Dreaming of Pay Day

September 21, 2015
So it hasn't been THAT long since I last got paid, but there was a lapse for me because I switched jobs. Also, my last credit card bill was from when I was in Iceland, which was one of the most expensive trips I've ever taken in my entire life. (However, as Rachael so accurately put it, "It was worth every penny.") On top of that, I did have plenty of expenses before leaving for China. The biggest one being my flight over here. We do get some money at the end of the year to help defray that cost, but I will not be receiving back all the money I spent. I also had to save up enough money to live on for the past month and still have ten more days to go until I get paid again, so let's just say it's not the best feeling to watch my savings account drain. I've been here for over a month now, and I have gone out and done things, but am looking forward to having more financial freedom once I receive my first paycheck! I've already been planning how I want to spend some my money!

Book accommodation for the Maldives and/or buy a flight. My friend Scott and I decided that we are definitely going to go there over our winter break. Rachael has decided to join us--even better! Scott found some gorgeous over the water bungalows that are not too expensive. If you opt to share a wall with someone else instead of going for a private bungalow, you can save a ton of money. It's not like we'll be on a honeymoon, so if we can get a gorgeous place for a fraction of the price then I don't mind having a neighbor. 

* Get my blog redesigned. It's not that I'm unhappy with my current design, but I'd like a few updates! It looks like I just moved to Savannah when that is not the case and I'd also like to start a travel page. A few updates are in order.

* Sponsor some blogs. I haven't done that in awhile and since I hope to be posting more frequently it just makes sense. I also happen to think it's fun. 

* Go shopping! I thought that I wasn't going to be able to find ANY clothes in China, but I found some stuff at H&M last weekend that fit perfectly. There are also Zara's and other Western chains that have stuff that fits me! Also, in the French concession two weeks ago, I was tempted about 900 times. I'm going to try to limit buying a ton of souvenirs, but still want to invest in a couple of nice ones. My apartment is bare right now, so maybe something to decorate my new place? Perhaps some hand-painted calligraphy to hang on the walls?

* Take a trip to the Fabric Market. I didn't come here with a winter coat and need one! The fabric market in Shanghai is known for its beautiful cashmere coats. I'd like to have one made now so that it's ready and waiting for me by the time the cold weather hits. If it turns out the way I want it to, I foresee myself spending a lot of cash here...I mean, tailor-made clothes in any style I want?? I might actually have a decent wardrobe again. I talked to another teacher who got boots made and she's extremely happy with them.

* Pay off my credit card bill. I do this every month, anyway, but since I do have to put money towards this, I thought I'd mention it.

* Enjoy a night out on the town. Drinks are actually expensive in Shanghai...at least they are at all of the bars people at our school recommend. I spent about 9-10 USD per drink. Spending that much isn't something that I want to make a habit of, but splurging for a night out once in awhile is fine by me. 

* Put at least $500 towards one of my student loans.  Last year I could only afford to make the minimum payments, which was not good because the interest has accumulated and I owe MORE even though I've been paying. I hope to get the total amount back to where it was before last year or at least be able to pay one loan off. I tried to do that last year, but it just wasn't possible. 

* Get my hair dyed. I haven't touched up my roots since April. Thankfully I just get highlights so it isn't that noticeable, but it still bugs me.

* Get acupuncture. I've always been curious about acupuncture and what better place to try it than in China? I have a terrible back and I'd like to go to a few sessions and see if it helps.

My only regret with this list is that I probably won't be able to put any money into my savings to help replenish that account, but that's what next month is for. I don't feel too bad since I will be putting money towards my student loans, and I have not put a big chunk of change towards those in awhile. In a few weeks, I will probably also sign up for some tutoring jobs so that I can save even more.

How will you spend your next paycheck? What's on your wish list?
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