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Meeting Sophia

January 29, 2015
I'm officially an aunt now!  My sister Denise had her baby at the beginning of January, and the weekend before last I decided to take a trip up to North Carolina to meet my niece for the first time.  I was worried that Denise might be too tired to want to hang out/talk, but she seemed to welcome my company.  Also, I know this is stupid, but I'm very inexperienced with newborns and don't think that I'm a "natural."  Once kids get past 16 months, I feel like I know what to do since I've worked in a toddler room before, but as for the infant stage...well, I'm kind of clueless. Denise told me to relax and that there was no special secret to holding her besides that I should just support her head.  Once I held her, I got over my hesitation and just wanted to hold her more.

Sophia was a lot smaller than I thought she would be, but Denise said that's because she lost some weight at first, and it was also because most of her pictures were taken close up. Regardless of her size, Sophia is adorable and the outfits Denise dresses her up in certainly don't take away from the cute-ness factor!  Sophia already a bunch of fun hair accessories, too.

Denise filled me in on Sophia's personality and described her as "a diva."  She likes to be held constantly, she's starting to like the swing I bought her, and she enjoys sleeping on top of my sis. Denise said that sometimes she'll fall asleep and not realize if she is being held or not, so what she'll do is she'll open her eye just the tiniest bit.  If she sees that no one is holding her, she'll start to wail in hopes of getting picked up.

Although she isn't spending a lot of time in her nursery quite yet, it's super cute.  Denise said she used Pinterest as inspiration to decorate it.  My favorite thing is the holder that Denise made for all of Sophia's ribbons, headbands, and bows.

Growing up, none of us were close to our aunts.  They seem like nice people, but we just lived so far away from them and didn't get to see them that often because of the physical distance between us.  I know that I'm not too far away from Denise now (about 5.5 hours driving if there's no traffic/construction), but I guess one of my fears is that Sophia might grow up without really knowing me and we both don't want that to happen.  I'm thinking of teaching internationally again next year and if I did, I wouldn't be able to make a weekend trip here and there, which bums me out, but at least I'd be able to see her during the summer.  I just hope that I'm always a part of her life and that I'm a good (and involved) aunt.

As for Denise, I was really surprised at how calm and put together she was.  The poor thing told me that a good night's sleep for her is 2 hours total, so I expected her to be grouchy or stressed, but she just seemed really happy (albeit tired.)  She's got this!  She went ahead and put in her notice at her teaching job in order to be a full-time mom to Sophia.  I knew that once she met her she wouldn't want to go back to work, and she figured that this would happen. Even though my sis is a new mom, she is already an amazing one--I can just tell. :)

I'll leave you with a collage of Sophia and her many expressions. My faves are her big, sleepy grins. Denise says she does that a lot after getting fed.


 What's your favorite thing about babies?  Any tips for my sis that I can pass along to her? If you have kids already, what theme did you pick for your baby's nursery?

Gifts for the Francophile

January 27, 2015
I've always been a bit of a Francophile.  As a child, my favorite books were The Story of Babar: The Little Elephant and other books in the Babar series.  Most of the Madeline books were well-loved by me, as well.  Even today, I am still drawn to a French theme when it comes to purchasing accessories, treats, or decorative items.  That's why I decided to share some items that I already own with you, as well as a few things that I think might appeal to fellow, female, Francophiles.

1) Rosa "Merci" Thank You Note Cards by Rifle Paper Co.  I'm already a fan of Rifle Paper Co. because of their gorgeous floral designs, but adding some French to it makes it even better!  Thank you cards come in handy any time of the year, so why not have some stylish ones on hand?

2) Paris Je T'Aime Paris France Art Print- I was browsing Pinterest for some prints, and came across this one that I absolutely love from evivart's Etsy shop.  My personal favorite was the pink, gold, and red color scheme, but there are also some other colors available.

Image via
3) Red wine from Bordeaux or St. Emilion- If you ever visit France, wine tasting in Bordeaux is a must!  Many years ago I had the opportunity to go on a tour in Bordeaux and visited several vineyards, including one in the quaint town of St. Emilion.  I have been drinking wine produced in St. Emilion ever since.  Click here for a list of St. Emilion wines available for purchase.

4) Amelie: Original Soundtrack Recording  Chances are that if you know someone who is a Francophile, they probably already own the movie Amelie but they might not have the soundtrack to the film.  I bought this soundtrack while living in France, and listening to it always takes me back.  It really is just magical!

