Four Things

May 19, 2015
Way back in April, Lora tagged me in her Four Things post. Since I have some extra time this weekend (pre-writing this post), I thought I'd go ahead and add my answers in. :)

Four Names People Call You

1) Ms. K- All of my students!
2) La La- My sister couldn't say my name when she was little, and that is what she called me.  My family members still call me that.
3) Claudia- I liked to tease my other younger sister growing up and called her Natasha one day after the villainess from Rocky and Bullwinkle, which she did not appreciate. To get me back, she decided to call me Claudia because she thought it was a really ugly name.  I didn't mind because Claudia was my favorite character in The Babysitter's Club series, ha ha!
4) Mona- People always think that they're so original when they call me this because of The Mona Lisa...I've heard this A LOT.

Four Jobs I've Had

1) English as a Second Language teacher
2) Nanny
3) Assistant manager at a movie theater
4) 1st grade teacher

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once

1) Amelie
2) Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
3) 500 Days of Summer
4) Garden State

Four Books I Would Recommend

1) Gone With the Wind
2) Shantaram
3) Any Gillian Flynn book (Gone Girl, Dark Places, Sharp Objects)
4) A Thousand Splendid Suns

Four Places I've Lived

1) Pennsylvania
2) Ohio
3) South Korea
4) France

Four Places I'd Rather Be

1) In North Carolina with my two sisters and niece.  I'm a little devastated that I'm unable to meet them this week.   
2) On my Iceland trip with Rachael!
3) in Savannah
4) At the beach

Four of My Favorite Foods

Okay, I'm way into desserts, so probably my four faves are sweets, but for this list I decided to go with "real" foods.

1) pizza
2) spinach salad with some type of sweet vinaigrette dressing
3) Korean foods like kimchi bokkeumbap or dolsot bibimbap
4) sweet potatoes

Four TV Shows I Watch

1) Game of Thrones
2) New Girl
3) The Vampire Diaries and The Originals (Should I not admit this?  They're GOOD!!)
4) The Walking Dead

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to in 2015

1) Finishing up my first year of teaching in the USA
2) Exploring the Low Country this summer
3) Going to NYC, Iceland, and Boston with Rachael
4) Staying with my sister in North Carolina

Four Things I'm Always Saying

1) "You're trifilin'."  My bestie was yelling at his dog and said this to him, and I thought it was hilarious.  It has become a part of my regular vocabulary.
2) Ratchet.  This is because of Rachael!  I used to use the word "raunchy," a lot, but I have to keep up with the times.  I think it's hilarious to say because I'm sure I'm not in the demographic that probably says this frequently, which only makes me want to use it more.  My co-workers didn't know what it meant.
3) Whatever.  A personal fave since like 1995.
4) Oh my goodness or just Oh my God!  I'm trying not to say OMG because I live in the Bible Belt and I'm sure my students would tell me that's not nice, so I don't want to slip and say it in front of them. 

You're supposed to tag four people to do this, but I'm not going to do that.  :)  Feel free to do this if you want, and let me know in the comments section if you do it so that I can visit your blog and see your post.
12 comments on "Four Things"
  1. I'm so bummed Alana is no longer going to be on The Vampire Diaries! I don't see how the show will last. And love that Hulu picked up New Girl after it was cancelled!

  2. I know!! She wasn't my favorite character, but the whole show is basically centered around her. I feel like it won't work.

  3. HAHAHAHA YES to ratchet! Love you girl!!

  4. I wonder how Vampire Diaries will work in the next few seasons. I get the it will be a lot like One Tree Hill after Lucas left and never quite seem right.

  5. Oh my gosh! I didn't get the "Mona" nickname until you explained it! haha! I still use "raunchy" all the time.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to one of my favorite words!!

  7. Yeah, that is weird that the main character isn't going to be on it anymore...I hope it surprises me and it's still just as good, although that will be quite challenging!

  8. Ha ha, I think it's funny that so many people call me that and they think they're being so original. Little do they know that I've heard it time and time again!

  9. haha i say ratchet a lot too. Everything is ratchet lol. I love that your students call you Miss K and how cool that you loved in France. I forgot that!

  10. It is a pretty fun word to over-use! Not even sorry! :)

  11. HA! Thanks to Rachael I say Bye Felicia all the time...

  12. Ha ha ha...She does have a way of spreading her language!!