Being Basic

October 19, 2015
I get a kick out of all the Basic Bitch YouTube videos and other funny articles describing "basic" behavior.  I think it's hilarious because I find that there is some truth to it! I'm allowed to think that because I believe I'm kind of basic myself or at least have a lot in common with a full-on basic bitch.  Honestly, I think I'm too weird to be a total BB. Of course, I could be 100% basic because isn't a sign of a basic bitch to not think they are one?

Scott and I had this "enlightening" conversation about it.

Me: "You're the epitome of basic."
Him: "Yeah, I am. I'll admit it. I love Starbucks and fall."
Me: "I like Starbucks, but not all the time."
Scott: "You're an EBB for that comment."
Me: "What on earth is an EBB?"
Scott: "Emo basic bitch."
Me: "I am NOT emo. Please."
Scott: "You're not emo. You're an Emo basic bitch because you kind of want to be a BB, but you think it's stupid, too.  You hover around being a BB. You love fro-yo but don't think it compares to ice cream. You like to be healthy sometimes, but why bother all the time?"
Me: "I wear yoga pants, but only as pajamas. I do have a Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake mug, but it was a gift."
Scott: "Of course you do."

Whatever % BB I am, the tendencies are there, and I don't think that's a bad thing! I just do what I like and think it's funny if that happens to fall into the BB category. So, here I am in all of my basic glory.

* I went to Sip and Paint and have wanted to go to Sip and Paint for years! Rachael arranged it for a group of girls at our school, and all of us painted pictures of coffee mugs. It was really fun, and my painting is now adding some color to my kitchen.

* I'm really upset that I'm missing out on fall this year. It's the only time that I miss Ohio because it's lovely there. It has finally started to cool off a little in Shanghai, but I've been warned that it just jumps from summer to winter and that there's not really an autumn.

* Brunch is where it's at! I've always been a fan...I love that I can sleep in late and then still get breakfast food if I want it. 

* Stopping at Starbucks every now and again puts me in a good mood, although I have to say that I don't have loyalty to just Starbucks because I also like Dunkin' Donuts and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

* I love a good girls' day out! Recently, Rachael invited me to this event in Shanghai called Glamour Lab. We went in questioning whether or not it would be worth it and when we couldn't find it right away, we almost gave up and skipped it altogether. We're so glad we stuck around. It was an event that was hosted in a house and each room had representatives from different companies there to pamper you in some way. The event lasted for a total of three hours, but we got there a little late. When we walked in, there was a dessert bar set up with various treats including macarons. Rachael and I decided to get blowouts and our hair styled first since the line wasn't very long. Then, we put our name down for eyelash extensions, which did have a wait time. I had never gotten eyelash extensions before and was quite hesitant about it, but since here in Shanghai it costs about $100 US to get 30 lashes on each eye, I figured it was the right time to try since it wouldn't cost anything extra.  Plus, after talking to the woman who arranged the event, I was sold. She told me that she tried out everything herself first before contacting anyone. The girl that applied our lashes was very professional and knew what she was doing. If anyone from Shanghai is reading this, she works at a place called Esthecil in Pudong. I've read that people who are untrained can apply them wrong, which causes the glue to clump and makes your natural lashes fall out. All you do is lie still, close your eyes, and she attaches the lashes you pick to your real lashes. I was told that they usually last about two months, but that they will pretty much all fall out by the third month. My natural lashes aren't the greatest, so when I looked in the mirror after she had finished, I was pleasantly surprised to see the result. What a difference just a few eyelashes can make! Even though it's expensive, I would probably get them again. This may sound superficial, but they just made me feel a lot prettier and that was a good feeling. I've had them for several weeks now, and they are in tact. 

I also stopped by the reflexology room and got a 20 minute massage. The girl that was there was telling me how the center is only based on Eastern medicine and a doctor there will analyze you and come up with a personalized wellness plan. In Eastern medicine, they also focus on preventing future illness and ailments, so they might incorporate treatments accordingly. I have to admit that I'm a bit skeptic, but I have been wanting to try acupuncture for awhile so I would go for that.

The last thing I had enough time for was to get my nails done with Little Ondine polish. It's a water-based polish that isn't as bad for your nails as regular polish is. They had a big selection of colors and the polish dried VERY quickly. For me that is a major plus, as I often do not paint my nails at times because I don't want them to get smudged. The polish doesn't really smell AND it just peels right off. You don't even have to use nail polish remover. Even though it does chip maybe slightly faster than regular nail polish, the pros outweigh the cons and touch ups throughout the week aren't a big deal since this polish dries so fast.

* I've seen every episode of Sex and the City and even went on a tour over the summer with Rachael in NYC.

* One of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe is from Forever 21.

* I really want a pair of Tory Burch flats. 

* The Bachelor and Bachelorette are kind of addicting. 

* Some shows I like on Netflix are "basic" like How I Met Your Mother and New Girl, but these aren't my favorite shows ever.

* I do like cupcakes a lot...but slices of cake are equal in my eyes.

* I have the latest i-Phone model, but this is the only time in my whole life that I ever have. I had to get a new phone for China.

* Shanghai Disneyland opens this year, and I'm already planning out when to go.

* I call other people basic. (See above conversation with Scott.)

* I own a Northface jacket and UGG's, but to be fair, I did not bring my UGG's to China.

* Instagram is my favorite form of social media.

* I abbreviate a lot of words in day-to-day conversation.

What about you? Are you a BB or not?

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