A Day in the Life: Weekend Edition

November 11, 2015
I've always wanted to do a "day in the life" post, so I decided to document what would be a typical Sunday for me in Shanghai. 

9:00- My alarm goes off. My friend Scott likes to get an early-ish start on the weekends. I usually am all for this because I like to feel like I made the most of my time on my days off. It normally takes me about an hour to shower, get dressed, and have breakfast. Since I know that Scott and I will be going out for a big breakfast, I just have some coffee.

10:00- Scott comes and knocks on my door and the two of us leave our apartment building to walk to the main gate so that we can get a taxi. Getting a taxi in Shanghai can take two seconds or maybe even take hours! The worst is when we get in and they tell us no and to get out of their taxis. Usually we just have problems when it's raining or on a Friday or Saturday night. Luckily, on this day we get a taxi in about 10 minutes.

10:20ish- We are on our way to the center of Shanghai. How long it takes really depends on the traffic, but it took us about 30 minutes that time.

11:00- By this time, we are out of our taxi and have already walked to Mr. Pancake House, a place that has a large selection of Western-style breakfast dishes according to our friend Lauren. I'm big on breakfast, but there are few Western breakfasts available in restaurants near where we live, so going to Mr. Pancake is a treat for us!

11:15- Our coffees arrive and Scott and I are commenting on how we love diners and cozy places. Both of us are chatting about liking the atmosphere in Mr. Pancake when our main courses arrive. We devour every last bite of our food and talk about the next time we will be back.

12:00ish- We go to the bathroom next door, and of course I manage to lock myself in there by accident. After pounding on the door and screaming Scott's name for a few minutes, he rescues me and we're off. About five minutes later we are waiting at an intersection because we want to cross the street, and all of a sudden a woman falls and bumps into me. The sidewalk is made up of large square shaped slabs and the one she was standing on just broke and made her fall directly into the street. I help her up, but it was quite a scare because I wouldn't have wanted to know what would have happened to her if cars had been coming. It also makes me wary of the sidewalk here! We walk around a bit more trying to find this mall called Plaza 66 that supposedly has an Ugg Store in it. Scott wants to buy real Ugg's instead of the fake ones that are more commonly found in China. We get into the mall, and it's super ritzy and full of high end designer stores. I laugh and tell Scott that the Ugg store is probably hidden in the back somewhere because it's probably not considered classy enough to be on the first floor. After walking around for awhile, we locate the Ugg store a few levels up and start shopping! I find some nice boots for women, but the shop there didn't carry my size at all. (A common occurrence  for me in China!) I look halfheartedly in the men's section and pull out a pair of black boots that I like and ask Scott what he thinks of them. He says he loves them and wants to try them on, but I tell him that I meant for myself, not for him! We both try on the boots and each of us likes them, so we have a dilemma. We end up just laughing about it and both buy the same shoes, which is humorous because we are together almost all the time!!

1:00- We leave Plaza 66 and walk around the Jing'An area, which has a lot of shops. We stop in Sephora and I start to get irritated because it's hard to find black eyeliner that you don't have to sharpen. When I finally find a some, they are sold out. I end up spending more than I want on some waterproof DiorShow liner, but c'est la vie. Scott leaves with a new bottle of cologne. On our way out, we noticed that it has started pouring, so Scott stops and buys a massive umbrella.

2:00- After some more browsing, we leave to go and meet our friend Olivia at a market that sells clothes, accessories, and shoes. I find a purse I like as well as some shoes, but Scott and I want to take a break from shopping, so we stop to sit down for a drink at a cafe. Then, the three of us head down to the Fabric Market so Scott and Olivia can pick up the coats they've just gotten made.

4:30ish- By the time we finish shopping and get a cab back, it's almost dinner time. There is a really cheap soup place that's near where we live, so we decide to have soup for supper. Once we walk in the door, we grab a basket and select all the items we want to have in our soup. There are several different kinds of noodles to choose from, and then there are two large refrigerators full of meat and vegetables. Once we have what we want, we have the cashier weighs our baskets and he passes it along to be cooked up in a spicy broth.

5:15- We arrive back at our apartments, say goodbye to Olivia, and then decide to watch a movie at Scott's place and research for our upcoming trips.

8:00- I get back to my apartment and start to read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I check my e-mail and just relax for a bit before going to bed.

10:00- I lie down to go to sleep. I like to have a full night's rest on school nights because my first graders are full of energy.

That is pretty much a regular old Sunday for me, although perhaps I shop just a little less. I prefer to go out and do things on the weekend, but also need my solo time.

What does a Sunday look like for you?
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