5) Macarons- When I lived in Ohio, I made trips down to Columbus for brunch and macarons at Pistacia Vera.  Their macarons were always fresh, and they had a variety of different flavors to choose from.  If you can't find macarons near you, you could always order some from Pistacia Vera.

6) FrenchBox- This is a fairy new subscription box in which you are able to get French beauty and fashion items sent to you for $24/month.  Personally, I only got the first box which I reviewed here, but I might re-subscribe if I hear about a good spoiler in an upcoming box.  

7) La Mere Poulard - Palets Butter Cookies - La Mere Poulard is a French company that sells a variety of different cookies, but the ones I'm the most interested in are these shortbread cookies (pallet) from Bretagne.  Yes, it's nice to be able to try the cookies, but another huge draw is getting to keep the decorative tin.  Thankfully, these are available on Amazon.

8) Savon de Marseille- Marseille has a long history of producing olive oil based hand soap.  Now it is also available in a less traditional, liquid form.

Image via

Image via

9) Bon Weekend Tote from The Atelier- I've seen this tote around on some other blogs, and have wanted it ever since.  It would be ideal for teaching since I'm always lugging stuff around, and because like most of us, I live for the weekend!

Image via

10) Garance Dore i-Phone Case-  Garance Dore, a Corsican artist, has a whole bunch of fabulous, French-themed items on her site.  This i-Phone case really caught my eye.

Image via

Are you a Francophile?  Which items on the list are your favorite?

* There are some affiliate links in this post for which I will receive a small amount of compensation, but all opinions are my own.

I Moved...Again

January 22, 2015
As many of you know, I moved from Ohio to a small town outside of Savannah in June.  I ended up moving a second time because I work in South Carolina but was living over an hour away from my place of employment.  My former roommate would just commute every day, but considering that my work hours are long, I just couldn't take driving for almost three hours each weekday. Yesterday, I worked from 7 AM until 6:30 pm finishing up students' grade cards.  I cringe to think of how two hours plus of drive time would have affected me.  I drove it for my first month, but decided that enough was enough and started looking for a new place. Unfortunately, my fabulous roommates were uninterested in moving with me.  

When I first started to look for an apartment, I was appalled at how pricey a one bedroom place was around here.  Just the rent alone would take up a full two week paycheck.  I figured that the cost of living would be higher here off of the coast of South Carolina, but I never thought that I would have trouble finding a place that I could afford.  When I talked to my mentor teacher about it, she confirmed that most teachers for the district have to either get a roommate or get a second job.  The second job thing is laughable and just not possible for me at this point.  I've done the whole finding a roommate of Craig's List thing once (which was enough for me) and came to the conclusion that I was unwilling to try to live with a complete stranger again.  When another teacher caught wind of my situation, she told me about her best friend who had a house about 10 minutes away from our school. Within the house was a separate, furnished apartment that she was looking to rent out.  The price she was asking was one I could actually afford and it included all utilities.  It's also right on the marsh. Sounds perfect, right?  

Before I set up a meeting, Ev and I decided to scope it out on our own.  He told me all sorts of horrible things because he likes to tease and also because I don't think he wanted me to move out.  On our drive there, here are some of the things he said to me:

"Oh, how nice, abandoned building, abandoned building, cheap hotel.  It looks really safe."
"Another teacher in my grade level lived around the marsh, and she came home one day to find nothing left of her dog except for its two hind legs because an alligator got to it.  I wouldn't trust living on the marsh with those gators."
"Look at this street!  I take that back about the gators because on this street they would probably be the least of your worries."  

I ended up going ahead and looking at the apartment and meeting the lady who was renting it out.  In the end, I did decide to move in.  (It is seriously fine...Ev was being dramatic.)  I was sad to move farther away from Savannah, but I figured I'd rather drive the 45 minutes to Savannah once on the weekend as opposed to driving almost three hours each day.  Now I do live alone, but I feel okay about it because I'm connected to someone's house, so if I screamed over something, I know they'd be able to hear me and help.  I also am relieved that the place is furnished and that she didn't make me sign a year-long lease.  Plus, the lady that I rent from and I are becoming friends now and she'll invite me over for a cocktail every once in awhile.  Overall, I think it's a good "starter" place because it's such a relief not to have to buy all sorts of new furniture and appliances all at once. 

