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What I'm Loving Right Now

May 30, 2014
It has been a little while since I've done a favorites post, so that's what I'm here to post about today!

1) Tatcha Evening Aburatorigami Beauty Papers- I LOVE these beauty papers and find them to work quite effectively.  They're basically blotting papers that remove excess oil from the face.  A reason why these have become one of my favorites is because it doesn't mess up the makeup I already have on, yet they takes away that unwanted shine.  I use them sparingly because they aren't the cheapest ($15.00 for a pack of 40 papers), but they are great to use before I know I'm going to be in a lot of pictures at a later time in the day.  I also find myself using these to give my makeup a fresher look when I work a double.

2) Twinings English Breakfast Tea- I usually prefer coffee over tea, but if I'm in the mood to drink tea, it is almost always this kind.  The tea was made to "complement...a hearty English breakfast," and hearty breakfasts are, of course, my favorite kind.  This black tea is smooth and I can even enjoy it without sugar or milk, which is almost never the case with coffee!

3) Maya Angelou quote- 

4) Essie's Bikini So Teeny- I have wanted this color in my collection for about a year now, and recently caved and bought it.  Guess what has been on my nails all week?  I just love the color, which is described as a "cornflower" blue.

5) Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment Conditioner- Since regular conditioner was not doing the job on my hair, I decided to try something stronger.  This deep treatment really helped me when it came time for me to brush my hair because I had noticeably fewer tangles.  It also made my hair a lot softer than it usually is.  I actually just used up this whole bottle and will be repurchasing this ASAP because the price is right at currently just $2.97 for an 8 oz. bottle at Wal-Mart.

6) Wonka's Kazoozles in Cherry Punch- I never heard of this candy until we started selling them at the movies.  My friend told me that they were delicious and she would buy them all the time.  I tried some for myself, and they are now one of my favorite candies!  (Warning: I cannot say the same for the lemonade flavored Kazoozles.)  Yes, they are terrible for you as most candies are, but they have become my favorite movie theater snack!  They're gummy ropes with a light blue cherry filling inside.  I told other friends about these and at least 3 more have become addicted. Maybe part of the draw is that I don't have them that often because around me these are harder to find.  They are not sold in any of the local grocery stores, although some Speedways now carry them!  

Have you tried any of the items on my favorites list?  What is your favorite Maya Angelou quote?

Humpday Confessions

May 28, 2014
My confessions of the week...

* Sometimes I'll be in a store and the cutest outfit will catch my eye.  The only problem is that when I walk closer to it, I see that it is in the little girl's department!  Oops...sorry that I like pink!

* I have a 25 minute drive on the highway in order to get to the school I work at, which is in the country.  Last week I spaced out and started daydreaming and when I looked up, I saw that I was almost about to pass my exit!  I tried to get over, but there were two semis in my way, so I had to drive out of the way and get off the highway at next exit.  The only problem with that was there was no re-entry to the highway that I was on from that exit, and I didn't want to drive even further out of the way since it was almost time for me to be at the school!  I was panicking thinking that I was going to be late and I had NO idea what I was even going to say.  "Hi.  Even though I've been coming to your school for two years, I'm lost this morning.  Could you tell me how to get to your school?"  I only drive out to the country to sub there, so I don't know my way around that area.  Luckily, I googled the school's address on my cell phone and then put the address into my GPS.  I arrived with a minute to spare and told no one (until now) of this embarrassing event.

* Every time I saw Peter Dinklage in X-Men Days of Future Past, all I could think about was how badly I need to see Season 3 (and 4 when it's released on DVD) of Game of Thrones!

* I don't dress that nicely when I work at the movies.  Stuff I wear there just gets ruined!  When I was going to meet a friend, I changed at work and my boss saw me and told me that I looked nice.  Then he asked why I don't wear better clothes to work, haha!  

* I keep trying to (unsuccessfully) dodge hugs from a student because she missed two days of school due to pink eye.  I also look at my eyes obsessively because she held my hand on the field trip last week when she was probably contagious.  I think I'm in the clear by now, though.

* I want to re-brand my blog sometime in the summer, and I just bought my new domain name!  Excited!!

* I'm so sad that today will be my last day working for a school that I really love.  I did part of my student teaching at the aforementioned school and also subbed there many times this year.  I honestly just love the students and teachers within the district!  It's funny that I fit in so well at a rural school, but it was by far my favorite school that I've worked at.  Unfortunately, there are just no jobs available and there won't be for awhile.  All of the teachers in Pre-K through 2nd grade are in their early 30's-late 40's and none of them plan on retiring any time soon.  If there was an opening, I would be applying, but there's not.  

