Humpday Confessions

November 12, 2014
Ah, how I've missed blogging!!  The lesson plans can wait--I've been dying to post a confessions post for some time now.

*When you blog about a topic, do you constantly "introduce" that person on your blog?  I never know what to do. For example, I blog about my sister Denise a lot, but is it necessary to keep introducing her as my sister?  I want my new readers (if I even have any since my last post was 50 million years ago in blog-time) to know whom I'm talking about, yet I feel like people who have been following me for awhile are like, "I get it already."  :)  

* I'm surprised at what my students fight over.  All of our pencils are just the boring, typical yellow #2 pencils.  When I saw that I was relieved because in some classes that I've subbed in, kids fight over who gets the red/blue/yellow pencil. Hahaha, but I was wrong to think that there would be no problems with the pencils because my students ARE actually arguing over whether or not their pencil's ferrule (the metal band that holds up the eraser) is silver or gold.  They all want to write with the "golden" pencils, and there aren't enough golden pencils for every kid to have one.  

* I truly wish that teachers' salaries were higher in North Carolina, and I'm sure that those who actually teach in NC are with me on this! I've been contemplating moving closer to Denise so that I will be able to see my niece grow up, but this pay scale is pretty dismal.  At least now teachers actually can get raises every 5 years.  During the recession there was a pay freeze meaning NO raises.  

*  Truthfully, I've also been thinking a lot about teaching internationally again.  My fantastic experiences in Korea as an English as a 2nd language teacher are what made me go into teaching in the first place.

* There is a Dunkin' Donuts 2 minutes away from where I'm living now and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  It might be a little TOO convenient.

*I finally signed up for Influenster after hearing about it *exactly* 39483904839 times.  ;)  I just got the Moda Vox Box in the mail and must say that I cannot wait to try out the Hair Food mask because I'll try anything to help with all the tangles I get.  Plus, I've been meaning to check out a new hair mask for awhile.  Is this even really a confession?  Whatever, I'm going with it.

* Teachers at my school are permitted to wear a school t-shirt and jeans on Friday if they buy a school t-shirt and pay a fee of $25.  I spent the $39 and am dying for my shirt to arrive so I don't have to dress up on Fridays.  This is some of the best money I've ever spent!

* I've heard the stereotype, "Military kids have good behavior" a lot and I'm finding it to be true (which is, of course, awesome!)

* In Ohio, most of my friends were younger than me because I worked at a movie theater and those typically are full of a lot of college students/teenage workers.  Also, most college students I studied education with were traditional students, so they were also younger than me.  At the school I work at now, I think I'm one of the youngest teachers and so the people that I talk to the most (still feel that it's early on to say "friend", haha) are all in their late 40's or in their 50's.    There's nothing wrong with that, but it's just funny that I went from hanging out with almost all 20-somethings to 40 and 50-somethings.  I must say that it's kinda nice to keep getting referred to as "a young person," especially considering I was one of the oldest ones at the movie theater!

* I'm trying really hard to be a cheapskate.  Currently I'm trying to build up my savings account since I had to use up so much of it while I was without a job.  After that, my next goal is to pay off all of one of my student loans that currently has a balance of $6,037.68.    I'm hoping to be able to pay it off in six months, but that might be wishful thinking.

Are you an Influester?  Are most of your friends older, younger, or the same age as you?

11 comments on "Humpday Confessions"
  1. I am the youngest at my office by about 10 years and same as you my job before I was the oldest by far! Not sure what I like best:)

  2. hell yes to paying off debt! just keep on dumping as much money towards it as often as you can. even if it's an extra $25, it's still going towards your principal and therefore, reducing your interest/overall balance :)

  3. I have signed up for Influester, but don't understand. How do I get a box? LOL
    AND I am so so so so so happy to see you blogging! I have missed you!

  4. Aw, thanks for the warm welcome back! I want to try to post more for sure--probably over Thanksgiving break. I didn't understand Influenster for the longest time, either! All I did was link my personal Facebook account and my Instagram account. Then I unlocked badges by answering some questions and so they sent me this survey to see if I qualified for a VoxBox. I guess I did qualify because they sent me The Moda Voxbox. (I posted a pic of it on my Instagram account...which, do I follow you on Instagram? I'm going to head over to your blog now and try to find you on Insta if you even have it.) Now that I have the box, there are different tasks to perform. You don't have to do them, but if you do then your chances for receiving the next box are higher. Hahaha...that's about all I know, but I'm sure there's a lot more!!

  5. Since I'm on the income based plan because I made like 2 cents last year, I am allowed to put the $$ towards a specific loan which I do really like. Right now I'm only getting charged interest on my unsubsidized loans and not my subsidized ones, so every time I make a payment I put it towards my unsubsidized ones. Also, I totally tried to link up with you today and then headed over to your blog and saw that you don't host the Humpday Confessions anymore. I'm bummed, but I totally understand!! The link up I used to host was way smaller than Humpday Confessions and I still feel relieved that I don't always "have" to post about my weekend on Monday!

  6. I'm still deciding that myself!! It's just so funny because hanging out people in their early 20's vs. hanging out with people in their late 40's is just very different!!

  7. Hahaha...yeah, I don't want to be redundant but at the same time when I first follow a new blog, I'll read some of the posts and think to myself, "Who is so and so?"

  8. Loved this post :) Because I never hear from you anymore *cough cough*

  9. Teachers are underpaid in general, in my opinion. As are firefighters, police, and armed services. They are some of the most important jobs in the WORLD!

  10. Lol, I'm sorry! I really don't have much of a life right now if that makes you feel any better. The only places I've been to in my new town are to Wal-Mart, the gas station, Dunkin' Donuts, and to my school!!

  11. Agreed about being underpaid in general, but in NC I think their pay is especially bad. At least here in SC my district offers raises after 2 years and then we can get $1,000 extra for each additional year. In NC, a 4th year teacher will make the same as a beginning teacher!