Truthfully, sometimes I miss not living with Ev and Jared.  I also truly miss their (not so) little dachshund, Claude.  I never knew I could become so attached to a dog, but he really is the cutest! I even bought him a Christmas present, hahaha.  At least I have extra time in the day so that I have some time to unwind after work, and by unwind I mean watch Netflix.   

Here's a little tour of my new place before I started moving my stuff in.  Also, the bedroom picture isn't the best and doesn't do the room justice, but you get the idea.  I don't feel like the place is "my own" since I haven't decorated it or anything, but it is just fine for right now. 

 When was the last time you moved?  


January 7, 2015
I'm so thrilled that this link up is back because it seems like I always have a lot of confessions. Let's get started, shall we?  

* To give a little update about the creature that was lurking around in my house, rest assured, I think it is gone.  Think.  I spent three nights at Ev's place in Georgia because I couldn't bear to be here with a mouse on the loose, and when I came back, the people that I rent from told me that they were checking my apartment all day and that there doesn't seem to be a trace of the mouse.  They told me later that the trap that they set out was moved from one room all the way to the hallway and that inside the trap was just part of a mouse--its tail.  Even though of course I want the thing gone, I feel kind of bad that its tail got ripped off and am still wondering if its gone for good or if the tail-less mouse is plotting some sort of evil revenge on me.  It has been over a week without any signs of my "friend," so I think I'm in the clear (knocking on wood as I type this!)  I will admit that every time the house creaks or I hear a noise, my heart races... and I sleep with the light on more than I ever have. I've even thought about buying a nightlight or a clapper.  Do they even still make clappers anymore? (Yes.  Just googled it.) Clap on, clap off, clap on, clap off...the clapper!  

* I got observed by an evaluator and the lead for behavior intervention before Christmas break, and she pointed out that one of my students has a crush on me.  I never really noticed until she told me that, but now it is pretty clear.  Here is one of the drawings he gave me.  

On the top (that I cropped) it said, "I love you, Ms. K.  Love, (his name)"

* If you read my post yesterday, you know that I got a new tattoo.  What I wish someone would have warned me about is the fact that there is a possibility that you will grow a large elephant ankle/cankle after having work done on your calf and ankle.  The actual tattoo part doesn't hurt at all, but my ankle was so sore.  I pulled up my pant leg and almost fainted when I saw my ankle had ballooned out to be much bigger than its normal size.  I just wish I would have been warned by someone or maybe it's just common knowledge, and I'm just naive.  At any rate, thank goodness I did not have to work that day. It is still not back to normal, but the swelling has gone down some.  

Cankle, cankle go away

* Being from the North, I had never really understood all the Chick-fil-A hype.  Prior to my move to Georgia I had been to a Chick-fil-A once because they have one in Columbus in the Polaris Mall's food court, and the kids I used to babysit for requested that we go there.  I was not really that impressed.  Now I live about 2 minutes from one, so I decided to give it another shot and order a chicken salad sandwich.  Again, it was just okay.  My new teacher friend treats herself to Chick-fil-A every Thursday night and invited me to go along with her.  When I told her I just thought it was average she asked me what I had ordered.  After I told her about my chicken salad sandwich, she informed me that I was ordering the wrong thing and had to get a chicken tenders, a Coke, and fries with some honey roasted barbecue sauce.  Oh my gosh--she was right!!  Delicious!  

* So, I sent my new friend Casey a friend request on Facebook.  It had been two weeks and she hadn't accepted the request, so I thought maybe she didn't want to add me.  I wasn't going to say anything about it, but then she opened her Facebook app. in front of me and started talking about Facebook. Since other signs also indicated that maybe she just didn't see the request and she brought up Facebook, I decided to ask her about it.  She said, "What?  I didn't get any request from you!!"  Then she looked down all of her friend requests and still said she didn't have any from me until I showed her my request that was right there.  She said,"THAT IS NOT YOU!"  By the way, my Facebook picture is the same exact picture that is on the sidebar of this very blog.  I told her that of course it was me and it was a recent photo from this summer.  She kept acting like the photo was of another person and referring to it as "this one."  "This one has her hair down and you always have your hair up."  "This one is wearing earrings and you never wear earrings."  "This one is wearing a colorful shirt and you usually just wear one color."  Apparently that is a good photo of me and I look crappier in real life, guys, hahaha... I joked with Casey that I had time to take care of myself before the chaos of the school year ensued so that's why I probably look different.  We had a good laugh over it, but I still can't believe she didn't even recognize me!!

