Iceland Itinerary

June 11, 2015
Our Iceland trip is right around the corner! Rachael and I have planned out most of our trip and want to share our itinerary.

Day 1: Arrive in Iceland at 4:05 AM.  (Eek!) Take FlyBus to AirBnb accommodation and check in, get settled, and take a nap.  Meet Rachael's friend Nate and his friend so that the four of us can go on a road trip.  We will drive along the southeast coast and stop along the way to admire the scenery and then stay at a cabin near Skogar.

Day 2: Go hiking in Skogar.  Try and see both Skogafoss waterfall as well as Seljalandsfoss waterfall. After the hike, leave for Skaftafell National Park.

Day 3: Explore Skaftafell.

Day 4: Head back to Reykjavik, stopping at Gjain along the way.

Day 5: Visit the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. I can't wait to soak in this geothermal pool and try the steam room.  

Day 6: Go to Snaefellsness.  We have booked a tour through Reykjavik Excursions, and here's the description from their site: "Snæfellsnes peninsula in the west of Iceland is almost like a miniature version of the whole country. In addition to its characteristic Snæfellsjökull glacier, you will find white and black sandy beaches, bird cliffs, spectacular mountains and volcanic craters, incredibly rich trout lakes and salmon rivers, lush valleys, and unique harbours in charming fishing villages."

Day 7: Spend a day in Reykjavik and go on a free walking tour and visit Harpa Concert Hall. We'll also be staying right by Hallgrimskirkja Church, so that's a must-see.  

Day 8: Rachael has her scuba diving certification, so she will spend a day doing that in Silfra, and I'll be going on the Lanmannalaugar and Saga Valley tour which I'm sure will be stunning.  There will be colorful mountains, hot springs, and lava fields to see.  

Day 9: If all works out well, this day we will get to meet Kaelene of Unlocking Kiki!

Day 10: Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon I feel like we have to see ice in Iceland! :)  I think we might add on the boat ride to get a closer look at some of the icebergs.

Day 11: Golden Circle Tour

Day 12: One last day in Reykjavik. Maybe we could go shopping for Icelandic souvenirs at Kraum or search for a good deal at Kolaportio, a flea market. We might also go to Solfar and head back to Old Reykjavik to wander around.

Day 13: Our flight to Boston leaves in the afternoon, so maybe we can have a nice brunch and reminisce about our trip.

All year I promised myself this as a reward for getting through working grueling hours, and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we are beyond excited!

Where are you going on your summer vacation?

photo credit: Icelandic horse via photopin (license)
13 comments on "Iceland Itinerary"
  1. This sounds like an amazing itinerary! I can't wait to meet you ladies:)

  2. I'm pretty pleased with it! And thank goodness for your blog or else I would not have known about Gjain at all.

  3. This looks like such an amazing trip. Can't wait to see your photos!

  4. I can't wait to take some photos!!

  5. There are no words for how excited I am for this trip... NONE.

  6. Its so awesome that you will be going to Iceland!!! I mean... amazing! I can't wait to read about it!

  7. I know!! I haven't been on a big trip in awhile and I'm ready to go! :)

  8. It's going to be epic!! I mean, it's like everything I like to do is packed into a 3 week time frame!

  9. I can't wait to blog about it!! :)

  10. What a great itinerary! I would love to re-trace your steps one day, Iceland looks like such an amazing destination.

    Have a fun trip!

  11. Every picture that I search seems to be just as beautiful as the last one! I know it will be a memorable trip, thanks!

  12. This is so exciting, have fun! I haven't had the budget for a big trip in a while, so I'm just going to Chicago this summer. Like I do every summer, haha.

  13. I barely had enough for this trip but just paid off everything little by little. I'm hoping that once I get there that my actual expenses won't be too bad since all of the major stuff is paid for already! Have fun in Chicago!