Summer Recipe, Goals, and $65 giftcard giveaway

May 2, 2014
My sister shared this recipe with me, and I think it is light and refreshing for spring/summer.  I can't wait to make it again!  I really am addicted to this, which isn't such a bad thing because it's pretty healthy.

Pico de Gallo
2 cans diced tomatoes, 14 oz
3 bell peppers diced (red, yellow, green)
1 purple onion, diced
1 can shoepeg corn (white sweet corn) 14 oz drained
1 can blackeyed peas 14 oz rinsed and drained
2 limes-just use the juice
fresh spinach shredded (large handful)

Once everything is all mixed up, just refrigerate it.  It will last for several days. Use corn chips for scooping if desired.

It is great to have on its own as a snack or as a side!


While I'm on the subject of summer, I'll get right to it and say that I think this summer is going to be life changing for me!  I am getting pretty nervous because I'm still thinking of moving to Savannah which is a HUGE move, and I just hope that everything falls into place.  I know this is cliche, but do you ever say/think certain things and then look for a sign?  Well, I was thinking about moving to Savannah while I was driving and was wondering to myself about whether or not things would be okay.  Not even two seconds later a giant, gorgeous rainbow appeared in the sky.  I'll definitely take that as a sign...Then, while I was subbing I got one picture from a student halfway throughout the day and it was just of a rainbow!  What are the odds?  I've never gotten a drawing like that before--usually the students draw animals or pictures of themselves or me.

It is just nerve wracking having to quit my jobs and move south where I don't have a back up job or any ties with the school districts like I do here.  I hope that I can find something, and I really think I will, but it is scary not knowing mainly because I owe a lot in student loans.  I'm getting nervous about it, but also excited!  It will also be nice this summer to have a break.  This year I've been working A LOT of hours between my two jobs as a manager and substitute teacher.  For the past two weeks I haven't had any days off and next week I just have one, so my friend and I have been talking about doing a lot of relaxing this summer.  My goals are to job hunt, job hunt, and do some more job hunting, but also to give myself a break and to have some "me" time doing what I love to do, which is to go exploring or to try new cafes and recipes.  I also would love to just sit back and read a ton of books, create some crafts, and make decorations for my future class (assuming I get a job!)  Hitting the beach a bazillion times is also a must, just because there will be one for me to go to that's nearby!  I don't have that luxury here in Ohio.  I mean, we have Lake Erie, but that is not the same at all.   Besides going to local beaches, I'd like to make it out to Hilton Head.  I've never been there before and it is just 40-ish minutes away from my friend's place.  Change is scary sometimes, but this is one that I think will be for the best! 

Since summer is right around the corner, I have teamed up with 7 other bloggers to bring you a giveaway for a $65 gift card. We wanted to do something fun and that everyone would enjoy, so we thought it would be a good idea to come together and giveaway a gift card of your choice.

12 comments on "Summer Recipe, Goals, and $65 giftcard giveaway"
  1. i add tons of coriander and use fresh tomatoes. i never thought about using corn.. i'll do that next time :)

    Vodka and Soda

    1. With fresh tomatoes it would be even better!

  2. I love Pico de Gallo! especially with chips or with soft tacos or even on top of Mexican rice. yum!


  3. OMG I am dying!! This looks amazing! :)

  4. I love pico de gallo! And I think you can make the move if you put your mind to it. Student loans are scary, but there are a lot of different ways to pay (like graduated repayment, IBR, etc.) these days. Good luck!!

    1. I actually have IBR right now but still try to pay as much as I can because I still get charged interest on my unsubsidized loans and that adds up! I think I will be fine, but I'm just a worrier. I wish I could relax more about this--it will very likely be a positive change.

  5. Oooo... that looks GOOD!
    I'm with you... I need some R&R!

    1. If I get a teaching job, I'll have a couple of months off, which I'll WELCOME!