My Life in Numbers

July 20, 2014
I love it when other bloggers share their ideas for post topics.  Recently, Becca @ Becoming Adorrable did just that, and when I read through her list I knew that I wanted to use the "My Life in Numbers" prompt, so here it is!  A big shout out to Becca for her good idea.

My Life in Numbers

8, how long it takes (at least!!) for my hair to air dry...which is why my hair is wet so frequently!  :)

1 Number of pets I had in my life
1.5 years spent blogging
2 how many books I've read so far this summer
3 siblings
4 How many different countries I lived in
5 How many years my longest relationship has lasted and also how many years I spent working in the field of education
7 How many years I was a full time college student for
8 Number of different jobs I've had in my life
9 How many miles I walked last week while exercising (3 miles on 3 different days)
10 The age difference, in years, between myself and my youngest sibling
11 How many jobs I've applied for since I moved
13 How many years I lived in Pittsburgh for
17 My lucky number
22 How much I spent on dinner last night
28 pairs of shoes currently in my closet (Is it bad to admit I have even more in Ohio that I still have to get?)
33 My age and how many days I've been living in Georgia for
155 My dream/goal weight (Please keep in mind I'm 6 feet tall!!)
340 number of calories in my favorite Starbucks drink which is a Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino...haha I love how this directly follows my dream weight!
702 number of miles it took me to get from my former town of residence in Ohio to where I live now in Georgia
733 Bloglovin followers
912 My new area code
73,020 miles on my car

Also, I just wanted to remind everyone to link up for the Weekly Wrap Up tomorrow! :)  The post will go live at midnight.

Ameliorer la Vie

10 comments on "My Life in Numbers"
  1. I love these types of posts so much!

    1. They are so easy to write and so fun, yet also informative. :)

  2. This is a really fun idea! I never would have guessed you had that many siblings. No reason why really. I just did some mental counting and I've also had eight jobs in my life. Well technically nine, if you count freelancing/self-employment.

    1. Yep, two sisters and a brother, but they all live far away from me. I'm hoping to start a 9th job here soon!!

  3. I love these! I have one in draft and have not gotten off my duff to complete it.

    1. When you do, I'd love to read it. Did you get your Snoozies yet?! :)

  4. Such a cute blog idea! I always love reading your blog! :)

    1. I know, but I give Becca all the credit. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  5. Keep applying we'll find one soon Hopefully..or a barista at starbucks doesnt sound too bad either. Give me all the frapps LOL.