* My skin is so white that I swear it glows.  The darkest I've ever been in life is this:

The pics are older and from when I spent a lot of time on the beach in Italy.  While I think tanned skin looks good, I opt to remain pasty white to avoid damaging my skin.  I might have to look into spray tanning this summer because my legs kind of make me sick right now!

* I love calling things "li'l" instead of "little" because of Li'l Sebastian from Parks and Recreation.  People who don't watch the show probably just think I'm a li'l weird, but that doesn't stop me! 

* I have an obsession with desserts and saw that there was some cake in the teachers' workroom.  I asked the aide working in there if I could have a piece and begged her not to judge me.  It was 8 AM.  I put a paper towel over it to hide to evidence and ran across the hall, took a bite, and then the other 1st grade teacher came into talk to me while my mouth was stuffed with cake.  #fattymoment  She told me she was the "biggest junk food junkie" (even though she doesn't look it) and that she completely understood.  It did make me feel better to see her with a piece of cake later on that day.  

* My professor wanted me to co-write a piece with her on the work of Dianne Case.  It's actually going to be published in her book that is coming out soon!  How cool is it to actually have something published?  

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May 27, 2014
#Sorrynotsorry is a hashtag I've been seeing a lot of lately, which got me thinking, "What am I not sorry about?"  I've compiled a little list and thought I'd share!

I'm not sorry that:

* I'll go to bed super early (like at 9:30 pm) when I know I have to wake up early the next day.  I always try to get my 8 hours of sleep in, even though it's not possible sometimes.

* Sometimes after a hectic week I'd rather stay in than go out.

* I've spent A LOT of money on traveling.  If I saved my $ and didn't travel, I would probably not have had to take out any student loans, but I'm not one to make traveling excuses and try to go on as many trips as my budget will allow.

Am I sorry that I spent the money and went to Dali, China?  I think not!
* Many of my friends have or are talking about buying houses, but I just don't care about that right now. I would not want to deal with all of the upkeep and expenses at this point in my life!

* I want to move!  I've mentioned on here before that the teaching jobs in this area are few and far between.  The school district I live in recently cut 150 jobs AND closed three schools within the district.  Another local school posted a position for an elementary school teacher and there were more than 120 applicants!  The outlook is very dismal for me finding a job around here, so I'm leaving.  I went to school to be a teacher, not a substitute teacher.

* I defriended a bunch of Facebook "friends."  I'm not cold-hearted, but some of these people are just not my real life friends and we never communicate on Facebook!  Do I really need to be friends with my sister's ex-friend whom I met once at her wedding?  Nope.  What about a gal that I used to be friends with that was really condescending the last two times I ran into her?  Pass!  I just don't need that negativity in my life.

* I hardly ever blow dry my hair anymore.  It takes me almost an hour to get it fully dry, and I wash my hair every day.  That is time I'd rather have to sleep.

* I just spent $175 on clothes.  My wardrobe really needed re-vamping, and I used two coupons and saved about $100.

* My best friend and I just spent two hours talking on the phone like we often do.

* I'm already dreaming of my next vacation even though I have no idea when it will be.  I'm hoping that a trip out of the country will be possible this Christmas break, but nothing is definite.

What are you not sorry about at all?

Weekly Wrap Up: Last Days of Subbing

May 26, 2014
This week was another week of full time subbing for me with first graders.  I have to say that everything went very smoothly and I've been getting compliments from the other teachers saying what a good job I've been doing, which means a lot!  I'll have the kiddos again for three days this week, until their last day of school.  Even though last week I was feeling overwhelmed, this week has been a breeze because I know all the students' names as well as their personalities and now I know their routine as well.  Also, I figured out that the students will be on their very best behavior in order to play this game:

The game asks questions like, "Would you rather eat fried monkey brains or eat the raw guts from a huge snake?"  I ask the kids the questions at the end of the day as a reward if they've been a good class for me. 
Work at the movies did not go as well as subbing...Thank goodness we weren't that busy or I would have been in big trouble.  A worker was 2 hours late because of a flat tire, one new girl didn't show up at all, one girl called off, another girl cut herself (but ended up being okay), and then another worker threw up and had to go home.  Of course when I tried to call in workers, no one answered or even called back.  Luckily, a girl there agreed to work over for the gal that got sick.  That was really nice of her considering she then had to work 12 hours that day.

