Holiday Cheer

December 25, 2014
I decided to go ahead and stay in the Low Country for my holiday break rather than to go back to Ohio and spend Christmas with my parents.  I would have spent Christmas with my sister Denise in North Carolina, but since she is due to give birth to her first born on December 29th, we decided that it might be too chaotic to make plans.  Even though my family members are far away, I didn't let it damper my holiday spirit and still was able to enjoy the season to the fullest!  In this post, I'll be sharing some moments that helped me feel more festive.

* Confession:  I did not put up any Christmas decorations this year.  The few decorations I own are packed away in my parents' basement because I have limited space here.  Since I didn't decorate, I got into the Christmas spirit by walking around downtown Savannah and admiring all the decorations I saw there.  Some of the historic buildings are already beautiful enough without the extra embellishments for Christmas, but once those touches were added...whoa!  Gorgeous!  So, thank you citizens of Savannah for sending some Christmas cheer my way.

* In addition to just the buildings being decked up, holiday decorations were found all over the historic district.

* Although Savannah has its charm, I also enjoyed looking at decorations in Statesboro, Georgia.  I have to say that Beaufort, South Carolina had some nice window displays in certain shops, too.

* Another event that brought a smile to my face was when the pre-k students at the school I work for paraded through the halls singing Christmas carols to all the other classes.  They were so adorable, and it looked like they were having a blast.  Not to mention that my students got a kick out of hearing them sing.

* Nothing quite screams Christmas like having some holiday food, and that I did.  I couldn't resist having some Christmas cookies, hot chocolate, and a couple candy canes. 

* One evening Ev, Jared, and I decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  We came across some wonderful light displays, but the best one we found had to be this one!  These people went all out.  There were about 7 other cars there that were also full of people who also stopped by to check out their lights.

* Besides just viewing the outside decorations in Savannah, I made it a point to visit various hotels in Savannah to see how the lobbies were done up for the holidays.  Ev and I went into the Hyatt and were impressed by this giant gingerbread house that was taller than both of us.  Then, Jared, Ev, and I went to the Westin to look at the gingerbread village there.  There was a contest and different groups submitted their best attempts at a gingerbread house to be judged.  Some of my favorite gingerbread creations were the ones that were of famous sights in Savannah such as the Westin itself, a Savannah riverboat with the Talmadge Bridge in the background, and of the city hall.

* Since I don't have a tree in my place it was nice to appreciate everyone else's!

Above: Jared and Ev's tree

Below: Trees inside the Westin

* Just hanging out with good friends like Ev and Jared made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  They really are like my Low Country family.  Plus, they shared some of their Christmas goodies with me.  Jared made peppermint and butterscotch fudge as well as... wait for it...(Sorry, too much How I Met Your Mother)...Buckeyes!!  Not going to lie--I was ecstatic to be offered some of the Buckeyes since they're a special Ohio dessert that I haven't had in awhile!

* I went inside the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which was full of wreaths and red Christmas bows.  There is also a manger on display as well as a breathtaking poinsettia tree.

* Participating in Secret Santa at work was a lot of fun.  I drew the school secretary, and she is one of the nicest people in my school.  She gave me a card one day that said I was appreciated more than I knew (probably because she felt bad for me since I had a terrible experience with my grade cards not printing.)  I was glad to get someone that I a) like and b) someone that I sort of know.  My Chinese co-teacher pulled a name out of the hat and she had no idea who the person was.  Also, it was great to get the occasional treat from the person that picked my name!

* Finally, touring the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low was perfect during this time of the year.  (She started the Girl Scouts!) The house is magnificent year-round, but the little touches that were added for Christmas really made it even more special.  There were stockings hanging over the fireplace, and the table was set for a Christmas feast.

What brought you some holiday cheer? 

Last but not least, I want to wish anyone reading a very Merry Christmas and/or happy holiday season.
10 comments on "Holiday Cheer"
  1. What stunning photos!!! We didn't decorate either because we were out of town practically all of Dec. Looks like you are really loving Savannah :) I am so happy for you!! Merry Christmas Lisa :)

    Oh! I got a new phone! Can you please send me a text so I have your number again? So embarrassed to ask. Sorry!

  2. Savannah is so gorgeous! I would love to see it during the holidays!

  3. I love when a city decks everything out for the holidays, it just makes the season more festive and exciting! I hope you had a great holiday.

  4. Thanks! I hope you had a great one, too!

  5. Oh yeah, you had enough on your plate--totally understandable why you didn't decorate. Of course I can text you! :)

  6. It really is! I just found out that they had a parade of homes...that would have been awesome to go to because I'm sure they were exquisitely decorated.

  7. Walking around there usually always puts me in a good mood, but the decorations made it even better. I did have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that your birthday and Christmas were great as well.

  8. The decorations are so beautiful! I'm glad you had a great holiday!

  9. They really were! I hope you had a good one, too and that working wasn't too bad. (Hopefully you at least got holiday pay, too!!)