Reflecting About my Place in Georgia

November 13, 2014
After having relocated to Georgia from Ohio, I moved into a duplex with my best friend Everett and pal Jared.  I've blogged a couple of times about having roommates, so I'm leaving that aspect out of this post and am only focusing on the housing itself.


**It's nice only having neighbors on one side of us.  I've lived in apartments before where I've had people on both sides and also above and below me.  For me, living directly under other people isn't really ideal.  In college, a girl that lived right above me would work out very early in the AM in her room.  More power to her, but it woke my other roommate and I up, and at some points I feared for my life because the ceiling seriously looked like it was going to cave in.  Since I know what it was like to live under people, when I lived above people I was always paranoid about walking around too much and bothering them/vacuuming.

** It has a backyard.  This is a luxury I haven't always had.  Also, Ev's mom took care of all the mowing for us.  She says she enjoys staying active, so none of us had any problem with that!

** The rent is pretty cheap.  Since we split everything three ways, I ended up saving a lot of money.

** It's located in a safe neighborhood.  The duplex is in a small town outside of Savannah and the crime rate there is very low.  I only felt scared one night when Claude kept barking and growling at the window when Ev & Jared weren't home.  I never felt worried going for walks by myself and almost always felt pretty secure.

** It's quiet.  Our place is located in a residential neighborhood, and the main highway is far enough away that we weren't disturbed by traffic.  Sometimes I could hear a train go by and we could hear dogs barking occasionally, but that's about it.  Most of the neighbors were very considerate.

** The landlord left us alone.  I've been in places before where the landlord comes in to check up on his/her property.  Also, in college it was kind of awful because they kept having to show our place again and again until they had someone on the lease for next year.  The landlord has never once been in  our place since I've been there, and I appreciate that!

** There's no driveway.  You would think this would be a negative, but I love not having a driveway.  If we had one, we would constantly be blocking each other and would have to rearrange our cars or else someone would have to park on the street.  All we do is pull through the backyard and park in the grass.  (Is this a Southern thing?  I'm not sure, but it works for me!)


** There IS someone living on the other side of us.  Yes, I know I just said that I liked having people on just one side of us, but I'd prefer to live in a house and not in a duplex.  I'd rather not have any people on any sides, haha.

** There is only one bathroom.  This is my BIGGEST dislike of all.  Having to share one bathroom with two guys is not my dream situation.  We make the best of it and try to ask each other ahead of time if anyone needs to go to the bathroom before we take showers, but getting ready in the morning can turn into a hassle if all three of us have to leave at the same time (which is often the case.)

** The washing machine is inside and the dryer is outside.  I guess I'd just prefer for both the washer and dryer to be inside because sometimes if I heard the neighbors out there and I didn't feel like talking to them, I'd just leave my clothes in the dryer until I heard them go in.  Also, more bugs got in because the door would constantly be opening and shutting.

** It's a bit out of the way... In terms of driving to the historic district of Savannah, it was about a half-hour away.  It was also about 20 minutes from I-95 which is the highway I need to take to get to work.

** There isn't a dishwasher.  The three of us go through a lot of dishes.  Jared loves to cook so a dishwasher could really be useful and save us time.

What do you love about the place you live in?  Is there anything you wish you could change?
13 comments on "Reflecting About my Place in Georgia"
  1. I love having a dishwasher! That was one of the big pluses about why I got the apartment I have now!

  2. i rarely use the dishwasher! we mostly use it to store stuff LOL

  3. When it's just me, I don't need one because I don't go through that many dishes, but my roommates sure did. Ev is a diva and will never re-use a cup!

  4. I'm glad that you have one! Also, I did actually move. :) I'm just way behind on here and will (hopefully) write about that next week.

  5. I live on the second floor of my building, so there are neighbors all around, lol. I could do without some of the noise coming from other apartments, but none of the other tenants are TOO awful. I like that our current landlord actually fixes problems in the building quickly - I've come to discover that that's sort of rare!

  6. We live in a condo and our upstairs neighbors have 2 small children... and they are like little elephants running around. I had no idea such tiny people could make so much noise! :P

  7. Sharing my bathroom is my LEAST favorite part.

  8. Lol, and small children are so very active...

  9. That's good that everyone is pretty respectful. I've definitely had some experiences where that was NOT the case!

  10. Yeah, I like having my own bathroom and spreading out all of my beauty products. :)

  11. One bathroom is a killer. We have 1.5 and I hate that with only two of us.

  12. I'm thinking about it! Haha. ;)

  13. Yeah, the worst is when I have to pee at 10:00 pm and want to go to bed but someone's taking a bath...