I also checked out Five and Below, and have to say that I kinda like it!  I own a lot of Toms shoes, but found some knock-offs there for just $5.  Since my clothes and shoes get ruined at the movies, I bought the shoes to wear during my last few weeks there and if they get wrecked, it's five bucks, so who cares?  

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a new Mexican place in the area.  We were both really impressed!  I got one of their specialties which was steak, chicken, and shrimp fajitas.  It was only $11.25 and the portion was huge and they didn't skimp on the shrimp, which most places usually do.  The service was really fast, too.  Also, since this restaurant isn't in the center of town, it was less crowded so we didn't have to deal with the waits usually associated with going out to eat on a Saturday night.

Yesterday a co-worker invited me to go see the new X-Men movie with her and two other girls from my work.  Honestly, I have only seen like one other X-Men movie and parts of Wolverine, so it's safe to say that I'm not the #1 fan of X-Men movies.  I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past mainly because it was free and because of Jennifer Lawrence! The movie was good, but I'm sure I would have liked it more if I knew the back story and more about the powers that the different characters possessed.  The movie that I have really been dying to see is Maleficient.  Then, I ran into a friend who used to work with me at the movies for several years when we were teenagers.  We reminisced and had a lot of laughs at some of the crazy (like both legitimately crazy and fun crazy) co-workers we worked with over the years.

Don't forget to share what you've done this week and link up below!

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Ameliorer la Vie

Our co-host this week is Alisia of Boarding Together!  Alisia blogs about her twenty-something life in Ohio.  Her writing style is honest and fun.   I'm sure you will love her blog!

How to be a Boring Blogger

May 20, 2014

* Don't take risks.  Some of my most viewed posts are ones that I was scared to publish!  Sometimes it pays off to put yourself out there!

* Blog about what everyone else is blogging about.  If I see a post similar to ones I've already read, I'll just skip that in my Bloglovin' feed...like by now I already own Naked 3, have seen a million reviews, and probably won't read anything else on it unless someone posts an amazing tutorial.

* Fall into a routine.  I am guilty of this--I'll post my Weekly Wrap Up on Monday, Confess with Kathy on Wednesday, and then usually do another sort of link up.  While I obviously enjoy link ups, I realized that I also need to keep on publishing original posts here and there to change it up a bit.  I don't want to read a blog that is nothing but link ups, do you?

* Don't use graphics.  Again, I have published a few posts with no graphics, but I do usually try to include at least one.  If a photo catches my eye on my Bloglovin' feed, I'll open up the post and give it a read, but if there isn't even a photo, I might just skip over it.  For this post, I do not have an appropriate photo from my collection, so I went over to PicMonkey to make a simple graphic.  Also, graphics help break up all that text--readers might lose interest reading paragraph after paragraph with no visuals.

* Using too many graphics aka photo dumping.  I don't mind looking at a lot of photos, but I want to know what I'm seeing!  Pictures are important, but so is the content--it's about finding the right balance.

* Blog about the same thing over and over.  This one is self-explanatory...If you've already read a post by someone, why would you want to read a post that is pretty much the same exact thing a week later?

* Write a ton of sponsored posts.  If I see some sponsored posts on a blog, I won't immediately stop reading, but if a blogger goes overboard with them, I get bored and also take what they have to say less seriously.  Also, if I am not interested in a product, I'll probably just quit reading.

* Post about things the majority of the population cannot relate to or afford.  When I see outfit posts that only consist of designer labels or wish lists of all very unreasonably priced items, I am not intrigued, though if I were rich I might be.  Most of us are on budgets...we have loans to pay off, car and house payments, or families to think about.  Of course I splurge once in awhile like everyone else, but it's no fun reading about things you can't have again and again!

* Post for the sake of posting.  I have definitely done this...Like a few times I had a really boring week, but then I still had to host the Weekly Wrap Up, so I basically posted when I probably wouldn't have otherwise.  I do love hosting the Weekly Wrap Up, but a couple of times I just was scrambling to find stuff to write about because I didn't do anything fun, which brings me to my next point...

* Write posts about how you've done nothing and are bored.  Writing about doing nothing and being bored is, you guessed it, boring to read about!

* Don't ever interact with your readers.  Part of why I love reading certain blogs is because of the connections I've made with the bloggers themselves!  I (don't always) but TRY to comment back and visit other people's blogs if they comment on mine.  I will also check out links left in my comments section.  I also reply to everyone's comment on my blog and sometimes by e-mail, though I'll admit I don't do that as often as I should.

