FrenchBox Review

September 30, 2014
My friend Dre found out about a new subscription box called FrenchBox.  Because she knew about my interest in France, she signed me up for the first month's box.  She did not have to do that, but what can I say?  I have awesome friends.  

According to the FrenchBox website, every subscriber will receive at least five items from French brands that can be either full/sample sized.  At $24/month, it is one of the more expensive subscription services.  Luckily, when Dre ordered it for me there was a deal going on so that she could get $10 off the first box, so she only had to pay $14.  

The packaging: B+  I LOVED the packaging!  The box itself is adorable, sturdy and all of my items arrived in tact.  The only reason why I gave it a B+ and not an A+ is because the outer box wasn't sealed shut with tape.  I thought that was a little weird, honestly.  I mean, it made it very easy for me to open, but I guess I'd just feel more secure with tape on it so that the contents don't fall out/are less likely to get tampered with.

The Contents: A

The theme this month was Grape Harvesting Time, and on the front it said, "September is grape harvesting season in France.  We wanted to share this special event with you.  We are so proud and happy to present you with our first selection of French products."

What I received:

Information Card: All of my items besides one were pictured and described on the card.  The price and size of the products were also included.

Postcard: Although this month's postcard did not feature a quote that I personally love, I hope that in future months they'll be more "me" and then I'll be able to save and frame some of them. 

Recipe: This month's recipe was for Red-Wine Poached Pears.  I liked how they included a French recipe that fit the theme so well, although I don't really care for pears. I'll probably never make it, but I'm sure some of the future recipes will be more appealing to me. 

Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water- Even though we only got a sample size, I was happy to see this item!! I wear makeup almost every day and so makeup remover is an item that is practical for me, and this one works on both the eyes and face.  It's supposed to be gentle, too.

Sothys Protective Nail Enamel- I LOVE the color polish I received--perfect for fall!  Also, I wore this polish on my nails and it only had some minor chipping after 6 days.  I didn't even put a top coat on!  I'm curious to see how well it will hold up once I do apply some top coat.  FYI, a full sized Sothys polish retails for $17.00!

Sothys Waterproof Lip Pencil- This was the only item not pictured on the card and the only item I didn't really like in the box...Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a great lip liner, but I just don't ever use lip liner.  The color I received, Ecorce, is kind of a golden brown color and I don't even have any lipstick to match it.  I guess I could just fill in my lips with the liner, but I'm going to be honest and say that the color is just not my fave.

Missiu Eiffel Tower Bracelet- This bracelet was designed in France but made in Italy.  At first I was kind of questioning whether or not I'd wear an embroidered bracelet like this, but I decided that I do like it.  Getting the bracelet in one of my favorite colors (red!) didn't hurt, either.  I probably wouldn't wear it if I gotten it in some of the other colors...I'd for sure have to pass on the neon green one I saw some other subscribers get.

Buddy Fruits- These are just like fruit snacks, but without all the bad stuff (like preservatives) in them.  I got the raspberry kind and thought they were pretty tasty.  I saw some available on Amazon and don't know if I'd go out of my way to order some, but if I saw some at the store, I would pick some up.

Whispering Angel Wine Bag- The value of this bag alone is $15.  I would not pay that for the bag alone, although I do think it's very cute.  I do sometimes go to dinners where I bring a bottle of wine to share, so this would be a useful accessory to have around.

Value: A+/B+ Okay, since Dre paid $14 for the box, I thought it was an EXCELLENT value...but if she had paid $24, I would have to lower my score, hence the B+.  

Thoughts & Impressions:

FrenchBox reminded me of Glossybox in terms of the packaging.  The box that everything came in is one that I would save and re-use as a gift box, but I would also use it for storage or even to style some shelving. The extra touches like the ribbon and recipe card were very nice. 

Dre sent me the USPS tracking number and I was surprised to see that FrenchBox used 3 day shipping.  It actually took two extra days for it to arrive, but I think that had something to do with USPS being slow, so I blame them, not FrenchBox.

The Grape Harvesting theme was a pretty cool one and very French.  The wine bag and even the color polish fit the theme, but I'm not really sure how well some of the other items fit.  

I think $24/month is a little pricey for a subscription box, even though in this month's box the value was there.  I would subscribe to it on a monthly basis since I'd be able to cancel at any time, but probably would not take the plunge and purchase a subscription for a year. With that being said, I probably will wait a few months to subscribe just because I want to see that the FrenchBoxes are consistently full of items that I would like to receive.  A coupon code would also entice me to sign up sooner. :)  I thought it was an excellent value for $14/month, but for $24 I'm a little more hesitant.

What are your thoughts on FrenchBox? 
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  1. Nice friend! :) I like the looks of French Box ... it's a little pricey but I don't think $24 is outrageous, especially if you compare it to other lifestyle boxes (like PopSugar).

  2. that's a bit weird about the packaging, that would unnerve me. that no way rose bag is so freaking cute!

  3. OMG I was waiting for your review on this!! I am so so about the box. I guess I expected more Eiffel Tower-y stuff. Happy you got the box! :)

  4. Yeah...for $14, I am sold, but I don't know if I would spent $24!

  5. Yeah, I looked on and other gals had the same issue with the packaging!

  6. She's the best!! I don't think it's outrageous either, but a code would sway me! :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Neatly Packaged I was about to send you this post.. Funny you read it before me and you were the only one I thought about as I read this.

  8. This is the first I've heard of the French Box. It's a great idea and I love the color of the nail polish!

  9. What a cool idea. I've never heard of the French Box either. Love the box with the Eiffel tower. So cute.

  10. A Woman The World DeservesOctober 6, 2014 at 5:48 PM

    That's definitely a cute box of goodies! I am loving all the new subscription boxes going around.

  11. What are some of the other new ones? I kind of want to sign up for the Wal-Mart one because it's just $5!!

  12. Yeah, that is a box I will be keeping and re-using for sure. :)

  13. Yes, overall I'm happy with the box! The color of the polish was a hit for me. I can't wait to see what's in next month's box.

  14. Aimee how are you surprised I am IN the know ;p