* It's so funny because one of my students is from Ohio like me.  All of my other students will wear gloves, ear muffs, scarves, and heavy winter coats when it's 50 degrees, and he'll try to go in just a short sleeve shirt because he insists it's not cold at all.  I get it, buddy!!

* There is a teacher at my school named Dr. Palmer (okay, I changed the name because I'm para but it's very similar to this).  One of my students likes her and gets to pick her own rewards for good behavior.  She saw her in the hallway and then said to me in all seriousness, "If I'm good can I please go to Dr. Pepper's room later?"

* When I got observed by the mentor teacher, one of the suggestions she made was to play calming music in the background while students were working.  When I put the music on, one of my students said, "Ms. K, this reminds me of when my grandpa died and I had to go to the funeral." HA!  

* I'm so happy that I finally was able to blog for three days in a row!  I can't even remember the last time that happened and am not quite sure if it will ever be able to happen again in awhile, but for now I'm just glad that I got a chance to blog over my winter break. Yay!

* I love, love, love the Bank of America app.  (No, this is not sponsored.)  It's amazing that I can just take a picture of the front and back of my check and that the $$ goes directly into my account.  I just get cash back when I go to the store and cash my checks on my phone, so I never really even need to go to the bank which is beyond convenient.  It's probably my favorite app besides Instagram.  

Those are my confessions for now.  I'm sure I'll be linking up again in the future and shout out to Melissa @ Making Melissa for hosting!

Have you ever had a cankle?  What is your favorite app?

My New Tattoo

January 6, 2015
Back when I was 18, I did one of the stupidest things I think I've ever done in life.  A couple of my college friends and I were bored one night, so we thought it would be fun to get pierced on a whim. While deciding what we might get pierced, one of the gals thought that maybe getting pierced wasn't the best idea and that we should get tattooed instead.  We went to a place that did an excellent job on some tattoos that she already had, so I felt comfortable going there.  The only thing was that they were closing in a half-hour, so instead of doing the intelligent thing of you know...waiting a day, we decided to just go back to our dorm, think of ideas, and then find any ole place that was open. Earlier that year, one of my friends decided to get her tongue pierced at this same location because it doubled as a piercing place as tattoo parlors often do.  They ended up piercing her tongue with a 10 gauge, which is not the standard gauge.  I believe it's supposed to be a 14, which is way smaller.  My friend wasn't asked if she wanted to go bigger than normal--they just did it.  On top of that, they made me hold the tongs for her tongue piercing which...red flag, hello?? My friend also complained and said that her piercing was crooked.  So, even thought ALL THREE of us KNEW that they didn't do a good job piercing my friend's tongue, we decided to still go ahead and get inked at that same place.  I'm surprised I'm even admitting this on here, but like I said--I was young and dumb!  

At the time I got my tattoo, I was also obsessed with the band The Smashing Pumpkins.  Side note: I still really love their old-school stuff (most anything pre-Zwan), but prefer the band with its original members and not how it is now.  Anyway, for my tattoo I wanted to do something related to the band and the songs, but didn't want it to be too obvious.  A very popular choice at the time for a Smashing Pumpkin fan was to get this heart drawn by the band's frontman, Billy Corgan.

Image via: TShirtSubway
Since that was the go-to tattoo for any Smashing Pumpkins fan, I instead went with some album artwork, to be more specific, a drawing of a star inside the lyric book of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.  I showed the tattoo "artist" (I use that term loosely) what I wanted and he said that we were good to go. I thought everything was okay, until after he started the tattoo he said, "Oops."  I said, "What do you mean 'oops'!?!" and he responded, "Nevermind."  After that, he said, "Oops" two more times which wasn't exactly encouraging.  I couldn't tell right away, but after my tattoo healed, I could see three mistakes in it, one for each oops.  I was okay with my tattoo at first, but I never really loved it.  As time went on, I grew to hate it.  Not the fact that it's related to the Smashing Pumpkins--it's just not a tattoo that's well-done, but I made the choice and so I had to live with it.  