A lot of these points were derived by looking at my own blog through a critical lens.  I'm always looking to make improvements! What do you think makes a blog boring to read?

Weekly Wrap Up: Catching Up with My Sister

May 19, 2014
This week I had Monday off and spent it with my sister Melissa who came back from Michigan to visit me.  It was so great to have a whole day off just to spend with her!  Believe me, it was hard to do--I got scheduled at work and had them change it, but then got asked to sub FOUR times, haha, but it felt so good just to say no!  We went shopping at Kohl's, Old Navy, Target, and the mall in hopes of finding a birthday present for Melissa, but didn't have any luck.  Still, it was fun to browse--especially because I mostly online shop now because our local mall is kind of a joke.  Since we didn't find anything there, we headed to Pet Smart so Melissa could pick up items for her new dog that she just adopted.  She told me that I could just get her some pet supplies for her birthday.  In the store she kept asking me all of these dog questions, which I am the wrong person to ask!  My dad would never let us have a pet growing up and a good opportunity to get a pet never presented itself.  We also went out to eat at Applebee's--we got salads and Blondies.  Melissa doesn't have any Applebee's by her in Michigan and had been craving a Blondie, so that settled that.  Afterwards, we headed to the movies to watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which we both ended up liking a lot more than we expected to.  I thought the first Amazing Spider-Man was good, but not great because I thought it was too soon to re-make movies that came out not too long ago.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was exiting, had elements of surprise (at least for me since I never read the comic books), and focused more on a love story than many other superhero movies.

Other events of the week included starting my long term subbing job.  I took the kids on a field trip on Thursday.  We went to the Sheriff's office, fire department, and public library.  We were also supposed to go to a park, but it was too cold, rainy, and muddy to go.  I have to say that I found the Sheriff's department really cool and interesting!  At some points it was a little scary because a couple of the inmates were staring right at you (and the kids) from their cells, but the sheriff did an awesome job of focusing on the content and not drawing attention to "the bad guys."  We got to see the evidence room, the gym where the deputies worked out, the holding room, the room where the dispatchers sat when 911 calls came in, we met the inmate's doctor, the kids got to sit in a police van, and the sheriff demonstrated a breathalyzer test to the students.  At first I didn't have the details about this field trip, so I had kind of low expectations, but after a few minutes of the tour I started to change my mind--the students were so engaged.  On Friday, the students had a field day, so I took them around from station to station which included wheelbarrow racing, a three legged race, an old fashioned game where students would roll hula hoops back and forth, scooters, bowling, an obstacle course, face painting, and so on.  Overall, it was a hit with the kids and a fun day for them!

Another day this week, I headed to Texas Roadhouse to have a belated Mother's Day meal with my mom.  She wanted to wait until Melissa was back so that she could be included in the celebrations, and Tuesday worked best for all of us.  Afterwards, I went back to my parents' house so that we could celebrate Melissa's birthday.

On Thursday, I met my friend Courtney at Chipotle and we caught up on all things. She is easy to talk to and we always have a laugh (or 20.)  Right now she is teaching in Nicaragua!  She is someone that keeps herself busy and always has something fun going on.  Over the weekend, I did have to work, but went back over to my parents' house one last time so that I could see Melissa again before she had to go back.  We had dinner and played several games of Hearts, which is now kind of a tradition that I have with  my mom and sister.

Overall, I had an extremely busy week, but it was a good one.  Don't forget to link up below and let me know how you spent your week!

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5) Have fun reading about how other bloggers spent their week!

Ameliorer la Vie

Sometimes we all just have to S.T.A.R.

May 17, 2014
Well guys, I'm sure it's evident from my lack of posts and comments on other people's blogs that I have been incredibly busy this week and last week!  Working two jobs will do that to you, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't overwhelmed.  Whenever I'm feeling this way, the cracks start to show...I'll walk into work with wet, unstyled hair, my manicure might be all chipped, my room starts to look like a tornado hit it, my gas tank is usually just about empty, my lunch consists of oddities because I haven't had time to go to the grocery store, and I'll have loads of laundry to catch up on so you may (on a rare occasion) even catch me wearing the same pants two days in a row.    

This time of the school year is hectic for most teachers because the kids tend to get a bit rowdy/over-excited as the year winds down.  There are also a lot of special events thrown into the mix that throw the normal schedule off, and of course, teachers are doing a ton of assessments at the end of the year so that they can get their final grades done.  I am trying to do all of these things as the student's long-term sub, and whew, it is a lot to take in and to try to get done.  I have also been told by many teachers that my class is particularly challenging.  They are, but this is good experience for me.  Also, since I have another job, I don't get a full weekend off to recuperate, but I try to do little things to throughout the day to try to make it a little better for myself, some of which include:

*Drinking a hot cup of tea:  Not only does this help relax me, but I am prone to laryngitis (because of teaching) and tea with honey always seems to help me out a bit.

