Weekly Wrap Up: Last Days of Subbing

May 26, 2014
This week was another week of full time subbing for me with first graders.  I have to say that everything went very smoothly and I've been getting compliments from the other teachers saying what a good job I've been doing, which means a lot!  I'll have the kiddos again for three days this week, until their last day of school.  Even though last week I was feeling overwhelmed, this week has been a breeze because I know all the students' names as well as their personalities and now I know their routine as well.  Also, I figured out that the students will be on their very best behavior in order to play this game:

The game asks questions like, "Would you rather eat fried monkey brains or eat the raw guts from a huge snake?"  I ask the kids the questions at the end of the day as a reward if they've been a good class for me. 
Work at the movies did not go as well as subbing...Thank goodness we weren't that busy or I would have been in big trouble.  A worker was 2 hours late because of a flat tire, one new girl didn't show up at all, one girl called off, another girl cut herself (but ended up being okay), and then another worker threw up and had to go home.  Of course when I tried to call in workers, no one answered or even called back.  Luckily, a girl there agreed to work over for the gal that got sick.  That was really nice of her considering she then had to work 12 hours that day.

I also checked out Five and Below, and have to say that I kinda like it!  I own a lot of Toms shoes, but found some knock-offs there for just $5.  Since my clothes and shoes get ruined at the movies, I bought the shoes to wear during my last few weeks there and if they get wrecked, it's five bucks, so who cares?  

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went out to eat at a new Mexican place in the area.  We were both really impressed!  I got one of their specialties which was steak, chicken, and shrimp fajitas.  It was only $11.25 and the portion was huge and they didn't skimp on the shrimp, which most places usually do.  The service was really fast, too.  Also, since this restaurant isn't in the center of town, it was less crowded so we didn't have to deal with the waits usually associated with going out to eat on a Saturday night.

Yesterday a co-worker invited me to go see the new X-Men movie with her and two other girls from my work.  Honestly, I have only seen like one other X-Men movie and parts of Wolverine, so it's safe to say that I'm not the #1 fan of X-Men movies.  I saw X-Men: Days of Future Past mainly because it was free and because of Jennifer Lawrence! The movie was good, but I'm sure I would have liked it more if I knew the back story and more about the powers that the different characters possessed.  The movie that I have really been dying to see is Maleficient.  Then, I ran into a friend who used to work with me at the movies for several years when we were teenagers.  We reminisced and had a lot of laughs at some of the crazy (like both legitimately crazy and fun crazy) co-workers we worked with over the years.

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Ashlynn B said...

Aww working with kids can be so rewarding! Sorry your theater work didn't go so well, but that was really nice of the girl to fill in and help out. I've never worked in any sort of food service, but I can imagine the havoc the role plays on clothing, especially shoes. Budget shoes are always a great idea in my mind, lol! I like X-Men, but I'm excited to see Maleficent too. It should be amazing (hopefully)!

BoardingTogether said...

Happy Monday!!! So happy to be co-hosting with you! I swear there is nothing more rewarding than putting a huge smile on a kids face, so jealous you get to work with them for another few days. I will say that knock off shoes are the best especially when you know that the real ones would get ruined. Now I'm craving Mexican....at 10:28 in the morning....haha

Becca @ Becoming Adorrable said...

I haven't seen any of the X-Men movies, so I said no to seeing this one yesterday, because I thought I'd be lost!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

5 Below has some REALLY cute nail polishes!!!!!

The Rachael Way said...

5 Below is great!! What HOODRATS that called off work... #Icant. Love that game you used with your students!

Brianne said...

I almost saw the new X-Men movie but something else came up which is probably for the best because I haven't seen the others.

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Yeah, the butter splashing on my blazers made me never want to invest in a nice one, but now where I work the butter is self-serve...I still get splashes of pop on it, though! I'm seriously so excited about Maleficent!!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

The shoes look just fine and are comfy enough, so I figured why not? I'm kind of curious to see how long they will last me for! I hope that you enjoyed your experience co-hosting with us. :)

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Everyone I talked to said that they thought this X-Men movie was the best one!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Do they??! I'll have to check them out!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

Hahaha, for some reason people do that to me every Sunday!! I think it's because they know my boss is never there then so they think they can get away with it! I don't care if they can't work because they are truly sick, but when they tell me a dumb reason I just get so fed up!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

You would be able to follow it for sure...I just usually like to see everything chronologically so that I know the full story.

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