My before picture
When I would make new friends over the years, the subject of tattoos would sometimes come up in conversation.  Of course I would get asked if I had one, at which point, I would shamefully put my ankle on display.  I thought I was stuck with it forever unless I tried to get it lasered off one day.  I didn't really think lasering would look too good because if I could still see remnants of Angelina Jolie's Billy Bob/dragon tattoo, I knew that it would be hopeless for me seeing as how Angelina can afford the best of the best.  One of my friends who has several tattoos brought up the idea of getting it re-done or covered up.  I dismissed the idea because after having a tattoo that I didn't like for so long, I was too scared of the possibility of getting an even BIGGER tattoo that I was not proud of.

The years passed, and I started researching tattoo cover ups and was amazed at what I saw.  Most of the tattoos that I saw just looked like normal tattoos--I wouldn't have known that they were cover ups at all.  When I moved to Savannah, I decided that it was time to make an appointment with an artist and see if anything could be done.  I wanted to get it covered up with something floral just because I think flowers are timeless and could possibly disguise my ugly star.  I researched tattoo studios in Savannah and then started looking at artist's portfolios to see whose style I liked and who might specialize in floral designs.  That's when I found Kim's portfolio at The Butcher Tattoo Studio and decided to have a consultation with her to see if there was anything she could do.  I wanted something that looked like real pressed flowers and showed this picture of a floral "tattoo."  The tattoo isn't a permanent tattoo, but it's absolutely gorgeous all the same, and I told Kim that I wanted her to use it as inspiration when coming up with my custom design.  Kim agreed and then told me to e-mail her pictures of flowers that I liked and she would try to incorporate those, as well. I scheduled another appointment with her so that she could show me what she came up with, and once I approved it, she put me down for a five hour session.  

When I went in, I was really nervous...Just because I'm older and wiser (at least I like to think so!) now and know what it's like to be stuck with something that I don't necessarily want on my body.  I just kept telling myself to relax and remember how great Kim's work looked when I went through her portfolio.  

Kim's plan for covering up my tattoo with a new design
Up top, it didn't hurt that much, but down by my ankle...OUCH!  I don't know if I'd ever be able to tolerate getting one on the top of my foot because I heard that is even worse.  While I was getting my tattoo done, I started reading Dark Places, which worked as a nice distraction.  When the pain got too bad, I found that I couldn't concentrate, but for the most part, I was able to focus on the book.  

My tattoo ended up taking about 3.5 hours including prep time (getting the colors ready.)  Here is the final result:

I have to say that I'm so, so, so thrilled with the result and think that I'll still love it in the years to come.  It's a million times better than that ugly star monstrosity!  My favorite flower is actually the one covering my old tattoo...I love how she blended the colors and incorporated some of the yellow from my original tattoo into the pansy. I'm truly happy that after all these years I'm finally content with the artwork on my body.  :)  I don't know if I'll ever get another tattoo or add onto this one, but I wouldn't hesitate to work with Kim again.  

What do you guys think of the cover up design?  Do you have any tattoos, and if you do are you 100% satisfied with them?  What's something you regret doing when you were younger?


January 5, 2015
I haven't posted about any of my weekends since the summer, so I thought it was time to change that! Instead of just posting about one weekend, I'm going to post about a few of them in order to give a little bit of a life update.

In November, I went to my sister's baby shower in North Carolina.  It was kind of stressful driving for 6.5 hours on Saturday only to have to drive back the next day finish my lesson plans on Sunday night (I worked on them as much as possible throughout the week, but I wasn't quite able to finish them) and go to work on Monday.  However, it was so worth it to be able to be a part of my sister's special day.  I know it meant a lot to her, and I was just glad to be there to get to share this moment with her.  The birth of her baby is a big deal because not only is having a kid a big deal in general, but her daughter will be my sister's first born, she will also be my parent's first grandchild, and if my grandparents were living she would be the first great grandchild out of all of our cousins!  I've been called "Aunt Lisa" by some of my friend's kids, but now I'll REALLY be an aunt.  