*S.T.A.R.:  This was actually one of the strategies we learned in our teaching program for students who felt stressed.  It stands for Smile, Take a deep breath, and Relax.  When there was a surprise 45 minute assembly during the time I was supposed to administer a summative language arts assessment, I had to keep telling myself to S.T.A.R., and that I would just have to find a way in our jam-packed week to make it work.

*Listening to classical music:  This is not even a genre of music that I would typically pick to listen to, but on my half hour drive to the school I work for I couldn't bear to listen to those annoying commercials with men screaming about deals on furniture/cars, so I happened to stumble upon a radio station that played classical music and kept on listening to it.  I've heard before that classical music is recommended for those who need to de-stress, and it worked for me!

*Sitting in silence:  Face it, kids can be noisy...so having some silence can be such a relief!  I usually use this time to read.

*Getting a massage: Okay, this isn't always possible because this can get to be rather pricey, but when this is all over, I am booking myself an appointment.  A good massage always helps me feel so much more relaxed.

*Taking a walk outside: Since my jobs are both ones that require me to spend the majority of my day inside, it's nice to break it up and spend sometime outdoors.  Exercising also is a big stress-reliever!

*Reminding myself it won't always be like this: Yes, I'm overworked, but I know that I have a break coming soon!  I know that I'll be able to get through this.

*Taking a nap: I haven't had time to do this all week, but I finally have a little extra time today (hence this post!!), and I'm SO rewarding myself with a nice nap!

*Venting to a bestie:  Usually, I talk to someone else in education about the challenges I face.  Sometimes, it's just nice to get your frustrations out and to get some reassurance!

*Watching some Netflix: It's nice to turn my brain off and to escape with a movie or t.v. show.  Lately, I've been watching How I Met Your Mother, which always gives me a few laughs.

What works best for you when you're feeling overwhelmed?


May 14, 2014
*I confess that I'm deeply disappointed because yesterday I left my purse in the classroom under the teacher's desk like I always do, and when I opened my wallet last night to try to pay for dinner, ALL my money was gone!!  Ughh...it's just so annoying because I only make $62 a day after tax to sub, so I'm pretty sure I worked for free yesterday if you consider what was taken.  What upsets me more than the missing $ is that a kid would actually do that!  I am HOPING it would not be anyone in the 1st grade class I'm teaching... Almost all of them look so sweet and innocent and I just couldn't fathom it.  The one that is not sweet and innocent had no access to the room on his own--he comes and goes because he also works with another teacher.  Yesterday our whole wing (kindergarten through 2nd grade) went over to the high school to watch an Imax movie.  We were over there for an hour, and I want to say it happened then because the only other time I left the room was for a 30 minute lunch.  When our wing was out would have been the perfect chance to do something like that because there would have been no teachers to supervise the hallway, so an older student could have taken advantage of that fact.  Another reason why I feel like it was someone older was because only my bills were gone, but they left my change.  I believe a younger thief would take the coins, too, but maybe that's just me.  Now it's just more of an annoyance than anything else because I can't carry cash and sometimes I have to go somewhere directly after subbing.  Maybe I can just leave an envelope in my glove compartment in my car!  Oh, and I wonder if this thief got to any of the other classes and took anything.  I texted a kindergarten teacher and she said that her purse was moved, but that she never carries cash.

*I have to take the students on a field trip tomorrow, which I'm nervous about.  Truthfully, I wish that I didn't have to or that it was later on when I knew them better.  Field trips can be fun, but they can be stressful for the teacher. I'm just hoping everyone behaves and stays with me, especially because at one point we have to walk past a jail (???).  I guess last year it was completely fine, and the kids also have the option to stay with another teacher so they don't have to go by it, but I don't know...I just hope that goes smoothly.

*Another confession about teaching...haha...sorry!  Well, this week is a fun week and yesterday was "Dress Like Your Favorite Superhero Day."  I knew that it was and didn't have anything, so I just didn't participate, but the other two first grade teachers did.  Today is Hat Day, and I really don't have a hat to wear and don't want to buy one, so again I'm just not going to wear one.  I feel like kind of a jerk, but I really don't have time or money to be running out and getting the clothes/accessories for these themes.  Am I terrible?  I swear I would be doing those things if I wasn't a sub and was the class's actual teacher!

