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October 27, 2015
Packing for a year in China was quite a feat. Even on the morning of my flight, I was still trying to decide what would be worth it to take with me and what I would have to part with. Sadly, with my bags already being 20 pounds overweight, I had to take my jewelry collection out. Only a few pieces made the cut, and I mostly brought only simple, lightweight pieces over to China. I figured that I would only take what I would get the most wear out of, so almost everything I chose had to be versatile. After about two weeks of sifting through my limited jewelry collection here, I already knew that something was missing. I had no dangle earrings or fun statement necklaces to jazz up my outfits. When a representative from Happiness Boutique asked me if I would like to review one of their necklaces, I was pleased because I learned that their shop has quite the selection of statement necklaces to choose from.

I knew I wanted something bold to make my plain teaching outfits a bit more fashionable, and eventually I chose the Sparkling Lotus Petal Necklace in blue. Since I'm living in Asia, the lotus flower just seemed appropriate!  
Image via Happiness Boutique
Truthfully, I thought it might take a few months for my necklace to arrive in China. Goodness knows the package my dad sent me on August 21st did not arrive until after October 21st, so I was expecting a long wait. I was pretty surprised when the security guard working at my school brought a parcel from Happiness Boutique into my classroom for me just a few weeks after I placed my order. What I appreciate about Happiness Boutique is that they will ship to China (or anywhere in the world!) in the first place, as many places do not. The best part about the shipping is that it's free. Now that I know that packages will get to me from this boutique, I would consider ordering some more jewelry or even clothes from the shop. 

Overall, I'm loving my new necklace. I wore it to school today, and even my friend Scott told me he liked it. That means something because Scott will be the first to admit when he doesn't like something about one of my outfits. I received some other positive feedback as well--some girls in my class told me that it was a "princess necklace." My sole critique is that a gem was missing from one of the petals of the lotus flower. It is only noticeable if you look closely, and I highly doubt anyone else would ever point it out.

Happiness Boutique also offers a reward program. After earning 200 points, you can receive a postcard from Berlin, where the company is based! Gotta love the quirky and cute touches this company provides. Of course, more points can earn you free jewelry, which is fine by me.

Have you ever heard of Happiness Boutique? If you've looked at their site, what's your favorite item?

**I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are still my own.
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