will have to start saving my money! :) I like Sanuk too but it's too bad they don't have 1/2 sizes. It was so sweet to see that your sisters made it on your list of things that make you happy!

    1. That stinks about the Sanuk...I mean, I guess you can't wear that brand since you couldn't find one to fit your foot. Let me know if you buy some Tom's! I'd love to see which ones you get.