*Loaded sweet potatoes are the bomb.  Forget that a sweet potato on its own can be healthy and give me the that cinnamon sugar concoction along with extra marshmallows, please.

*I have been going through my clothes and other items and got rid of so much stuff!  It is a freeing feeling.  I had so many shirts that were just taking up closet space and that I never wore.  There is no point in keeping those.

*Now that I'm doing this long-term subbing position, I can finally start using my cool teacher school supplies that I've been dying to use like stamps and stickers!

*I was going through my old movie posters and one that I have is selling for $79!  I also have the ET 20th Anniversary poster that is selling for $75.  It's surprising how much people will pay for a poster.

*My sister is adopting a three year old German Shepherd/Husky mix and I'm happy for her, but also kind of jealous because now both of my sisters will have dogs.  There is just no way I could have a dog right now--I am never home!  Eventually I'll get one...A mini poodle or a cockapoo would be my first choices. 

Weekly Wrap Up

May 12, 2014
The biggest and most life-changing thing I did all week was to finally put in my notice at the movie theater I work at!  This is bittersweet because I started working for the company when I was in high school and was looking for a part-time job to help me save for college.  I certainly never planned on working at the theater as long as I did, but I ended up working in various theaters for ten years! Working at the movies was a great fit for me because after I moved away to college, the managers suggested that I come back and work over breaks and over the summers.  They always needed the extra help at that time because Christmas break and the summer months are typically the busiest times of the year.  It was convenient because I didn't have to go job hunting just for a couple of months, and if I ever needed some extra cash, I could always ask to be scheduled over a weekend.  Right after I graduated college, I was promoted to assistant manager and worked as one over the summer before I left and taught in Korea.  After Korea and while I was trying to set up a nannying job in Italy, the movies took me back again as an assistant manager.  Once I returned from being overseas for three and a half years, I knew that I wanted to pursue my Masters in Education.  I had to do a year of pre-req's and then the Master's program itself was two full years.  During that time I knew that I needed a part-time job, and again started working at the theater because they worked with my schedule.  If I didn't request off, yes, I would automatically be scheduled most of the weekend and on holidays, but there has actually never been a time I can think of where I asked for a day off in advance and did not get it.  Also, my college schedule changed every quarter, and part of the reason I stayed at the movies for so long is because my boss there was always willing to work with me, even during my student teaching.  Almost everyone else I went to school with had to quit their jobs because employers would not work around their ever-changing class schedules.  I'm so grateful that I was able to stay on, even when I was taking a ton of classes!  

Another reason why working at the movies worked out well for me is because my general manager is nice and I really only have to answer to him. Nothing is worse than having to go into work every day for a boss that you dislike, and thankfully I never had any problems with the boss I currently work for.  I feel like a bad boss can make or break a job, and I'm glad I did not have to deal with that kind of negativity at the theater.  Also, assistant managers run a lot of their own shifts while the general manager isn't there, so I would be the one in charge of the staff.  I really like that aspect of the job.

Other perks were free movies, free posters and banners, paid time off, and free popcorn during my shift.  I even got a small $400 scholarship from the company!  I also liked the contests on who could sell the most gift cards or promo tubs/cups.  I would always win those and leave with a gift card--what can I say, I'm extrinsically motivated.

There are still a couple of workers left that have been there since I started, and it's going to be sad to not work with them ever again.  A lot of my friends, even today, are ones that I made while working at the movies.  Still, I'm confident that quitting is the way to go.  No one really makes decent money except for the general manager.  There are opportunities to move up the ladder and become a GM, but personally, I don't think that would be worth it to me.  General managers get texted and called frequently by their assistant managers (I know this because I have to text my boss a lot because stuff just comes up!), have to come in on their days off when being audited, and get called in the dead of night if the alarm ever goes off.  Also, I would not want to deal all the maintenance aspect of being a general manager or the very serious customer complaints, for that matter.

It is time for me to move on, and while in some ways this is upsetting, I am hoping that the future will bring great things my way. :)  

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Creative Collective: Hunting for Photos

May 7, 2014
The task that Melyssa described for today's Creative Collective was to go on a photo hunt and to find at least five photographs that fit a theme of our choice.  I searched through my collection of photographs and decided to pick a rainbow theme.  I'm drawn to vibrant colors and also support the gay community, so it just seemed fitting to go with it.  I loved this activity and would like to pick a different theme and do it all over again.  I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I loved finding them!