Her shower was thrown by three of her close friends, and the theme of the party was owls which is also the theme that Denise picked for baby Sophia's nursery.  Her friends did such a great job putting everything together.  There were owl themed snacks and they even brought in owl masks for people to pose with for pictures!  The girls asked if I could prepare a game, so after searching on Pinterest, I thought it would be fun to do the one in which the labels are peeled off baby food jars and the guests have to guess what kind it is.  I was scared that it might be too easy, so I picked one that had two different kinds of fruit in it and then I threw in two sweet potatoes just for good measure.  Everyone seemed to like the game, and luckily I brought an extra prize since there was a tie for 1st place.  The gals throwing the shower prepared another game in which they described a children's book and we had to write down the titles.  I tied for first place along with a few others, so then we had to try to list out the authors.  I only knew five, so I didn't raise my hand, but the winner only knew three! Hahaha...but then I would have felt dumb taking the prize at my own sister's shower and thought it was better that someone else get it.  Baby shower games are always a lot of fun for me, and I usually end of winning one of the games because having a degree in early childhood gives me an unfair advantage.  

Denise got a lot of nice gifts for Sophia, and I'm sure she'll be able to reuse a bunch of them if she has any more kids.  I got her a couple of small gifts, but the big one I bought her was the swing.  My mom laughed when I gave Denise that because she told me that when I was a baby I used to love my swing.  I also got her a hair brush because growing up, Denise would always do my hair for me, so it was a little sentimental.  

After her shower, Denise and her husband took the girls that threw the shower out to eat at a local spot called Annabelle's.  I felt bad for her husband, because he was the only man there all seven women there were teachers, so we talked about our jobs almost the whole time since we could all relate to each other. The next day, I wanted to get back on the road early, but my mom convinced me to stay and go out to eat at a crab restaurant called MJ's.  I am inexperienced with eating crab like this, so Denise's husband had to give me a tutorial and even help with some of the harder pieces.  All in all, it was a good, relaxing meal that I'm glad I stayed for!

We had a meeting for first year teachers at our school about managing stress, and the school guidance counselor came in and talked to all of us about how it was crucial that we take one weekend day for ourselves and not do any school work.  Then, the next day, we could catch up on everything... I've been trying to follow that advice, so usually Saturdays are my days to sleep in, clean, go out and do something fun, and/or watch some Netflix.  I've been meeting up with my bff Ev a lot on the weekends and we've been going into Savannah.  We tried out some new restaurants, but mostly we just enjoy walking around, people watching, checking out a few shops, and looking at the historic homes.  After visiting, we almost always feel refreshed...I guess fresh air, exercise, and the company of a good friend really goes a long way for our mental health.

One day we went into Byrd's Famous Cookies.  There is a cookie bar inside and you can just tell the worker there which kinds you'd like to sample.  Some of the kinds they have are chocolate macaron, red velvet, key lime, and lemon. The cookies aren't soft like how I initially pictured them to be, but they were still tasty!  They are kind of pricey, with most kinds selling for $15.95 a pound, so a splurge once in awhile is probably all I'd do.  

Hmmm...one other day, Ev and I decided to drive into Statesboro because Ev raved on and on about Georgia Southern University's campus.  He had taken undergraduate courses there for several years, but when we went the campus was empty because he said the college kids were all at home for break. I thought the campus was pretty, but Ev kept apologizing to me (he's crazy) saying that it was far better in the spring when everything would be in bloom.  

Another night in December, I hung out with a lady who teachers at the same school as I do.  We both started on the same exact day and because of that I feel like we've always bonded right away!  She's from Pennsylvania, and since I'm also from Pennsylvania and Ohio, we have that in common, too. Also, she came down on her own, and so did I.  She's just a really cool person, and I'm relieved that I have another friend down here.  

A different teacher at my school also introduced me to her best friend, and she is great, too.  She invited me to go out one evening for "a night on the town."  Everyone was out socializing and all the shops and restaurants were open late. Slowly but surely I'm meeting people here!  

Finally, one weekend Ev and I headed to a local shrimp festival.  It was a gorgeous day out, so we just walked around to all the different food vendors, and I got to try shrimp and grits for the first time as well as some shrimp with curry. Afterwards, we did some browsing in some shops and got ice cream and then went down to the waterfront to walk around.  There were various booths set up selling locally made items including Gullah coiled grass baskets.

These are just some of the ways in which I decided to pass the time since I moved down South.  I still really love the Low Country area of South Carolina and Georgia.  I don't think I could ask for a better location!  As a bonus, I haven't even had to break out my winter coat yet and I'm hoping that it stays that way for the rest of the year.  Today it is 68 degrees--loving it.

What's your favorite thing to do during the weekend?